Herstory, write her story. With the Oriental undefeated, Jia Baoyu, Cao Yun and other characters to capture the hearts of the Lin Qingxia, and constantly in her film and television works to subvert the definition of gender, her androgynous film role, let people see "beautiful" a variety of possibilities.

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Mother said, beautiful girls, five senses are a little like boys. Now want to think, she means I also understand, probably neutral girls are very beautiful, let people desire also let people want to "become", such as Lin Qingxia.

Lin Qingxia not act as an androgynous mu Murongyan/Murong. When she came out of the literary love film "outside the Window" in the 70, the Hong Kong media marveled at her pure maiden temperament and called her a "pure Jade Girl". "Jade Girl" is a feminine, weak fiber, but also a male "want to marry home" of the "female model", such as Zhou Huimin.

In the 80 's, Taiwan lifted martial law, and the type of film was no longer confined to "literary and artistic love films." At the same time, Lin Qingxia because of filming "Shushan" and Hong Kong bonding. She described her career in the 80 's in the biography of the window: "The 80 was a play outside the drama, and people picked up a lot of plays that they didn't want to pick up when the river and Lake couldn't help themselves." "And Hong Kong does not have a" Taiwanese human face "instead let Lin Qingxia start to take on more types of films, but also believe that for her future performance backstring and androgynous role paved the first step:" Hong Kong people do not speak of human feelings, do not ask for, the joint is not to go, I do not have the burden of human feelings, and no longer uncontrollably, 」

Androgynous film characters, let people see the "beauty" of a variety of possibilities, but also subverted the gender of two yuan stereotypes. Film as a mass media and popular culture, through the big screen, androgynous and backstring role will certainly have its enlightenment. In Hong Kong, one of the most famous examples of backstring is Ren Jianhui, who plays a masculine role in Cantonese opera with her daughter backstring female, through stage makeup. On the other side of the box, Zhang Guorong's stage image in the 2000 showed his androgynous temperament, and in the hot concert, wearing Jean Paul Gaultier's costume, challenged the old "self", but also challenged the Hong Kong audience's "common sense" of gender.

Backstring Jia Baoyu, the affectionate young man

Photo | Jia Baoyu (lin Qingxia)

"Dream of Red Mansions" inside Jia Baoyu, to the female comrade's point of view, is probably affectionate, sloppy neutral woman. Jia Baoyu's temperament in the book The third time is so depicted: "The more appear Frind, lips if fat, turn to affectionate, language if laugh." Natural a certain charm, all in the eyebrow; Life of all kinds of feelings, the eyes of the heap corner. Look at its appearance, the Most excellent ⋯⋯"

In "Jinyu Dream of Red Mansions" (1977), playing Lin Daiyu is Zhang Aijia, she eyebrows with deep love suffering. And the wind and affectionate Baoyu, is played by Lin Qingxia. For the first time, she backstring female, five distinct, she only needs to clothing and make-up to remove the "feminine characteristics", the eyebrows bold, the forehead on both sides of the baby hair shaving, affixed to the antique hood, it became a beautiful man. Lin Qingxia recalled in his biography: "The costume master first wrapped up my chest with a white cloth, and then put on a costume." "It's like a lesbian wearing a bunch of breasts," I stood in front of the mirror after Jia Baoyu's look, and that feeling of excitement was literally like waking up to a dream! 」

The meaning of backstring Jia Baoyu by Lin Qingxia (or female) not only "upsets" gender roles, but also challenges the definition of "wind flow". In real society, especially in heterosexual love, male affectionate is regarded as "trendy", a lot of film and television works or novels will be affectionate men as the protagonist, and to portray, praise, like "routine", such as "Deer Ding Ji" in the Wei Xiaobao has seven wives, "Etienne Dragon Slaughter" in the Mowgli has five confidants, they are not regarded as "Wit" is "easygoing, unruly." Women's affectionate seeds represent few and far, for women's affectionate, society to "lewd", "not self-control" to see, in the lesbian circle, affectionate women do not look so "heterogeneous." Hong Kong and Taiwan, played Jia Baoyu's women, after the Lin Qingxia, is also the same can be male and female, affectionate temperament of the He Yunshi poem.

Hair cut off, female dressed as a boy's Cao Yun

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

Sometimes can not tell the distinction between men or women, it will be much easier to do the same.

Cao Yun (Lin Qingxia adorn)

Xu Ke directed the "Dao Ma Dan" (1986) in the Cao Yun, the role is set to dress up the boy's daughter body. Outside the play, Lin Qingxia plays the role is also a female dress boy, exactly an actress backstring play a "backstring" What is the taste?

Cao Yun was born in warlord families, because the masculine environment-military, war, the country, and there is no placeholder for women, Cao Yun will wear a Zhongshan dress, a short hair in the ear, into the world of men. Zhong Chuhong plays the Xiang Red, charming, feminine, naughty, and Lin Qingxia's men's clothing caused a strong contrast. Looking back at Zhong Chuhong's screen image, not like "The Love of the Love" of Shirley, the crime of the Deadly Girl (Femme Fatale), "The Golden Years" will be Zhang Manyu than the Zhu Yu lock, has been a kind of style, not contrived to let the opposite sex drunk female characteristics. (Recommended reading: about Love, Lin Qingxia's three silence )

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

In the scene of "Dao Ma Dan", Cao Yun and Xiang Red first met, Cao Yun occupied the "top" of the discourse position-sent, active, masculine, against the "under" the position of "under"-answer, passive, feminine, this curtain for the whole film of the gender role set the tone. Another scene, Cao Yun because Xiang Red and general flirting and unhappy, the film Cao Yun everywhere to protect the knowledge than their own shallow, status than their own lower Xiang Red, with a little "t/woman" potential script. "

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

In another scene, Cao Yun, Xiang Red and white girl in a white skirt, in the Dream Hall, with the daughter body together to drink, talk about the mind, composition reminiscent of the mythical portraits of the gods. White girl wearing Cao Yun wardrobe left in the women's clothing, curious Cao Yun daily wear menswear reasons, at the moment wearing a low-chested white skirt Cao Yun, is no longer "backstring", but more relaxed to do a "neutral woman", Cao Yun replied: "Sometimes can not tell the distinction between men or women, it will be much more convenient to do something." (Recommended reading:handsome lady| fashion crossing: There is a gender, called Tibby Swinton )

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

Picture | film "Dao Ma dan"

Androgynous, live Oriental undefeated

Photo | "Laughing Pride"

Photo | "Laughing Pride"

Jin Yong's works "Laughing Pride River" in the Oriental undefeated itself is male, and later self-"castration", into a non-male and non-female, sexual orientation from heterosexual to gay. In Xu Ke's decision to play the Oriental undefeated by Lin Qingxia, Jin Yong objected, thinking that Lin Qingxia although the beauty of no one is comparable, but afraid that women to play the novel of the first martial arts will add fat powder flavor.

Strange to say, although the Oriental undefeated is a physiological male, but he has self-castration has become the third sex of gender ambiguity, perhaps this is Xu Ke and Jin Yong's understanding of gender temperament is different. The oriental undefeated to the Lin Qingxia of the interpretation to visualize, so that the audience can better grasp the beauty of their gender blur. In the past interview work, once heard a cross-sex female friend who underwent a gender replacement operation said: "Lin Qingxia's oriental undefeated is my idol, and Beautiful, and played (martial arts high strength)." "The original film of the 1990 years, in Hong Kong in the 2018, especially for the sexual minority, is still profound. "Laughing Pride River II Oriental Undefeated" (1992) and its sequel to the Lin Qingxia, is the masculine martial arts novel world, the rare role of queer children.

Photo | "Laughing Pride"

Li Lianjie played the Fox rushed to the beginning of the east undefeated, mistakenly thought that the other side is a beautiful woman. To the end, so that Fox rushed to know that the Oriental undefeated originally for men, in the East undefeated press, so that Fox rushed to their own perspective, describing the east undefeated as "Oriental Girl." And in the sequel "Oriental Undefeated Wind and Clouds Again" (1993) in the Wang Zuxian play the Snow Chihiro, originally is the Oriental undefeated self-castration lover, even if the Oriental undefeated has no longer masculine, still without prejudice to her undefeated love and desire for the east.

The combination of two emotional lines, a bit like "Golden" (1994)-Gender and sexual orientation, is flowing, and love and desire do not "deteriorate" as a result. Are you "she", "he", or are you both? Depends on how you are seen and desires, and vice versa.

Mu Murongyan/Murong

But the MU Murongyan/Murong in the poison of the East and the West is a banner of "androgynous"--a body living in the soul of two sexes, and the oriental undefeated is a self-castrated male, in the final analysis is still a male, and androgynous is different. " Director Wang Jiawei thought Lin Qingxia not like the east undefeated, Lin recalled: "I thought, I am not acting as a man?" Doesn't that just look like a man? 」

Because of the difference, set masculinity and feminine in one, can not become Huang Pharmacist's most beloved woman, is not like Liu Jialing play peach Blossom let Huang pharmacist desire, and finally become a lone defeat, this scene of wild laughter and pride, but also reminiscent of Lin Qingxia as the Oriental undefeated demeanor.

Lin Qingxia is a Peugeot "great beauty", but not every girl is willing to only do a "Jade girl", she in the script and the choice of characters, not by the beauty, women's label limit, took a very challenging road (whether make-up, clothing and physical), although she herself in the shooting may be based on artistic considerations, There may not be consideration of the backstring and androgynous characters in mainstream films, but from the point of view of a queer audience, these roles, more than 10 years ago and even decades ago, still have important research and ornamental value to this day.

She can not only in "I Love Night Incense" as a charming female spy, wearing a skirt on the "outside" magazine to become the cover "girl", but also become a woman to dump the son, or even the undefined "she/he", she has become the person we want to become, but also become the object of our gaze, desire.