Gillette released the latest razor ad, "We believe:the best men Can" on Youtube, to reshape society's stereotype of masculinity, a powerful razor ad that, six days after the Youtube film went online, got 1.04 million "not happy." Huan ", press" like "only 560,000, in the end why?

"Is this the best man can got? (is that what boys get the most? )”

This is how the film begins: The news reports a bully, sexual assault, about how toxic masculinity hurts people.

Because of the gender temperament feminine, and by the classmate scolded "strange Curry (Freak)";

In entertainment programs, men are dignified sexual harassment of women, whistling at women, won the love of the audience under the stage;

At the meeting, the male supervisor interrupted the woman and tried to speak for her: "I guess what she wanted to say was ⋯⋯";

The two little boys were fighting and the father, who was standing on the sidelines, smiled and said, "That's what the boys are (Boys would be Boys). 」;

Then came the picture, in which American actor Terry crews stood in the United States Congress last June and spoke in solidarity with the #MeToo movement: "Men must let other men learn to take charge (men need to Holder and men accountable)"

Then we found that everything was changing, walking down the road, when someone whistled at a woman, the man stood up to stop it; the father came forward to stop the fight, told them it was not a way to treat people ... the change finally happened, and never looked back, and finally Gillette advertised the phrase: "Right words, do the right thing, Because the boys we see today, tomorrow will be men. 」

On Youtube on January 13, Gillette released the latest razor ad, "We believe:the best men Can", reshaping the community's established impression of masculinity and redefining what it meant "best in man", comparing past advertisements with stereotypes (male People are full of strength, can not be defeated, strong), can see Gillette such a classic old, but also in line with the trend of the times, flip brand positioning.

Picture |youtube Video screenshot

Such a powerful razor ad, but six days after the Youtube film went online, get 1.04 million "do not like", press "like" only 560,000, in the end why?

Violence, savagery, and male situations are not the same?

Read the message below carefully and found that some of the men did not pay for Gillette's ads, saying they wanted to boycott Gillette and even return to a violent manifesto, and there were many arguments, roughly for two reasons:

To stigmatize a particular part of a man, and to portray it as a violent, only depressing other person's appearance.

Opponents argue that the film refers to people who commit acts of violence, sexually harassing women are almost "white men," and that specific races are created as perpetrators, while other minorities, such as people of African descent and women, are portrayed as victims, deepening the stereotype that "white men are rough" and neglecting the background of potential victims and perpetrators.

Some opponents believe that the advertisement also vilified the "masculine character" of the man, the film shape of the masculine temperament of men how to oppress the feminine characteristics of the ethnic group, which makes the person watching the advertisement feel "so, my masculinity represents brutality?" Am I not good enough for a man? 」

Men are acquiesced as potential criminals, but not all men are sexually harassed, bully

In another opposition, they argue that advertising defaults all men to potential criminals, negates a certain part of men who support #MeToo campaigns, opposes bullying and sexual harassment, and is grossly classified as "male" and "vulnerable" and directly criminalized by sex. They argue that "not all men are bad people."

Without distinction between men and women, we are all people who can push the gender movement.

Of course, some of them give positive feedback to Gillette's ads, such as Jessica Finch, who expressed support for posting a sticker on Twitter:

At this moment after watching the advertisement of you, may be because of feeling accused and angry, may be moved by advertising, but for the crowd's rebound is puzzled, women fans want to invite you, with a new vision, and then take a look at this advertisement:

What this advertisement is about is not that men are the culprit, but that men have the ability to participate in the process of change, and we understand that men are also victims of "toxic masculinity", and that these normative systems can be flipped together through participation and statement.

And what we do now, boys see in the eyes, not only boys, but all the children, we expect advertising can be better, can encourage all men, women to join the gender movement, because everyone has influence, everyone should and must do their part for the gender movement, all men and women Shall participate!

After reading this advertisement, if you have a lot of ideas, invite you to the women's fan room to discuss together.

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