Amazon founder Bezos Nineth issued a divorce statement announcing the end of the 25-year marriage, and after the news was sent, everyone was concerned about how much her wife, Mackenzie, would "be divided into", as if the marriage had finally been a game of deprivation and deprivation.

9th, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, Mackenzie Bezos, made a joint statement on Twitter announcing that the pair had ended their 25-year marriage, which read:

After a period of exploration and separation, we decided to end the marriage relationship and support each other with a friend relationship. We have always felt that it is very fortunate to meet each other and have this marriage, even if we knew 25 years ago that we would end up getting divorced, we would still choose to be together. We had a great time because we were partners. Whether it's being a parent, a friend, a partner, or an independent individual, how the label changes, we're still a family, and we're still precious friends with each other.

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After the issuance of the statement, the media attention is not only the issue of property distribution, there are reports began to speculate that the Mackenzie will " Divided into "How much property, divorce into the property can let Mackenzie leap into the female rich row, all kinds of after the interest distribution of the attention, as if this marriage to the end, only the game of deprivation and deprivation, Bezos loss is great, Mackenzie is really betting on the treasure."

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However, no one cares about the joint statement, the two people from beginning to end with an equal attitude to see this marriage, no one lost, no one plunder, if it is repeated, they will choose to love.

Whether it's being a parent, a friend, a partner, or an independent individual, how the label changes, we're still a family, and we're still precious friends with each other.

In the joint statement between Bezos and Mackenzie, it also confirms the diverse and beautiful appearance of the relationship: divorce is not a sad thing, let alone that divorce will reduce the value of both sides.

Divorce is a change in the stage of life, symbolizing each other towards a new relationship, they have loved each other, but also in the marriage to find the most comfortable relationship with each other, and redefined: can be friends, family, is each other's partners.

Neglected women's stories-Mackenzie Bezos

After the news media issued the statement, to "who is Mackenzie Bezos?" She is about to become the world's richest woman. "Such a title refers to Mackenzie.

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A "Become a woman rich" summed up the story of Mackenzie Bezos, her personality, life, marriage ... everything as erased, seems to insinuate the "purpose" of the marriage, divorce is more like a "means", but no one cares about the story behind her-in fact, Mackenzie is committed to curbing the community bully, for this society to fight.

Mackenzie is a writer who has published two novels: The Testing of Luther Albright, the traps, and the Testing of Luther Albright, who won the American Book Award in 2006. "I do look like I'm in a lotto in a way," she once said in an exclusive interview with Vogue. My husband's success did make my life a better place, but that's not what I defined as "the Chinese Lotto." In fact, I have the family that has always supported and believed that I can be a writer, a partner who loves me, and that's what I mean by the lotto. 」

As well as being a writer, Mackenzie is more passionate about social issues: "When I see news events that kill myself because of cyber bullying, I start to wonder, if everyone wants to change that ethos, in what way can they come forward?" (Recommended reading: Captain America in solidarity with the Bully boys: Don't let them turn you into an indifferent person )

So in 2014, she founded the struggle Hegemony bystander Revolution (Bystander Revolution), which provides a way to stop (network) bullying through films of celebrity Zhang Baling experience, the confessions of people who have been bullied, watched, and been bullied, and calls on everyone to come forward and take a stand Whether bullying has anything to do with you or not. She allows everyone to come forward struggle hegemony ling, believing that everyone is a part of change.

A man can have many identities, Mackenzie is Bezos ' wife, and she is also a daughter, a mother, a writer, a person concerned with social issues. Before becoming another person's partner, she was first and foremost personal, with ideals, ambitions, and her own distance.

They proved to us that divorce is not a tragedy in life, but that life is transformed into another form. Life can have different forms of intimacy, after divorce can be friends, family, is a good partner for a lifetime.

We expect that in the future when we look at such news, we can have more meta-discussions, which can be about the beauty of the flow of relationships, it can be about the beauty of their life stories.

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