"You can say I am individualistic, or I can say that I am a man of respect for my will." "Last year in the Japanese Red and white singing contest caused a lively discussion, is regarded as a musical genius of the Mizhin division, will be in Taipei on the March 30, the first to learn the music story behind the musical talent!"

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With a fluffy black curly hair, the thick sea to cover his eyes, but can not hide his talent light, he is the Mizhin Division, Japan's most visible music singer today.

In 2012, with a personal full album, "Diorama", won the Japanese Oricon Music Week list six, with a full range of creative talent, able to write songs, but also the name of the illustrator, dancers. At the beginning of 2018, he sang the theme song 〈lemon〉 for Japanese drama's "Queen of Forensics," and has so far had more than 240 million views.

Last year, he first boarded the Japanese red and white singing contest, in his hometown of Tokushima, the Otsuka International Art Museum, in the way of live online singing classic music 〈lemon〉, standing in a candle-filled art gallery, loud and sound, so that fans listen to infatuation, there are many people began to Mizhin the creation of the teacher to become curious.

Because of loneliness, so think about what is lonely

Sadness, melancholy, hope, bright, Mizhin's songs always give people a sense of hope for rebirth after the darkness, and such a creative style is closely related to his life experience.

As a child, Mizhin markers had regarding because the name is too special and through peer exclusion, at the age of 20, Mizhin was diagnosed with high functional autism [Note 1], for patients with high functional autism, interaction with people is a relatively difficult thing, but he is not frustrated, but frankly accepted, because that is the real self ah, You don't have to grudgingly cater to the masses. He was in zip!. "You can say I am individualistic, or I can say that I am a person who respects my will," the interview said. 」

You can say I am individualistic, or I can say that I am a person who respects my will.

Mizhin Division

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Through the complex factors such as bullying and family, the Mizhin, like everyone else, has had self-doubt and disgust, but he has turned all negative emotions into inspiring forces, and by the same token all those who struggle in the mire, in the 〈loser〉 he cried out: it does not matter what is considered a "losing dog", melancholy, frailty does not matter, It is because it is a "losing dog" that we are more qualified to bark, not to give up hope, to climb further, and then to climb one step further, we can see the light.

"I was very lonely when I was a child, and I probably felt more strongly than the people around me. Because of this, I have a chance to think about what loneliness is. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Mizhin markers had regarding said: "The conclusion after thinking is that, despite being lonely, you can also create links with others and find yourself in this lonely way." 」

Loneliness does not have a fixed form, it is like a shadow glued behind the sun, such as the loneliness after lovelorn, love when the loneliness, away from home after the loneliness, the idea is not recognized by the loneliness, the joy of the loneliness after the lonely ... but this feeling is very important, when you are shrouded in darkness, you can see the light on your body.

And lonely and lonely people produce links, become each other's redemption, failure does not matter ah, you still have me, we go forward together. Such a warm artistic conception, perhaps is the Mizhin music is particularly able to impress people's reasons.

Together to listen to the music of the Mizhin division, let us in the vast world, become each other's dependence on it!

Losing the loneliness of love--lemon

When it comes to the Mizhin division, I can't help but talk about the song 〈lemon〉, the 2018 hottest Japanese drama, the "Queen of Forensics" theme song, who passed away shortly after receiving an offer to sing the theme song, which gave him a real sense of the word "death." Worried about writing this song, is not in the consumption of Grandpa's death, but later he thought, perhaps this is grandpa asked him to write down the meaning of this song also maybe?

Unwilling to attribute death to silence, 〈lemon〉 talks about death with a brisk rhythm, just like lemons, and though the cut is sour and the pain of the death of the loved one is felt, the life of a person, like a lemon, has bright flesh and aroma, will continue to radiate the fragrance.

A bitter lemon aroma that remains in the heart for a long

I'll stay stuck in the rain until it clears up.

Now, you're still the light that leads me.

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The lonely--loser of not being recognized

"i ' m a loser, it doesn't matter if you bark in the dark in that case? 」

Mizhin Division of the Loser will be likened himself to a losing dog, deep in the mire, but can forget to dance out of the self. Who has no inferiority? Who hasn't failed? He portrays the most vulnerable side of all people's hearts, seemingly mocking himself, but with incomparable positive energy, telling all those who have been ridiculed for useless, idle people: just because we are in the depths of darkness, there is a reason to pursue hope.

Just try to dance in here.

Mingqian let us fall and move on at night.

If you hear it, bark loudly and go ahead.

Loneliness in love-Chunlei

"Chunlei" This song is inspired by the French orchestra Phoenix, spring's beauty and thunder conflict, like the taste of love, there is pain, but also as beautiful as spring, Mizhin think in the spring and Thunder image collision, the spark is the most beautiful part of love.

Ambiguous anxiety, sour and sweet feelings, Mizhin has been very good at the emotional struggle side of people, through the music presented, but not in the endless negative emotions, as if life will find the exit, and he told you with music, everything will be all right.

Deep perplexity, pain, sadness, repetition.

Unintentionally, spring is coming again.

Sweet aroma remains gloomy for love anxiety

Deeply and deeply addicted to

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If wearing shoes does not fit, then dance barefoot, Mizhin with a moving song and lyrics, the same as each injured soul. Know that society has a lot of norms, there are a lot of inferior, it is better to dance barefoot, even in the silt, can jump out of the most beautiful life.