When studying make-up, people next to him will read: "only know to dress themselves, make-up so thick no boys like it." After the society, the boss said to the hard-working you said, "How can you not dress up?" Can you see it without makeup? Chemicalization and non-makeup, from small to large are women's dilemma. Recently in South Korea, set off a revolutionary movement, South Korean women to break cosmetics, cut off hair, remove makeup, to express a strong belief in society: "I want to make up, do not need you to decide." 」

Girls, have you ever had such an experience?

High school, pick up lipstick, foundation, eyeliner on the face smear, hope to look and magazine girls as beautiful, but by the teacher to learn what makeup, why not read well; 」

After the society, the boss to the hard-working you said: "How can not dress up?" Can you see it without makeup? The colleague next to him smiled and said, "Growing up so big doesn't know how to make up, so no boy will like it." 」

Chemical and no makeup, from small to large are women's dilemma, not only in the point in time makeup, but also to be able to make up "like no makeup" the same sense of makeup. Recall the girls' growth experience, make-up or not, seems to be in line with the eyes of others, as the hero of the body, the voice of women did not exist, nor is allowed to exist.

You make up, is to show others: you are too thick, I see uncomfortable;

#Escapethecorset broke free of his clothes and broke his makeup.

In a news release late last year, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-chul, attending the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum, likened the "Taiwanese women's direct access to the streets without makeup" to the aesthetic insistence that Taiwanese girls' make-up was seen as a way to cater to society, insining that women's make-up was a responsible behavior toward the public. Not only in Taiwan, but also in Japan and Korea, women are also given social expectations, emphasizing that girls' "beauty" is a responsibility and a must.

But South Korean women are reluctant to put up with it. More recently, South Korea has launched a #Escape the corset" campaign, posting photos and pictures of themselves smashing cosmetics in the community to express their reluctance to be bound by outside eyes.

Picture :IG screenshot.

South Korean women have posted photos of their make-up and make-up on the community. Photo : Instagram.

The South Korean magazine "Korea Expos"made a film about the makeup phenomenon of Korean women, the girls in the film said that often see 11- and 12-year-old girls will go to the beauty shop to buy cosmetics, according to statistics, 73.8 percent of South Korean high school students said they had used cosmetics, high school increased to 76.1 percent.

"Even if it was just going out to see honey, when she saw me, she said, "Yeah, it's only been a long time since I've seen it, how dare you come out and see me now?" 』」

"I need to spend at least an hour every day putting on makeup and putting my heart and heart into it. 」

"Because everyone around them says, "Girls must wear makeup!" 」

Through the powerful release of entertainment film and television, shaping the society's stereotype of beauty: if you also want to be beautiful, want someone to love, you must take the time to dress yourself, even through surgery to transform themselves, but also because peers, the public will be makeup and etiquette linked, so that girls must bear the burden of makeup.

In June 2018, a South Korean beauty Youber Yinzhen uploaded a video," "나는 U.S. Department of Defense 니다. (I'm not pretty), which lists the bad reviews she's received in the past: "Cut your eyelids!" "Eyeprints are super nauseous" "If I grow this will certainly kill myself." So she made up for herself in the film, wipe the eye shadow cover off the eye pattern, draw eyeliner only to make the eyes look bigger, wipe the foundation in order to cover the acne, but after the makeup, still bad reviews, some people say make-up is still the same ugly.

At last she took off her makeup. Because she knows that no matter what you do, people won't stop criticizing, but you must love yourself first, not for the sake of others' eyes, but to look down on yourself.

Whether I want to wear makeup or not, it's up to me.

When South Korean women expressed their belief that they would no longer be bound by cosmetics, they decided to get rid of the habit of building confidence in cosmetics, believing that they were beautiful. Looking back at Taiwan from #Escape the corset, women are still anxious about whether to wear make-up, are clearly not used to it, but are said to be rude without make-up, or make-up, but are thought to need to rely on make-up to remedy it because they are "not pretty".

Image : Google Search Screenshot.

Hope that one day, we can construct such a social atmosphere: women's appearance does not need to be responsible for society, we can choose to use their own methods to pursue beauty, or do not pursue beauty;

If someone again said to you: "Hey, girl make-up is good-looking ah!" 」

Please bravely tell him that I don't wear makeup, it's not up to you to decide.