#MeToo effect continues to burn! Famous American r&b singer Laughley (R. Kelly is accused of sexually violent treatment of many women over a period of 30 years. Open the news of Laughley past, there is no shortage of allegations of sexual relations with underage girls, filming sex tapes, house arrest of six women as sex slaves and other incidents, exactly how Laughley can be in the case of sexual assault and suspicion in the whole body and retreat? What impact will this charge have on him again?

January 3, 2019, the United States cable television Lifetime released the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly", the film gathered a number of women, jointly accused the United States famous blues singer Laughley (R. Kelly) has extended the clutches of sexual assault, harassment, and sexual violence against them for 30 years. The female victim tearful in front of the camera, talking about the excitement of the off-field interruption of photography.

As soon as the documentary was released, it immediately aroused much discussion in the entertainment circle and the news media, including the BBC, the new York times, Daily Mail, the Central society and many other international media continue to track the development of the event.

The change in the wave of #MeToo movement is gradually fermenting, and the more the victims are able to talk openly about experiences that they were unable to open up in the past, because only by starting the discussion can the problem be solved effectively. And let's go back to the heart of this incident, which is--who is Laughley? Why do these girls ' shared memories with Laughley seem so unbearable? What are the hard-to-forgive mistakes of a girl's mouth?

Screenshot of the Documentary | "Surviving R. Kelly"

Rome was not created in a day, nor was it a suspect in sexual assault.

Laughley, 52, has been active in showbiz for 30 years and has been hailed as the most successful Rhythmic blues singer in 25 years after a global reputation for the 1996-year film "Monster Wizards" theme song "I Believe I Can fly".

Laughley full of Soul singing and musical talent to be visible, but also let him win numerous awards, but you and I may not expect that the people who have such a healing song, in addition to being able to use music in every night to soothe the heart, but also with the body for countless girls to bring a lifetime of lingering nightmares.

Let's turn the track record and have a list of Laughley with wonderful musical talent:

In 1994, Laughley, 23, was married to the then 15-year-old r&b singer Arya (Aaliyah), and the marriage was later found null and void.

In 1999, Laughley was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl who was not prosecuted for lack of evidence.

2002, a roll of sexual videotapes of God-Laughley and underage girls came to light, and he was acquitted of child pornography.

2008, the jury announced that none of the 14 charges Laughley in 2002 were valid.

In 2017, Laughley was accused of house arrest of 6 women as sex slaves, controlling the lives of women, and the police did not take action because the women were adults and the relationship with Laughley was considered a affair of affection.

In 2019, the US cable television Lifetime filmed the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly", which included complaints from a number of women who had been treated laughley sexual violence, leaving Laughley facing different allegations from the past and before.

After ranking events that have occurred in the past one by one, it can be found that the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly", which has attracted much discussion in recent days, is not the only unit to make sexual accusations against Laughley, but has caused public noise in the event that many of the results "go unanswered".

Screenshot of the Documentary | "Surviving R. Kelly"

Perhaps because the importance of sexual assault has not been taken seriously by the Community, the United States cable TV LifeTime decided to film documentaries, to find the women who have been treated inappropriately around Laughley, to awaken the importance of this matter. (Recommended reading:#METOO interview with Itochu Weaving: people should not have only one way of understanding about sexual assault )

The first episode of the documentary broadcast attracted nearly 2 million people to watch, the subsequent broadcast of 二、三集 more than 2.2 million people to watch, after the release caused a wide range of echoes, not only to break the LifeTime two years of viewing, but also let many artists have spoken out, condemned Laughley and cut relations with him.

Lady Gaga, Celine Dion have taken the partnership song off the shelves

After the "surviving R. Kelly" documentary aired, the online community launched the "#MuteRKelly" (muffler Laughley) activities, so far more than 30,000 post-text response, there is no shortage of artists to come out for the victims, including the goddess Kaka (Lady Gaga), Celine Dion (Celine Dion), John Legend, Karadi Loffeni (Cara Delevingne), etc.

"I am on the side of the women who have been assaulted, and I can understand their pain and suffering, and I strongly believe that their voices must be heard and that this matter must be taken seriously. "In addition to expressing remorse and apologies, the goddess Kaka also revealed that he would take the cooperation song" Do WhatsApp "with Laughley in 2013 from the major audio-visual platforms, saying that the future will not work with Laura Kelly.

Screenshot of the source | Goddess Kaka Sticker

In addition to the goddess Kaka, Celine Dion also followed up on the "I ' M Your Angel", which the two men collaborated on in 1998, and deleted the song MV together, while John Legend, the only entertainer to appear in the documentary, tweeted: "To those who say I am brave, I just want to show that I don't take any chances at all, I just believe these women don't want him to protect a serial child sexual assault just, it's a very simple decision. 」

SOURCE | John Legend Posting screenshot

Amid the attention of the Stars, the attention of British model Karadi Loffeni is particularly noteworthy. On Instagram, she said she was shocked and outraged by the evil that had lasted so long. Also called on everyone to "do not separate art from artists, his singing is like an angel, does not mean that he is a person", more appreciation of Lady Gaga and other entertainers, hope that more musicians to respond to action together.

Wonderfully, within a day of posting the post, Karadi Loffeni's tracking numbers were instantly reduced by 50,000 people, with 40 million fans. She released a second post, stressing that she would continue to discuss controversial topics and would not be silent or flinched as a result. More bluntly, "those fans who are back tracking are going backwards, not improving."

The next step in exposing sexual violence is to clarify the attribution of responsibility

It's not the first time since the 90 's Laughley outbreak of a sex scandal, but why is this one sparking a criticism? Why do you cause a lot of echoes in the community? Why would anyone want to come forward together?

Since 2017, when the #MeToo effect of the burning has spread in the community, the victims have gradually tried to export their own pain, no longer alone with nightmares, crying through the night, and no longer let the blood from the wound constantly emerging, but not to find a way to stop the bleeding. Also let sexual violence get more attention than ever before, artists began to respond, the media began to report, the masses began to care.

Back in the Laughley incident, in the face of huge pressure and charges, Laughley as usual "refused to accept." According to US media TMZ, Laughley may have been hit by the economy because of the streaming platform's music, but Laughley more attention to his image than the economic shock.

Before Lifetime broadcast the full "surviving R. Kelly" Six film, Laughley had commissioned a lawyer to send a request to Lifetime to stop the broadcast letter. But Lifetime ignored it and finished broadcasting the entire documentary as usual, and Laughley is now putting pressure on lawyers to Lifetime comply with the law.

In previous TMZ reports, it was also pointed out that Laughley was prepared to sue everyone associated with the documentary, saying that more than half of the women who were victims of the documentary had not been in contact, probably because they had been offended at work, or if there was a private quarrel that allowed the women to complain in a narrow and vengeful state.

Who is the one who complains about revenge? Although now have to be left to judicial verification, but through the Laughley incident let us see that victims of sexual assault as long as they can stand up bravely, say the pain in their hearts, can let the pain have the opportunity to have clashed the flat. (Recommended reading: talk to your child #METOO: No one can touch you without your consent )

Screenshot of the Documentary | "Surviving R. Kelly"

After reading the behind-the-scenes documentary "Surviving R. Kelly," the victims were asked to leave a sentence to Laughley, the most impressive of which was the "why", which could not be answered.

Why do these women have to suffer harm?

Why does the perpetrator not know how much pain he has caused to others by what he has done?

Why is that?

Why, now all turned into action. When the victim is hurt, choose to face up to the problem and come forward to tell the truth, we can finally know who is doing harm to others, and finally can let the responsible person take responsibility, let the victim out of the cycle of self-censure.

Dear victims, we know that you have left tears of pain in countless nights, no matter what kind of past you embrace, when you decide to stand up, you will find that you are not a person, there are many people and you are on the same path, you can work together to get through the power of one person can not cross the obstacles, you may, We can.