Japanese media "Weekly spa!" in the publication of a "Best Female college student" ranking, triggered a rebound of many Japanese women and launched a joint action, as of today (January 12) There have been nearly 50,000 people in the joint protest this report, why this report will make girls so disgusted?

A Japanese media, weekly spa!, published a "list of the best female college students" on December 25 last year, taking stock of the top five of the "easiest female college students" in drinking sessions, and the practice of women's universities was named 1th, with 2 to 5 being the University of the eldest wife, the University of the Phyllis Women's College, University of universities and Central University.

This report began in early January this year in the Japanese community to arouse discussion, January 4 this year, a female college student on the website launched a public co-sponsorship, asked the weekly " female discrimination Report and public apology ", as of today, the number of petitions has reached 46,000, The five universities named also issued statements protesting the "female contempt" report, and in the face of these public pressure, the journal finally issued an apology on January 9, expressing that future editorial directions would take into account women's dignity.

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I slept with you, why am I "being on"?

To rank girls as "good" or not, the term "on" ignores the notion that sexual behavior should be an act of "mutual" interaction, rather than one-way behavior, using men as the perpetrators of sexual acts, which is why there is nothing " The best male students in the rankings ", because in sex, we are always ignored the subjectivity of women, that everything should be initiated by men, women as if they are only prey in the male game, used to be successful" up to "to rank.

Active pursuit of sex, is considered to be the right of boys, even they can use to blow mouth things, on the contrary, girls are expected by the community passive conservative, active pursuit of sex girls, but is considered not enough to cherish themselves, by the community arbitrarily affixed "too casual", "too Good on" the label, just like Taiwan's gossip version often "Taiwan woman Easy"'s claim is one such example. (Recommended reading: Yangya The full text of TED's speech: "Dear girls, you have to take back your body, your lust, your Rights")

List "features on the good"? Women clearly have a diverse erotic appearance.

With a girl "good" to rank, and even name the university, for these college girls is nothing more than an insolent materialization, at the same time, the article, even point out the "easy to female students" common characteristics: There is a long hair in the sea, often wearing black and white color of the shoulder lace top, painting light makeup, wearing low heels.

Such a list of rankings and features, it is obvious to ignore that women are all different individuals, and the female rough satisfiability the same group.

The female student of the same college students have a good thousands of people, each girl has a different character, like different ways of lust, but only use the school to classify them "good" or not, the same, to the girl's dress, to classify whether " "Well," also ignores the female character and the inner, only uses the superficial appearance to define the woman, neglects the female group in the multivariate complex erotic style.

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Ignoring women's wishes and rationalizing "dating rape"

The girls were defined as "good" girls, but did anyone ask if they wanted to "get on"? In a petition protesting the report, the female student wrote: "This is not a funny thing, this statement will lead to sexual abuse of women continue to occur." "It was co-sponsored by more than 40,000 people.

The report, published in the weekly Spa!, uses a "game strategy" perspective to teach readers how to identify "good" and "bad" girls in the reception, to find a high success rate of girls, success, but in the reception of these girls after being filled with wine, really can consciously "agree" to have a relationship? Is this report tantamount to advocating that readers can take girls home to "reach" after they are drunk and confused? In this report, no one has asked the girls if they want to, and the girls should rightly be happy.

Such reports are nothing more than the assumption of a stereotype, telling readers that the girls who attend the reception are themselves very playful, casual, and want to have sex, and then take up the men to find and hunt, but these ideas, in fact, are just glorifying naked sexual violence, with easy fun to wrap "date rape." (Extended reading: Why is there a date rape?) To blame the victim is, in fact, to acquiesce in the culture of rape )

To the mass media: girls don't want to be treated like sex toys

In addition to the "Best List of female college students", "weekly spa!" has been reported in the "Sorority is the easiest to bring home female college students", "the most son-infested university", "the most Virgin University" and other rankings, each report is very disrespectful to women, to simplify women into " Sexual object ", does not pay any attention to women's physical autonomy. (Recommended reading: yangyaqing's erotic book list: Why are virgins more popular in the love market? )

We are surprised by the backwardness of Japanese gender awareness, but back in Taiwan, perhaps we can also observe the media ecology, and there is not much difference with Japan, in order to rush the click-through rate, the media often do not hesitate to use a variety of smell color news headlines, such as "xx bed exposure", "lewd wife", " "About cannon girls," and so on, stigmatizing women to earn a way to attract readers to click.

As a female student, we hope that the media will respect the autonomy of women, pay attention to the personality of women, rather than only use "sex" to classify us, do not pay attention to our personality, please do not use "casual", "good on" to curl up like sex with us, we are an independent subject, not anyone's sex toys.

We have our own voice, we can enjoy sex, we can refuse to have sex, we believe that in sex, we are not passively "being on", but can "actively" invite or reject, we hope that one day this society can respect our sexual autonomy, because we are worth enjoying, but also worth proud of our body.