Why do you clean up your room and not take long to get back to where it was? Netflix and Japanese finishing expert Marie Kondo's latest reality show, "The Magic of Life Finishing," will take you to use life-saving skills to improve your quality of life!

"Take it in your hand and feel it, does this item make you feel good?" 」

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Walking into someone else's house, the Japanese woman faced piles of clutter, clothing, and shared her collection skills, asking them to pick up every item in the house and feel good, would holding the cup make you happy? Does wearing this dress make you feel good? If not, we say good-bye to it, thank you for your company.

The most recent Netflix series, "The Magic of A Hearted Life," is the Japanese finishing consultant, Hiroshi Ito, who published her 2010 book, "The Magic of A Hearty Life," which sold millions of books in Japan and was translated into Chinese words. In 2015, Ito was named "100 Most Influential People in the World" by Time magazine.

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It's just the collection of life, but it's so charming, and in the community, we can see a lot of #konmarimethod-labeled posts, sharing how they practice the art of finishing, and the changes that have been made since practice.

Believe that life can create a positive impact, from the family debris look at life, love, friendship, the relationship between relatives will be clear, confused things will gradually become clear. This is also the magic of life!

A life-changing happy finishing technique, how exactly is The case? (Recommended reading: Just three minutes!) Smart finishing: partition finishing method)

Leave something that will stir up your "joy".

At the age of five, She was interested in organizing, she liked to study all the books related to finishing, and practiced all kinds of finishing techniques, in her 2 Ping big room without windows, she cut from the calendar of their favorite room style on the wall, to imagine the future of the room. In addition to cleaning her own room, her fascination with finishing was extended to the finishing of family rooms, friends' rooms, and even school classrooms.

Why do you clean up your room and not take long to get back to where it was?

Enthusiastic about finishing, but always unable to maintain long-term neatness, until her country read the book "The Art of Discarding" suddenly realized that "discarding" is more important than finishing.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, she shared that she had thrown away her long-held perfume eraser along with five bags of clutter, and that the long-held perfume eraser, like the one we had sealed in a box for a long time, was waiting for us to put it in the album, but everyone knew there would never be time to sort it out.

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At the age of 19, she started her own consulting career, and did research on her college thesis, and she recently discovered why the public finds it difficult to organize: "It's because people have this kind of mystery: I have to lose something." But that's not the point, it's about knowing what you need and what's important to you. 」

Can you inspire Spark Joy to become the core concept of assyriamism, which emphasizes not "sheer" but "stay", and would you like this dress, this book, these dolls to exist in your life? The standard of shoping and staying is whether it arouses a strong desire in your heart. (Recommended Read: Say goodbye to your predecessor and say goodbye to your predecessor's gift!) Five steps to a lost relationship)

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Re-examine the objects that have been placed in your home for a long time, which you take for granted, and the finishing technique can string together the emotions between "people" and "things", and throw away the insincere things, leaving only full of joy in your environment and life.

So you don't have to force yourself to throw away your long-held dolls and beautiful cookie boxes, and if they make you happy, stay!

"It is not this also lost, that also lost, but selectively left "light things", is the beginning of the ideal life. 」

It only takes three steps to sort it out.

There are three main points of Ito's finishing technique:

Finish as quickly and completely as possible.

You have to set yourself a deadline for finishing, and finishing it in one breath can be a week, a month, to avoid the endless act of "sorting out a little bit every day" because it consumes your patience.

"Don't think of finishing as a daily thing, it's a special activity, like a festival. 」

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Don't follow the Place, according to the Category.

Some people are used to finishing according to the location, finishing the room today, finishing the living room tomorrow, but Helihui suggested that if you want to start a sweep, should be divided into categories, such as to organize books, then all the books concentrated in one area, when you can "see" all the books you own, and the next step: whether to stimulate "joy" of the item classification.

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Does it make you feel throbbing?

Really hold everything in your hand (don't just look), touch it, feel how your body reacts, and when you touch it, it feels like you have to stay.

"My spending habits have completely changed, and now I'm going to check with my values and feelings before I take anything home," one magazine marketer, Nora Revenaugh, shared after practice. 」

"When I clean up the leftovers in the fridge, I become more and more aware of why I should stay and why I shouldn't. Do I really eat half the pasta left in this dish next week? Probably not. Haley ED Houseman, a writer-editor, said, "It's not minimalism, it encourages everyone to leave behind something that makes me feel completely stressful about losing something." 」

Do you feel the chaos of life, too? Are you helpless about the results of finishing your room in less than two weeks and messing around? After reading the art of finishing it, start your sweep from today!

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