Women's fans select quotes to give you warmth. can have a person who understands me around, accompany me a pen to outline the future of the picture, a giggle together, tears together, is the simplest but the deepest perfect.

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. Late at night lonely, there is a figure, always haunting in the heart? All right, bad everything, you want to walk with him? There is an object can be concerned, sometimes difficult, very tired, but more often, very good, very beautiful. (Recommended reading:"Miss Mailbox" in love your happy sacrifice is only for yourself )


There are people there you miss, and that's the concept of a home.

"New Year, go Home" is a short story, Liu Ruoying with a letter to write the missing stories. I asked why she wrote it in the first place, and she said it was actually a friend's story to borrow inspiration.

"At that time, New Year's Day, a production friend borrowed from me just bought a fresh car, want to go back to the south for the Chinese year. I knew he was having a bad time, and the only cars turned up to make movies, but they still had to go home. The more bad, the more want to let the family know, they are no problem. 」

' This thing triggered a lot of my imagination about going home a lot. "Liu Ruoying said that he is a native of Taipei children, the first time to feel, home expectations and pressure, is proportional." Many children go home on the way to brave or camouflage, hope that parents do not bother for themselves, but also crave the love of parents, many contradictions.

Not only the new year to go home, "in fact, I think, there is a place you think, you can go back, there are people you miss, that is the concept of a home." Where there is family, it is home. ' In her tone, there was warmth, there was longing.


Loving You is my day.

The love, described as Prince and Cinderella, is more like a love run with an obstacle race, and romance is not a flower, but a life. They love for a long time, long to experience more than one breakup, long enough to recognize each other, to find each other's spleen, split, always reluctant to leave the other side.

Their love does not thunder fire, but long stream, this love on their way through the distance, after time, Love is willing to wait for a person, from the understanding to mature.


Feel sacrificed then don't give, happiness is contribution.

Feel the sacrifice, then do not give, happiness is more important, happiness is to contribute. "You make a bunch of contributions, but you're not happy, and you don't contribute." The ideal state is to serve yourself before you go to serve others. 」

Always feel sacrificed, how can you feel happy? Yangyaqing said moon time, month sister-in-a new book cover asked her, this is you oh, how not like? She looked down at herself, yes, all day long with a milking device, grizzled, not like the cover shiny.

"But I did not find the grizzled very pathetic ah, my hard work is very willing, very happy." "When a hard-working and self-pity mother, she also grows reverence for the body, and everything can be done through the body."

"I used to look at my body, 99% of the time, and I was thinking about how to look good." After giving birth to a child, I know that my body has done a lot of things for us. Every step you take, you can do everything, because of your body, it's contributing to you, it's supporting you. 」

So, do not hate their own body, find a chance to repent with the body, "Dear body, I have long neglected you, I treat you badly, I want to confess to you, you are great." "By loving the child, she also loved herself well."


You have to put yourself in a state where no one takes care of you and is OK.

Through their own experience, Deng Huiwen really understand that it is important to take care of yourself. When you use yourself more than that, you will be completely empty.

Do not take good care of themselves, physical and mental imbalance, state imbalance, do not expect your partner to compensate you, or help you guide. More often than not, your partner feels more stressed because you're in bad shape. "Marriage problem, to get to the bottom of it, you have to put yourself in a state where no one takes care of it, and it's OK." Don't be very uncomfortable with yourself, and grab to take care of others. 」

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The last generation of moms, a lot of people have been like this. No regrets, do more than the body and mind can bear the emotional and physical labor, to the family priority, murmured, the result of children grow up, not to thank, but is elongated distance, may also be in the psychological consultation said, "My mother is the source of stress in our family, she makes us very nervous." "There is even such a noun, called a poisonous mother."