Listen to Chen Qizhen's new song, read the single diary to the Taipei Girls, somewhere in Taipei, there are scenes of life they have experienced together. After he moved away, the house looked empty, leaving himself alone, she even looked lonely, light to like No. is not in this city, many people are lonely, rather camouflage, do not say afraid.

7:30, the garbage truck arrived in alley. Neighbors, the whole family out, carrying large and small kitchen waste, help, as cautious as an outing. She was carrying a bag of rubbish and stood at the door of her house, looking out at the bustle of the distance.

She doesn't have a lot of rubbish, a one-man, very light, very light three liters. After he left, all she had left was her own rubbish. She thought she was funny, she even looked lonely in the rubbish, as if it were not. She used to like to take his hand, say go, throw rubbish.

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Littering, should be the most life of the kind of scene, we share, we make all those together. One hand, day after day, did not stop, she likes to go out on time, throw garbage this habit, gave her a lot of security. As if life should have been constructed in this way, starting from a very small unit, forming a home.

Taipei Life is not easy, they are children to study in the north, very early learned to take care of themselves, in this strange city, grow their own breath. They moved through a few places, and finally arrived here, the time zone for emptying the garbage was 7:30 and 9:30 each time, just after work, just a night walk.

What she often remembers after he left, it was all these trivial things. She had almost forgotten how they had gone to the final break, only to remember that that day was nothing more than a day of everyday, plain and ordinary. Holiday to collect clothes, while folding his sweatshirt, he said to talk to her.

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Chat, he downplayed, firm tone. They said for a long time, no quarrel, only decided, she nodded, said yes, I understand, with the last strength, squeezed out a little smile. After all, she folded up his clothes and gave him the whole overlap, as if he had returned his life in full.

His things were slowly emptied until one day, leaving a key left on the table. She knew he had gone, the family had become big and she had returned to a one-man life. Cook a one-person breakfast, wash a person's clothes, and sleep in a one-person bed. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" lovelorn is a person sleeping, sleep with desire )

In the dark, sometimes she asked herself, is anyone there? Is anyone there? I'm here, I'm here. She knew that many people were lonely, but in the end they would rather pretend than be afraid.

Taipei is such a place, small she can support the huge darkness, carrying light rubbish, she looked up at the moon followed her out and home, she in the daily scene, choose to get along with themselves, choose not to avoid. She never saw him again after the breakup. Where are you? Did you have a good stay? And if you can, if goodbye, she wants it, it's time to take out the garbage.

"Dry your shirt and put away your plate.
Breathe the smell you left this morning.

The first train goes to the same place in the morning.
That time you left, and I stopped coming back.

The radio in the desert won't receive your frequency.

Is anyone there? I sing alone.
Is anyone there, and I'm asking myself?
Is anyone there, obviously, our home?
Why can't you hear your answer? "