Three years did not buy clothes, did not call the delivery, did not use plastic bags, will be what kind of life? If you are also starting to live a life of zero waste, recommend three ways to get started!

You yearn to live like a hippie, wander in the mountains as you please, with a pair of sincere eyes around you, you carry a guitar, as long as the thought of any melody can not be restrained to stop playing. You think it's nice to be a hippie, don't think about anything, get along with nature, with your loved ones, with your little animals, with yourself. The best of times is just like that, you think.

Until you find that the land beneath your feet is gradually piled up with Aquarius bottles, CDs, plastic bags, and somehow drifting wood. You start to think that perhaps we should all be in the pursuit of the ideal life, convenient life at the same time, more concerned about the foot stepping on the land. So you look at the 100 ways on the Internet about environmental conservation, and in countless observations, the three words "0 waste" caught your eye.

What is 0 waste? Can you really do 0 of the waste?

0 Waste: Make life simple, nature can protect the environment

According to the 0 Waste International Alliance, 0 waste (also known as 0 abandoned, Zero Waste) is a responsible lifestyle for manufactured products. Including the production process to reduce pollution, the consumption process to reduce the package, after the reuse and proper recycling of all products. Protect all resources from burning, not emitting land, water or air lifestyles that threaten the environment or human health.

Taking the coexistence of environment and human beings as the starting point, only the consumption of essentials, not excessive waste, reduce the generation of waste, to achieve the effect of sustainable environment.

0 The concept of waste can be from the diet, shopping, living habits and other aspects of the start, the starting hand is in every time you want to buy non-essential items, ask yourself: "Do I really need it?" "While talking to yourself and hearing your true voice, you will achieve 0 wasted first steps-examining your own needs and reducing unnecessary overhead."

In addition to reducing waste, "reuse" can be a more than 0 wasteful way to live. For example, every time you buy a drink to bring your own green cup, every time you go out to eat their own utensils, every time you want to discard items, think of a question: "Is there anyone else who needs it?" 」

In the process of thinking again and again, with a little more things, in addition to being able to simplify life and strive for environmental protection, but also let oneself care about the environment at the same time, but also care about the people around. We love the Earth, from our concern for people, for the land. (Recommended reading: charming weekly newspaper: As long as the heart, everyone can be a small leader in environmental protection!) )

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Simplify life, they do it.

Chinese online media reported that a couple running a cat hotel in Taichung launched a 0 waste of life in 2016. Speaking about the cause of 0 wasteful lives, wife Lu Jiaring said: ' The first time I realised I was making rubbish, it was in the breakfast shop. "Lu Jiaring saw the other guests bring their own meal boxes and cups, but she and Mr. on the table a pile of straws, hamburger cartons, plastic cups.

Soon after, Lu Jiaring went to Penghu, saw a large number of bottles, refrigerators, plastic bags by the beach, the huge amount let her shocked, so he and his husband decided, from the moment back to Taiwan, began to try 0 wasted life.

Eating breakfast in the breakfast shop, traveling with friends, is a more common day, but it is in such a daily life, can still be seen such a huge amount of waste, opened up the couple's environmental life.

"Taiwanese can produce 2 kilograms of rubbish per person a day, and for one months, I try to collect our rubbish, Sir and I, and 7 cats in the family, only 104 grams of garbage throughout the month," he added. "Lu Jiaring said his record with a slight smile, while 104 grams was the weight of two eggs.

She also mentioned that the reason for her former happiness came from buying things, from Apple phones to fast fashion clothes, Lu Jiaring, until now there is unopened clothing. Now the happiness is from life, see something can be reused, let her laugh.

0 is it difficult to waste? In fact, it is not, as long as the sense of simplification, naturally can be towards 0 wasted life forward.


According to a report, there is a 27-year-old girl living in Beijing, because of the 0 wasted life, even in Beijing opened a sale of handmade soap, bento boxes, handbags and other life shop, the store also insisted on not packaging, the 0 waste spirit from the life into the market.

Her name is Yu Yuan, a girl who unfolds 0 of life-wasting girls with her boyfriend. The reason for the 0 of wasted lives is that seeing other people's films on the internet has led her to reflect on her constant shopping behavior, which is not a life model that can be sustained over the long term.

Living a wasted 0 days, Yu Yuan had not bought clothes in three years, had not called for delivery, had not used plastic bags or aquarius bottles. The amount of rubbish made by the two men and their boyfriends accumulated only two cans in three months. (Recommended reading: Walk to the mountains | Rice skin: Let maintenance is no longer a burden, environmental protection is no longer ideal )

Whether it is Taichung or Beijing, there are people in order to hope for the ideal life to practice 0 of waste, if you do not want to see a full of waste environment, you may wish to take advantage of the new year to make their own desire for environmental protection!


0 waste of life, starting from this moment

If you want to, start 0 of wasted lives now, and see what Lu Jiaring, a 0 wasteful living person in Taichung, says:

  1. First examine what waste you have made, try to choose products with less waste in the production process, and reuse used items, such as fruit and vegetable kitchen residue can be used for composting, etc.
  2. Start from their own life, such as going out to bring their own green Cup, bento box, tableware, handkerchief, environmental protection bags, etc.
  3. Change the world by choosing which items to consume (recommended reading: Honey, why not use your spending power to practice feminism )
  • Don't buy packaged food when you visit the supermarket. Do not even go to the supermarket, to the traditional market to buy (also remember to bring their own environmental bags OH)
  • Do not buy detergent, with baking soda and white vinegar wine can clean the home
  • Do not buy or use disposable items, such as no-wash chopsticks
  • Things don't have to be bought entirely new, and a variety of second-hand items can be bought online, which is one of the ways to reduce waste

You still yearn to live like a hippie, but now in the yearning, but also hidden a little concern for the environment. As you strive to maintain a balance between life and the environment, there may also be other wastes, and I would like to ask you not to be discouraged by this, we should see not "I made a few rubbish today", but "how much rubbish I have reduced." Keep chill and relax, together as a friendly environment of the hippie bar.