When you are young, you always feel that you have heard what you hear in the sharing of successful experiences. "It's just the irresponsible shouting of the lucky ones; it's only when you grow up that you come to understand that without giving and taking risks, you may not even be in a chance to test your luck."

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. When you are young, you always feel that you have heard what you hear in the sharing of successful experiences. "It's just the irresponsible shouting of the lucky ones; it's only when you grow up that you come to understand that without giving and taking risks, you may not even be in a chance to test your luck." may not encounter failure, but it is also difficult to touch the dream of the wonderful.


has been challenging, taking risks all the time, and then gaining a sense of accomplishment, which is one of the sources of my happiness.

Xu Ruoxuan

Although it is recognized as a goddess star in the Chinese-speaking world, but Xu Jo Xuan private affinity is still unimaginable, the first time to do an interview, only to know that Xu Ruoxuan is a meeting can easily create a happy chat atmosphere of the girl next door. She this time in the film "Human Face Fish" in the "Huang Yahui" Corner, is a talented but abandoned by men's female pianist, the frustration of the feelings let her collapse, obsession, end to obsession. Because the disguise after the obsession is too amazing, a few times let people not recognize "he" is not Xu Ruoxuan? ⠀
In fact, in Asia, it is not uncommon for female stars to show their acting as a horror film: Wei in "Red Little Girl 2" in the Ghost upper body to play too good shortlisted Golden Horse Award, forward there is Li Xinjie performance "hell" and become a ghost and won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress! "Seven nights Strange Talk" is still the Japanese drama female Shuangshuang Nakajima cuisine cookies film masterpiece; AKB48, a founding member of the ACE Tiandong has also sought to transform after a single flight and performed the ghost film "Black Lily Apartment." From the horror film "The Human Face fish" brought out by Vivian this time, we can feel that she is ready to be "actress Xu Jo Xuan" after the postpartum comeback.

Making a movie is a very hard thing, in fact, is not in line with the Goddess Star's work economic benefits, but Xu Ruoxuan has a lot of willing.

' Making a movie is my balancing agent, ' Vivian said. Just like I married, there's no way to be a housewife forever. I told my husband at first that you can't keep me from working, because if you don't work, my life will wither. My sense of accomplishment can not only come from one thing, my life can not only surround one thing in a lifetime, my life, to be brilliant. "I remember Vivian even saying at the world premiere of" The Human face fish "that" I don't want to see Xu Jo Xuan again anyway, "and that seems to be some kind of film manifesto.

Originally, the Act of acting, for the Xu Ruoxuan has made 30 of films, not only for the cause of the crisis-conscious desire to try, but also for their own life state of the balance of the pursuit: "Out of the adventure, like filming, I get three days and three nights do not sleep space, very happy, very tired, but very cool." I want balance. I've always been like this, and I can't. It's always been like that, and it doesn't work. So it's one of the sources of my happiness to always challenge, take risks all the time, and then get a sense of accomplishment. 」

Through acting work to find a way out for housewives to live, and through acting to experience another kind of life, is Vivian very much need. The source of happiness for actors comes from the need to live with only one identity for the rest of their lives, and is also a practitioner of experience in life.

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Just do it! Don't hesitate, we all learn in failure.

Goldfish Brain

Open the Goldfish Brain YouTube channel, is still full of vitality of the smile, a girl holding the camera to talk to herself, behind the scene changes, always unchanged is her adhere to the original intention of communicating environmental protection.

When this is a generation in which individual people can become the media, the value you believe in, the issues you convey, the influence you want to create, becomes your gesture of self-expression.

"I think that every era will have the product of every era, like YouTuber is the rise of our time of the profession, replacing the traditional media can convey the message of the pipeline, so that everyone can say what they want to say, care about the idea." So for me, I don't have the great desire to change the world, I just want to be able to focus on the issues I care about, let more people know, and pay attention together. If that makes a bit of a difference to the world as a result, that would be great! 」

Every time I meet for a belief, persistent efforts of people, will also ring in the bottom of my heart that sentence: great. A 22-year-old college YouTuber, smiled and said that he cut every day to film, Busy dark, but this is the happiest moment of her life.

If enough through their own films, so that more people are exposed to environmental protection, even if only to cause them to think about it, such an impact, perhaps one day scarred Earth can also be healthy recovery.

Women fans in the June graduation season interview, invited the past five years of emerging professional workers, and graduates of fresh people to share the status of the industry. Interview full-time YouTuber goldfish brain, into the YouTuber circle is a mistake, in this industry to find the value you want to express, is the most important thing!

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I want to be an active person, not passively taken away by fate.


Zhongqi's actor road walked for more than 10 years, 19 years old, a sophomore in the law department of Taiwan, played the first beam musical, walked into the magical performance environment, script, music, dance, rehearsal as if magic happened, she was determined to become a magical girl in the theater.

"I want to be an active person, not passively taken away by fate." 」

Crazy Drama Studio last year began the performance of "Otherwise girl" by Zhongqi Beam, which has a line is, "If you can exchange different life, what do you want?" "How many people have thought that if only there could be another life, I asked Zhongqi, have you thought about it?"

Zhongqi gently mimi his eyes and shared a picture with me, "You know what? I sometimes think that when I read law, at the end of the semester, we would stay up late in the library to read. Read to one or two o ' clock, want to say ready to go home, riding a bicycle on the Coconut Grove Boulevard raging, that kind of collapse of the mood, I still remember that wind, remember my state, remember with me riding a bicycle people. 」

"At that time, I didn't know what was going to happen in the future. I do not know, after me, will follow the people around, set foot on a completely different road. They went to be a lawyer judge, and I was an actor. I did think, is it a good choice for me to read the law department? 」

"But I really don't want to miss the picture of that bike boom, I don't want to give up that experience." I can't say, want to exchange, I know, this is my life. Some moment, my choice makes us different, but these choices are necessary and inevitable. 」

"I believe very much in this matter, only in doing, it is possible to learn and achieve." To do, to experience, will really learn. 」

Just get started, and what really matters is that right now, this is Zhongqi's philosophy of wizarding girls.

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I want to encourage everyone, "strange" is no problem.

Lien Hu Han

Once, she invited a few friends, help to read one or two manuscripts, friends read but joked that it is "no shame" article, because she did not fear to write down the strange things she did, and even how to become the eyes of others "weirdo."

But I can understand that prose, as a place loaded with memories and moods, is allowed to be all bizarre and impudent, as long as it is still a reality. And even what Hu Han has done is to keep the truth: "I want to encourage everyone," strange "is no problem, do not need to seek to become a popular look, and do not need to be understood by all, as long as a small group of people understand you. 」

If there has been anything in the past that is close to frustration, it is also a thing of the past when it is written. I can't help but think of a line in "a green," which is always mentioned: "When the days are over, it's fine." "I think even Hu Han wrote about myself and others, in order to remember the day when the memory fades, but also to have a souvenir."

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If you don't believe you can do it, the farther away you are from you.

Li Chu that

December 2018, Li Chu released the New Taiwan Language album "Chanian Tsai", this all-Taiwan album is her 11 years of hope, starting from the "Chanian", one song after another, telling the story of every woman's life. The story of a woman, good and important, Li Chu that become a sea, become a woman's sea, full of all melancholy and joy, all soft and tenacious. ⠀

She held out her hand to the women: come, you say, I listen. ⠀

Whether it is in the film "#朱丽叶" Play the love of the vigorous Julie, or the TV series "#通灵少女" in the delicate gay feelings of Alice, Li China in the emotion of the various characters travel freely. With actors and singers as the identity of the penetration of the human heart, thousands of that bring a positive energy, whether in the community of the word for word, or interview to the present word, I deeply feel, can not help but ask why?

In the three years when Taipei had no income, she used to write positive energy words on the wall, such as "Believe" and "have good things happen," and laughed, "If you don't believe you can do it, the farther away it is from you." "As long as you believe, something good will happen, and she has no doubt about it."

Keeping positive energy, and partly because of influence, every patch, every point of communication with fans, thousands of people want to convey positive thinking, because you never know how your behavior and words will help others to talk. Including women who have experienced the cruelty of reality in this "Chanian" album and Still Believe in love and trust in hope. Negative emotions occasionally have, thousands of that still hope to become a listener, for everyone to inject positive energy.

There are too many difficulties in life, thousands of that can always open their hands, say not important, you say, I listen.

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