Many people have the idea of changing jobs after the end of the year, after finishing the world, but there are many things to worry about when they think about switching jobs: they want to change runways but have no relevant experience, do not know which industry has prospects, want to learn, but do not know what field to choose. The World Economic Forum released a copy in 2018 2022 of talent must be 10 skills, together to see if you meet it!

Many people in the years after the end of the year after the rise of the idea of transfer, but think of the transfer of a lot of things to worry about: Want to change the runway but have no relevant experience, do not know which industry has prospects, want to study but do not know what field to choose ... take into account the end, or decided to lead the year to work.

There is no need to worry about the lack of direction in the transfer of jobs, and in 2018 the World Economic Forum released a 2022-year trend in talent skills that includes emerging trends in talent skills, as well as talent skills that are dwindling in market demand, and that human work will gradually shift to machine operations as a result of the development and progress of robots. The report mentions that the proportion of working hours between humans and machines will shift from 71:29 to 58:42 in 2022, and that the shift in division of Labour will replace 75 million jobs, with about 1 at the same time. 3.3 billion new jobs, and the growing role of demand includes data analysis, software and program development, e-commerce, Community media specialists, and other work based on the use of science and technology. In addition, the need to focus on personality traits will also be enhanced: Organizational development experts, innovation managers, customer service, sales and marketing majors, people and culture ...

And based on this trend, the World Economic Forum lists 10 skills that increased industry demand in the 2022 and is preparing to switch jobs you have the direction of further study!

2022 talent must be 10 major skills

Analysis, thinking and innovation

Analyzing and thinking about the systematic dismantling of events, according to different dimensions, such as the temporal nature of events, the relevant people to think about the way to deal with; As for " Innovation ", the emphasis is not necessarily a number of groundbreaking solutions or inventions, but whether you can make changes in the old actions, such as adjusting the process of executing a project, improve the efficiency of the operation, which is also a kind of innovation, and this spirit is also the woman fans have been emphasizing yo!

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Active Learning and learning strategies

The ability to actively learn is also a major trait emphasized in the workplace, will you actively pursue and read for work projects? Through the workplace to fall, learn, you will have a greater growth, if any work items with a sense of the mentality, or think that the task is only routine, do not want to learn further, it is easy to be replaced.

An indispensable active learning and learning strategy, recommended reading:

Creative power, originality, initiative

Technology is becoming more and more progressive, many repetitive matters can easily be replaced by machines, but there is one that can never be replaced, that is, the creative power of people, so see here you, do not worry, together to strengthen your creative power!

Creative power can be practiced through ordinary practice:

Scientific and technological design and procedural capabilities

Former US President Barack Obama has pushed hard for the spread of procedural education during his tenure, stressing that procedural education helps not only the individual's future, but also the country's development. "Don't just download the latest app and design one yourself; don't just play the game on your phone and develop one yourself!" 」

How important the program design is, read it before you know:

Critical Thinking and analysis

Critical thinking is not the same as criticism, in critical thinking is not the same criticism, from the five common logical traps to learn critical thinking article mentioned that critical thinking refers to the maintenance of thinking autonomy and logical rigour, rather than passively accept all messages. The best way to train critical thinking is to learn to ask questions!

Critical thinking begins with a question:

Complex problem solving capabilities

In the face of complex problems, do you have the ability to disassemble and find the most suitable solution? This ability may sound a bit difficult, but you can refine yourself through every actual battle in the workplace!

It is not difficult to deal with the problem, this side of learning:

Leadership & amp; social impact

Clam Leadership? But I've never been a team leader. "The way to develop leadership is not generally defined as" Supervisor/Team Leader ", you do not have to climb to a high level, such as to become the President of the Conference, but also to develop leadership.

Develop leadership, starting with the leader himself:

Emotional management

In the workplace, emotional management is also an important ability, not that you have to completely suppress your emotions, but to learn to embrace it when negative emotions strike, to clarify the causes of emotional highs and lows, this ability helps you in the workplace, do not judge emotionally.

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Reasoning, problem solving and thinking ability

Reasoning and thinking emphasize the logic of your thinking, whether you can do the whole perfunctory through the current situation, goals and objectives, and further deal with the problem. But how do these logical forces practice?

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System analysis & amp; evaluation

The last one is the ability to analyze and evaluate systems, which is also the ability to increase demand in response to machine development.

By 2022, market demand will gradually be reduced skills such as "monitoring and monitoring", "Mechanical Installation and Maintenance", "financial and material Management", "time management and coordination"⋯⋯.

Seeing the growth of these 20 skills, you don't have to worry about whether you will be eliminated in the future, such as critical thinking, logical thinking, emotional management can be trained through the daily! This time for you to organize the development of 10 skills of the article, and now start to prepare for 2022 of their own!