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Good morning "lulu up to say hello to me, then buried himself in the work, two hands fast typing.

I am used to getting up early, every morning will come to women's paradise, Lulu is always the first person to sit in the position, two legs on the plate, "Kerala" opened the beer, took a sip and began to immerse in the work, she smiled and said, this is their own pre-thinking ceremony.

Lulu is the person who took my internship program, she often laughs soft, but in the meeting discussion, the eyes are strong, can quickly meet the problem, give feedback. In the face of all partners, she has always held a great deal of trust and love, women obsessed with the culture, but also based on mutual trust and mutual trust, trusting each other, in order to go further.

So every time I see her, I always feel like I can be completely accepted, and I think that's the sense of security.

I want to go far away, do you want to be together?

Before the creation of women fans, Lulu is in the accounting of the four major offices to work, because of the opportunity to travel around the business, at that time found business travel is very interesting, may have been love to run around, sometimes travel back to the hotel, will squeeze time to stroll around, with curiosity, Lulu never miss every opportunity to explore new things. It was an interesting day at the accounting firm until after that afternoon tea.

When Shi Xuan and Tanya in the afternoon tea, there is the idea of starting a woman fan. Wei Xuan told her she was going to start a business and wanted to invite Lulu to join us.

"When Shi Xuan only gave me three keywords: internet, female related," she laughs: "And no one has ever done it. (Recommended reading: to user book 02: Hey, come with us, will you? )

Leave three mysterious keywords, but also give her only three days to consider the time. I was surprised, wow, it was too hard to decide. Lulu said, from high school to know Wei Xuan, has been very serious, do what things are very wholeheartedly invested, group Ah, class competition AH.

Think back to high school Wei Xuan, Lulu think, will succeed it. Because she met in high school so confident, look sure, like the storm is still high at the helm, as if to take the dream of all people.

Now it seems that the time of three days is not short, because Lulu said Wei Xuan, those eyes have appreciation, more full of trust. I want to go far away, do you want to come? That's how Lulu got on the boat and trusted to take them to the present.

Later trust has become the anchor of women's fans, believe that all partners to do things, say, are to sail the same boulevard. So in women's fans, partners know more about tolerance and understanding. I nod hard, the kind of warmth that is deeply trusted and supported, I understand.

Our dreams, no more drifting.

Although it is an accounting background origin, but the external challenges of accounting Lulu also jumped, the creation of women fans, she wrote content, also ran activities, and later Wei Xuan asked her if she wanted to talk about e-commerce cooperation. Well, Lulu not hesitate to pick it up.

Whether it is content or e-commerce, women fans want to do is to let Taiwanese women see more different choices, the original woman can not only a single appearance. That is the beginning of Taiwan's design of small things, women fans decided from the introduction of domestic and foreign designer brands, Lulu with momentum, go to the street to break, designer week also does not fall, feel good design, hand over business cards, began to talk about cooperation.

When the business has a challenge, but she feels so interesting, those things other than accounting, people in different fields are shining and talented. The world is so fun, and it wants to be felt by all the women who are obsessed with readers. Talk about business, happy not only to talk about cooperation, "but at first no one knows (women fans), but after the introduction, the other side will feel very much in agreement with our philosophy." 」

So find a group of people to start working together, like on the shore, no longer feel drifting.

To live a job on a daily basis, so grow.

Every morning, I can always see Lulu sitting by the window, like a plant, growing to the light, with warmth and the partner said early. Take the beer in the hand, bury the word, look serious. I say Lulu is full of life, work does not have to be very dull, it can be to maintain the most comfortable posture, but also can be seriously engaged.

She and I said that work is actually very similar to life, "this" like ", is (embodied) in your attitude and thinking above. It's a woman's fan to feel. "Don't want to cut your work and life thoroughly, live your work into life, and take your life at work, such as the way you think and the courage to take on challenges." When you encounter problems in your life, learn to quickly list solutions and execute them.

In women's fans, you will accept many, many challenges, it makes you setbacks, setbacks, setbacks, but when you stand up, the more you can feel the meaning of growth.

Remembering that when you talk to your customers about your business, you get anxious because you don't react fast enough and don't speak accurately. So she later forced herself to stand in the middle of the company, open 5-10 minutes a day, to the partner casually ask their own questions, like playing tennis, you throw me back, so practice for about two weeks, frustration a lot, but still let her make great progress.

With all the courage honed in these jobs, Lulu tried to practice in life, began to challenge marathons, and occasionally ran scuba diving, and she lived her work into life and made life a challenge.

"I find it interesting that in women mini it won't be easy to say give up." "Find their own vulnerability, worry, go straight to him, the wound is big, it doesn't matter, we accompany you to progress, we take you away." The more you are afraid of things, the more you have to face it, because that is the time to face yourself. Now go to other companies to do a briefing and stand in front of more than 10 20 people talking, she is no longer so afraid.

Where does the power not afraid of failure come from? Trust, because trust partners will catch you when you fall, so you dare to try, dare to challenge, do not whisper to give up.

Because of trust, you know you can grow up in women's fans.

Editor-in-chief Audrey once likened women's fans to forests, where everyone can grow freely. Whether extroverted or introverted, we value everyone's uniqueness and allow everyone to find the right place to reach their potential freely. Lulu said that he used to be particularly slow-hot people, it is difficult to meet people with a warm chat, until as a woman fan of brand Builder (branding), slowly contact business, brand proposals are comfortable. (Recommended reading:"Women's fans say work" Woman fan editor talk about space and media: the forest that belongs to women next to Daan Forest Park )

' Every moment has its meaning and I feel like it's the beginning of getting you growing up, whether it's tension or crying. "She looked at me, very seriously."

Along the way, it was hard.

Just three keywords, do you want to go with me? Because with trust and stubbornness silly to Lulu together on the boat, along the way, it is hard.

"Thinking of Wei Xuan and Tanya, I don't know why the first one is thinking of triangles." "Wei Xuan with all partners forward, Tanya in different role dimensions flow coordination, Lulu is that steady care team of people, three points connected together, full of energy, but to different angles of expansion and expansion, each other's line has never been a breakpoint."

While listening to Lulu said, I am very envious, trust is a difficult thing, but Lulu did, with innocence and firm faith. I secretly drew a triangle and felt that the top was glowing.

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After the interview, Lulu told me that women are obsessed like the sky, very free, very broad, while being able to accommodate rain and rainbows, just like embracing all emotions. Because of trust, so you are willing to let yourself in the woman fan growth, everything, she is very grateful.

Lulu gave me the same feeling all the time, always open your hands to embrace all the women fans of the partner.