The thought of Wu Junru, many people may be used to think of her as "ugly" and "harmonic Star", such as "Golden Chicken" in the middle-aged sex workers or "flower field wedding Things" Zhou Ji. But for some viewers, Wu Junru is really a "dream lover", because she is handsome, really handsome.

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Speaking of Wu Junru, the popular habit of seeing her as "ugly" and "Harmonic Star", the audience's deepest impression of her may be "Golden chicken" in the middle-aged sex workers or "flower field wedding Things" Zhou Ji. But for some viewers, Wu Junru is really a "dream lover", because she is handsome, really handsome.

If someone asks who is the most representative actress in the film Scene in Hong Kong, we may think of Liu Jialing, Maggie Cheung, Zhong Chuhong and others in an unexpected way. Neutral images of actresses are hardly considered, but do not represent the absence of neutral women in the entertainment business behind the scenes, such as the former Hong Kong Commercial Radio board vice chairman, the Chinese community the first to disclose their same-sex sexual orientation of the Yu.

In fact, if Wu Junru is not only the "no baggage" of the female comedian, she is also a living neutral female role, let people male and female, let women heartwarming "Butch." She plays the 13 sister in the Hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused, and the Macy, which is played by "free fried rice", is also a bisexual woman who loves neutral/menswear dress. Let's combine the two wonderful pieces to see how she upsets the single image of a Hong Kong actress on the screen.

Portland Street 13 Sister: not a wife material, nor is it the object of a man's gaze

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

"Hongxing 13 Sister" (1998) has a very prominent and careful setting: Portland Street and female workers. Through the encounters and choices of 13 sisters (Wu Junru), Arrun (Yang Gong as played) and Scar Ki (Shu qi), the women's assigned roles in the patriarchal society and the female models that cannot be incorporated.

Arrun is a lesbian hiding in the deep cabinet, choose to marry the male "good Woman" and "wife", secretly love 13 sister for many years, and finally become Taiwan's "Qiongyao drama" actor, also decided to "quickly marry to forget." Scar Ki is in Gayle Rubin proposed "gender class" inside the bottom of the "bad Woman", because her "sex" can be sold, and society generally believes that sex work is immoral, she is the film in the male and the environment everywhere oppression.

13 Sister Neither, she is bisexual without a fixed partner, she is also the underworld "mogul" who controls a crowd of sex workers in Portland Street, she blurs the boundaries of morality, she also breaks down a woman can become a "role"--she is neither a female sex worker without voice and control, It is also a grey area between the patriarchal figures and the outsiders who oppress sex workers everywhere.

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

Film to "sex work" to subvert paternal authority, in 13 sister and Arrun Prank Bridge section, played the first role. Through the use of evening school lustful male teacher to Arrun male gaze, tricked him to say: "Arrun is private sister." "Liyingxie under the success of" cheats ", 13 sister and Ah run to earn 5,000 Hong Kong dollars, escape. 13 sister and Arrun have a tacit role in playing "pimping" and "sex workers", fully to the male materialization of women to make a mockery, bold consciousness.

13 Sister Clear "sex work" is a sale, willing to sell can be sold, there is no "immoral." Unwilling to sell, such as Arrun, if someone tries to force her to sell, "I will certainly not let him go." 」

"We can only mix in Portland Street, do we go to central?" "--Scar Ki

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

The second "sex work" subject subversion of paternal authority, showing the feminist bridge section is scar Ki saved 13 sister, two people cohabitation in the Tang Lou unit and together on the "client/police" revenge. 13 sister, alone holding a fruit knife, tried to kill her father's enemies, gang mogul, was subdued and almost killed. Scar Ki wearing a hat and mask, in the middle of the two sides, and will be 13 sister away.

Ragged and Addictive Scar Ki in the back lane borrowed a hot egg let 13 sister face injury Detumescence, and told that they used to be showy sex workers, unfortunately because "evil card fell in love with the police", after miscarriage and emotional betrayal, only reduced to the drug addiction of the homeless. Camera turn, they live together, 13 sister from China back to Hong Kong, decided to "negative police" to dispose of, on the one hand, because they want to become Portland street words of people, on the other hand, of course, to help Scar Ki revenge.

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

Perhaps this is the "female identity" described by "gay lesbian". Women are not necessarily competing with each other, but also through female identity to get rid of the patriarchal social tradition of male identity, materialization of women. 13 Sister is a neutral, neither "out to sell" nor "want to marry", outside the system of people "Malice" (Dyke), with her "sex work" equal treatment and feelings for women, she and Scar Ki, there is a mutually supportive emotional relationship. They are undoubtedly "lesbian continuum", but the "lesbians" here do not refer to their erotic relationship in love, but to the emotional relationship of each other, and unite to become a kind of "resistance force" of Portland Street.

Movies tell us that sex workers are ordinary people of flesh and blood. In 2016, the author was involved in a scheme organised by an institution responsible for the rights and interests of sex workers in Hong Kong to talk to the "First floor, one Phoenix" sex worker in Sham Shui Po and other districts, among them married women. and "Hongxing 13 sister" reminds me of the agency's efforts to "wash off the stigma" and made me more convinced of how toxic the "good/bad" classification of the "Gender class" is.

A friend who works in an organization is a lesbian, and we used to laugh, "Why are there no lesbian sex workers in Hong Kong?" It's actually a good market. "And after reading" Hongxing 13 sister, "I fantasized:" Is there anyone like 13 sister who, as a woman who does not discriminate against female sex workers, comes to be a big guy in Portland Street? " 」

Photo |, "The hongxing 13 sister of the ancient confused cubs"

' It's always been a woman. 」
--Hao Nan's evaluation of 13 sister

That's right, 13 sister/Wu Junru is a woman. The film did not take out the feminine traits, emotions and ideas of the trio because they wanted to match the "masculinity" of the "Ancient Curiosity" series. This can be seen in the three women "value romance" traits, so although Hao Nan (Ekin Cheng plays) at the end said: "Always a Woman" seems to "look down on women", in fact, is to re-establish "do not need to wear out the characteristics of women, women can also do 13 sister." 」

Wu Junru such as the 2002 work "Golden Chicken" is also involved in Hong Kong's sex work industry, and even, the script set to the type of sex work, changes, from "Fish egg Sister", nightclub miss to "First floor a Phoenix" are talked about, and sex workers from the point of view, although the "funny" element of "golden Chicken" makes the film "Wash the stigma" and "put sex workers on the table," but Wu Junru chose to perform the role, which is different from a shrine of female actors.

She doesn't mind playing the "immoral" woman who is the most slightest and dirty class in Hong Kong society. This does not mean that she has no acting skills, in fact, 13 sister corner, for her to bring her the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards award for Best Actress, was also nominated at the Golden Horse Award. In addition to the "No baggage" comedy actress, perhaps 13 sister is "Wu Junru as the original color" another parting.

Macy: Heartbreaking neutral woman

Photo | "Free Fried RICE"

In "Free Fried Rice" (2010), the film is set from 13 sister's site Portland Street, to the elite gathered in central, where there are nightlife, law firms, yoga classes and banks, and a group of characters because of higher education and enjoy economic autonomy, compared to 13 sister can explore erotic autonomy, pluralistic family and other issues.

Why not be able to accommodate people like me who are not clonic and not straight?

Wu Junru, who plays Macy, is a non-mainstream "lesbian," or, more precisely, a alienated "bisexual" in a sexual minority circle. Macy is single, also love "Let It Go", sexual orientation is not defined, also does not exclude one-night stand, willing to assist gay friends to fight for the right of abode to "fake marriage." What she was most afraid of was promising someone else "I'm not leaving." She has short hair, a neutral appearance but foot heels, in the face of men or women, she also has the upper hand and dominant position.

In the lesbian pub scene, we see the ecology of the Hong Kong Lesbian Circle: The Hunting posture of T, the belief that bisexuals are not credible, the scholars who have several Master degree, and the "gender political discussion" floating in the air. "I used to love showing off gender politics, but it wasn't long before," Macy said unhurriedly. "In the face of their criticism, she said," Why can't you tolerate a man like me who is not a brainer when you protest that the patriarchal society sees men as a monster? " 」

anita:"I think it's providence. 」

macy:"is not Providence, it's a surprise. 」

"Bisexual", "unwanted pregnancy" and "unmarried" are common points of beauty and Anita (Zhou Huimin), two are young lovers, the former is a woman who refuses to commit, the latter is a feminine woman with heavy feelings. Macy frivolous attitude, in the "Mother's Choice" that "abortion does not abortion" serious atmosphere seems out of place, as if the unexpected pregnancy for her is only a surprise, not a tragedy. The two of them were surprised that the other was pregnant, but more importantly: "I am single." "Me too." "In the central handrail elevator, tempting each other, staged the" 18 Zhiyu "bridge section, in the lift, can't help but geothermal kiss up, extremely romantic.

Photo | "Free Fried RICE"

Photo | "Free Fried RICE"

Although the same pregnant women, also wearing high heels walked miles, Macy into the house, then for Anita massage feet, become each other's carers. Two people dancing in the balcony, Macy is a male step, Anita is a female step, a bit of the position is self-evident.

Photo | "Free Fried RICE"

Photo | "Free Fried RICE"

"If you don't find a partner one day, Huihui will think I'm still having an affair with you." "--Arnold

Arnold (Wan Xianwen) is Macy's once-broken ex-girlfriend, while Arnold and Huihui (Qu Zulin) are a pair of solid lesbian mates in the film, and for Huihuilai, Wu Junru is a rival and a threat to Anita's male suitors. This kind of fashion, affectionate and threatening, which is common in the "film actor", is placed in this film on Macy, a woman.

' If she doesn't give birth to the baby, she'll go. "--anita

At the same time, the film diverts a very popular "relationship custom" from the lesbian relationship, that is, the phrase "the wife has a child in order to bind the husband".

Anita in the face of the Macy of the fickle, very uneasy, but also hope that both of them can have children together, in the future can live in a stable life. Macy's sloppy do make people feel a little angry, but the dialogue she says is not unreasonable: "Having a baby is one thing, not getting married is another thing." "But at this time she moved the release, but also formally met with the embryo, and finally decided to conform to the Anita mouth of the" Providence ", finally affirmed down. The audience also breathed a sigh of relief at the lonely and helpless Anita, "she finally recovered Wu Junru." 」

"Free Fried rice" is involved in a lot of gender issues, by sexual pleasure and pluralism related to the right to divorce and equal marriage, and so on, and in the Wu Junru of the role of Macy, probably the social challenges of women, from Macy we see the marriage of "heterosexual hegemony", non-marital pregnancy, Abortion autonomy and bisexuality show up, but also see how the characters swim in the gray area.

and Wu Junru this deduction, as if it is a continuation version of 13 sister, the change of dynasties has also changed the regional and class settings, but still has a strong neutral Wu Junru such as temperament. Macy is both trendy and people want to touch, while challenging the routine of heterosexual discourse systems. This time Wu Junru as a screen lover/rival for some viewers, but also in the image of a neutral woman to make people fantasize.

And such a Wu Junru such as, let people want to see more, know more. Unfortunately, there is such a temperament of the film role, in her list of very few, and 13 sister corner, in 1998, two sets of ancient puzzles film sequel, has been a very autonomous single woman, into a "certain girlfriend", "a certain wife" of the supporting role of the flow. Only hope that the neutral actresses in the Hong Kong film Circle, such as Liao, talk about good words and so on, can add neutral beauty to the spectrum of the female characters of the film, and that the actors on the red carpet will get rid of the inversion of "women must be elegant", so Can find resonance in Hong Kong movies.