Have you ever had this experience when you were criticized for wearing a dress that made you happy and were criticized for being "not like girls" and "boys can't wear it like this"? Take a look at the gender flow on the Golden Globes red carpet and feel the way movie stars cross gender boundaries.

The 2019 Golden Globes star-studded crowd, in addition to looking forward to announcing the winners, the star's red carpet shape is also the focus of public attention! At this year's Golden Globes red carpet, movie stars broke the gender frame, creating rich and diverse clemencies for different genders, women don't always have to wear dresses, men don't have to stick to suits, they stand confidently in front of the camera, so that clothing complements their own characteristics.

Perhaps you also have the experience of wearing a dress that makes you happy, but being said "it's not like girls" and "boys shouldn't wear it like this", and now take you to see the gender flow on the golden red carpet, feel the beauty of breaking through gender boundaries, and see these three movie stars, maybe give you new strength.

Cody Fern.

Cody Fern, who plays the anti-evil preacher in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, has always had the feeling of being a man of temperament, and this time at the Golden Globes, dressed in a black see-through suit with bold eyeliner and golden eye shadow, has also become the focus of attention on the red carpet. "I just want to make a difference," says Cody Fern. yes, how boring is it? (Recommended Read:"Women, You Shouldn't Be Underestimated" 2019 Golden Globes, review of three moving messages!) )

Billy Porter.

"Pose" is about gay and transgender people, talking about the LGBT community that was not valued by society in the 1980s, how to break through the eyes of others to live out themselves. Billy Porter, who plays the prom host in the film, walked the red carpet this time as a best drama actor, wearing a suit embroidered with colorful flowers and a overbearing shawl. (Recommended reading:"Long live the dress queen" in taipei film festival selection, life is never just survival)

"When I asked the fashion company to provide men's and women's clothing, I got the answer: "We don't think you should wear this." Billy Porter said in an interview, "But when I grow up, I can wear what I want to wear." I represent change, I represent new voices, and I want to challenge the status. 」

"When we ask the houses for male and female dress, we get the response, we don't think you you should be wearing, I'm grown, and I'm going to wear my dresses, I represent something. I-expression a new voice. I value a challenge to the status quo."

Judy Greer.

Judy Greer, the actor who performed "Kidding's Life" on the Golden Globes red carpet, completed the neutral beauty of yin and yang with a wide suit jacket and flared pants.

Sustained feverish fashion gender flow.

In fact, the fashion world has long been blowing this trend of gender mobility, in the film "Monsters and Their Origins" plays Quiddens Ezra Miller, also for PlayBoy to take a set of sexy photos, the integration of female and male characteristics of the fashion elements, the beauty of the picture, impressive!

Photo: Ryan Pfluger/Playboy.

Photo: Ryan Pfluger/Playboy.

"As a cool, I've been trying to find those and recognize my cool guys at a glance. 」

Breaking through the gender boundaries, these four movie stars wear the most self-attractive clothes, brave to do their own, they use self-confidence to support the clothing, blooming the most dazzling light!