Women are obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with a handwritten temperature. Pop music accompany me to grow, give me strength, take me in the refined lyrics of the world to explore the philosophy of life. Which song is your main song?

Women are obsessed with writing and write down words that you believe and touch deep inside. As a child to listen to the song always to the lyrics ignorant, the country unbridled to the favorite lyrics with a white a pen engraved on the desk, high school began to become the main character in the lyrics, accompany me to cry every word of the lyrics, scattered hidden in the diary of the private corner. Every fragment of life always has a theme song accompaniment, copied lyrics have become an important trace of my memory life.


All positive and negative energy is eaten ⠀

The beauty of the ugliness has its own need to exist ⠀

Love and hate ⠀ with your own liking.

Reject your hypocrisy and embrace ⠀

Want to live up to the need to respond to evil in the heart ⠀

--Cai Yilin's 〉⠀ of Strange Beauty

Writing: @dai_s_t Daishi ⠀

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When the sky is dim/When the temperature is abnormal/You use a huge strong/always resist ⠀

When sharp eye/when shrill sound/You use rainbow Romantic/gentle packaging ⠀

-Zhang Huimei Rainbow

Writing: @unacj_300 Una. Tungsten that


I tell myself that love is gone/why why/why miss you Again

-Zhou Yi "feelings of Heartache"

Writing: Zhou Yi @wherechou

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Your perfection is a bit difficult to understand, does not mean that the world can not be inclusive.


Writing: @jj_handwriting JJ Lin

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The most romantic thing on the way to writing a song is that I just like it, and you like it.

-Lu Guangzhong

Handwriting: @handwriting387

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