Have you ever heard of Taiwan Designer Week?

Do you know how many great and internationally renowned designers are in Taiwan?

The Taiwan Designers Week is one of the most representative and highly representative design activities held annually by the private sector. This year (2012) is officially the sixth year of the Year.This year's event will be staged at the Taipei Flower Park Competition, covering 13 major events, 100 design brands and team organisations, and more than 500 designers from participating in the exhibition. It is not only the largest exhibition, but also the largest exhibition hall in the history of the exhibition.The theme of this year's conference is -The Power of Forward is central, with hundreds of designers from both home and abroad as well as a common demonstration of the power of Taiwan's design environment, the design of Taiwan's designers, and the creative flow of ideas.

Why do you have to attend the Taiwan Designer Week this year?

Reasons One: Large, Large, Imagimagined

Everyone who participated in the past years of the design of the Taiwan designers knows that the entire exhibition area is not convenient for people to run into the exhibition period, but they have to worry about the design and effort of the designers when they go out.This year's venue, the Taipei Flower Park Design Show, is not only able to show the perfect space for more than 500 design items, but also a wide range of space and fluency to buy the line. This year, the Taiwan designer week is going to let you go to the leg and leave no corner.

Reasons Two: empathy that cannot be

This year's theme is based on -The Power of Forward core, from which we can see the latest domestic designers, the latest in the 10 design themes, and the latest in your personal interpretations. How do designers see FLOW in their lives?FLOW may be a commonly occurring action in life, perhaps referring to the spread and evolution of culture, as well as the link between the ring in the environmental ecology ring, and perhaps even the process of designing the design by the designer itself from the sky.The theme of this theme, "FLOW-Life," FLOW-Cultural Memory, FLOW-Environmental Sustainability, FLOW-Design Principles and Practices, "FLOW-Design Principles and Practices", each of which presents a pleasant surprise and a great call to you!

Three: New Planning and Interactive

In addition to static displays, the general exhibit may also add to the interactive nature of the exhibition by inviting experts, designers, and people from all walks of life to open up to design team companies and studios in the building, especially during the Taiwan designer cycle.In addition, in the activities of the design work camp Design Workshop, many design teams hope that by sharing the design's implementation, people can actually experience the design more effectively, and have the opportunity to do the design - "As long as you have the intention, everyone can become creative designers."

In addition, the addition of the new design is designed to provide the public with more visual design, product design, architectural design, interactive design and other areas of thought.

Of course, when you arrived at the site of the Designer Week in Taiwan, in addition to the design of the Taiwanese concept design, there is a region where you can see the design Buy Design in place, to introduce the design concepts of Taiwanese designers to date and the products that have been listed on the market, do you like them?Let's get them home!

is short, but is a real symbol of the possibilities of the Taiwan designers, the possibilities of future development, and the dynamic of inspiration and creativity.With a large group of dedicated designers, Taiwan designers have devoted a lot of enthusiasm, energy and time to the design of Taiwan's designers. They have been exploring their own experience, thinking, and design expertise and thinking in the workplace. They have been able to interpret the aesthetics of the design of the Taiwanese lifestyle.Taiwan designers have continued to collect more creators and participate in the display of Taiwan's high-quality design atmosphere. But what is more needed is the participation of all the people in Taiwan, and a complete set of Taiwanese designer weeks to practice our design and aesthetic life.

2012 Taiwanese Designer Week-Announcements News clip

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Active Period: 2012/9/7 ~ 2012/9/11

2012 Bay Designer Week

Hosts: Taiwan Designer Connection

Extension: 2012/9/14 (v) ~ 2012/9/23 (day)

Visit time: Monday ~ Thursday, 10:00-20:30; Friday ~ Sunday 1 0:00-21:00

(the last half hour of the closing time of the Pavilion)

Location: Taipei Bat Park Competition Museum

Official website: www.designersweek.tw