Within half a year, Mrs. YouTuber Science quickly accumulated 650,000 YouTube subscribers. What charm allows her to attract a large crowd in a short period of time? In addition to scientific knowledge, you don't have to know that Mrs. Science has a history of red!

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to hear him go on while the other person opened his mouth and said the first sentence?

For 650,000 of people, there is such a person, called Mrs. Science.

In the June 2018, Mrs. Science uploaded her first YouTube film, and so far in just half a year, Mrs. Science has accumulated 70 films and 650,000 subscribers. She, who often combines her life experience with scientific knowledge, has discussed topics such as "physical good-looking standards", "using science to explain why breaking up is so painful", and "Love Psychology".

In the film, Mrs. Science rarely introduces her origins, cleavage greetings: "Hi, how are you today?" 」。 Such a opening greeting has also become a feature of her, with many fans nodding and saying, "I had a great day!" ", while continuing to watch the film, and Mrs. Science to study science.

Science is often a subject that many people find difficult in the course of their studies. What kind of charm is it that allows 650,000 of people to notice Mrs. Science in a short time and find the interesting thing about science with her? (Recommended reading: from entrepreneurs to knowledge-based youtuber!) Mrs. Science, the Red bottom)

SOURCE | Science Lady Film screenshot

Every decision has the help of a rational factor.

"Mrs. Science" name Chen Yingtong, will start the YouTuber career with a scientific knowledge film, because she is a Silicon Valley medical engineering engineer, science is naturally the most familiar field. In addition to the known title of Mrs. Science, he also has another identity-the entrepreneur.

Mrs. Science, who has a master's degree in biomedical engineering from Columbia University, founded her own makeup maintenance brand, "nerd skincare", with her knowledge of maintenance products and new science. But unlike YouTube, which appears to be developing smoothly, NERD Skincare's entrepreneurial path has gone bumpy.

It is hard to think of burying a product in a laboratory, but "can't be seen" is the real challenge. After experimenting with several marketing methods, Mrs. Science turned around to embrace her most trusted science. Take your face as an experiment, rub the easy acne "acne bacillus" on the face, let the face grow acne, and then use the product to make the skin return smooth. And the process will be filmed into a film, with the most authentic experience to let the public see the brand characteristics.

Now that Mrs. Science has sold the company and focused on the home and YouTube channels, it is still important not to lose sight of the film's success in accumulating 23 million points for the brand, which has also been widely seen, creating an astonishing 100 million per year turnover.

Not only rational entrepreneurship, Mrs. Science in Love is also talked about rational. She made her own "good taste weight" than "score" for a date, using numbers to find a future partner who meets her expectations. True, also really found a "Mr. Science" and gave birth to a "science baby", husband and wife also often appear in the film of Mrs. Science, showing the rational, two humorous side.

Rational entrepreneurship, rational love, rational communication, this is the Science lady. (Recommended reading: in the face of love we are not cold, but must be rational )

The difficult thing in life, reason is still the best solution.

After the explosion, it is inevitable to draw the whispers of others. At the end of 2018, the online forum PTT gossip version of a "Mrs. Science is a model for women?" On the topic of discussion, netizens fabricated false rumors about Mrs. Science, saying that they had "dreamed" that Mrs. Science had a fiance who had been married, and that she had gone to the United States to marry someone else after receiving her fiance's ring. Many netizens in the discussion, more people respond to the "laugh to death ~ Taiwan production Quality Assurance", others said, "Although the ring can not be how much, ah but the ring is not still hehe."

The Netizen fabricated false rumors about Mrs. Science. Picture |ptt screenshot

Netizens react to rumors differently, holding doubts and sour words coexist. Picture |ptt screenshot

Before the situation was identified, the Netizen's remarks had attacked Mrs. Science once. All of a sudden, the pressure of public opinion fell on Mrs. Science.

On the same day, Mrs. Science posted two developments in her Instagram limited-time dynamic, indicating that the discussion was a fabrication, in addition to clearly expressing her dissatisfaction, stating: "This would hurt my family". Also attached is a draft statement prepared by the lawyer stating that the user is about to be told.

Inexplicable by the stranger's smear, let anyone may not be able to bear the anger. But in less than 24 hours, Mrs. Science, with almost invisible emotional words (only to say that I am very unhappy), made a rational response to the incident, cracked the false rumors of netizens, to protect their rights and interests. Also do not let the event just stay in response, directly put forward to tell, clearly let the other side know the seriousness.

SOURCE | Science Wife limited TIME dynamic screenshot

SOURCE | Science Wife limited TIME dynamic screenshot

Afterwards, the netizens who spread the rumors apologized for their unauthorized gossip and deleted the article in the original text. The whole incident has led all walks of life to praise Mrs. Science's high EQ response, proving that "staying rational" is still the highest way to deal with the crisis.

It also validates the reason fans love him-she will be the science lady who has always been calm anyway.

What on earth did Mrs. Science teach us?

After a rapid explosion of red, began to have manufacturers to seek business matching, and in PTT by netizens anonymous attack, why do people still love Mrs. Science? Here are three videos of Mrs. Science to introduce you to the reasons why she deserves to be loved:

Explain everyday behavior with science and answer the confusion in everyone's heart

Life often encountered in the psychological state, external performance, can be explained by scientific methods, and finally let everyone no longer on the ambiguous object of the mind/self-growth of the search is confused.

Even if the industry is not without losing its own characteristics, to create a win for the brand and KOL

Even with the film, Mrs. Science is trying to convey practical knowledge of life, proving that if the content is useful, the film can also be widely shared.

Entertainment is both thinking, and seeing character life stories in interviews

Recently, Mrs. Science on the cross-legged entertainment circle, has visited Cai Yilin, Melody, Huang Zi Jiao and other people, from the literature, psychology presents the characters of different angles of life story.

Mrs. Science applies the rational thinking and scientific evidence of her beliefs to everything she does, so that more people can see the power of science, and let us see the belief that lies behind it--as long as we believe in one thing, do things according to such beliefs, communicate with people, everyone is influence.

Influence will expand indefinitely, and perhaps one day in the future, the first words that people say when they meet are no longer "good Morning", and instead they will be: "Hey, how are you guys doing today?" "Maybe, too."

I had a great day, didn't you?