Have you kept up with the "#10yearchallenge" that has sparked a craze in the community recently? In addition to the response of East and West celebrities, #10yearchallenge actually captures the theory of psychology, and by looking back, we can gain the strength to determine the future we want!

What we say and do, we hide the way we have travelled and the scenery we have seen. As a result, the community recently set off a campaign to recall the past, called "#10yearchallenge" we have found photos from 10 years ago, looking back on their growth, but also for this year to make a new wish.

At first, the predecessor of the "#10YearChallenge" was actually "how Hard do Aging hit you challenge" on Facebook, inviting everyone to "challenge" how much impact aging brings to themselves. It wasn't until Damon Lane, a meteorologist in the US media KOCO 5 News, put together his photos from around 10 years before it began to cause a wide range of echoes in the community.

While #10YearChallenge has gone viral in the community, US media Wired Tech reporters believe it is highly likely to be a Facebook campaign to train artificial intelligence AI. Imagine that if Facebook wanted to create a mechanism that would automatically identify the age of the face, it would necessarily require a lot of database help to judge the system, so it would be impossible to speculate.

Removing the possible relationship between Facebook's setting mechanism, #10YearChallenge does give us an opportunity to reflect on what we have looked like or done in the past ten years. Have you been involved in this community movement in the online age? Take a look at what the participants have said, and discuss the reasons for #10YearChallenge pop-up from a psychological point of view!

Celebrity response to stimulate mass follow-up

At first, Oscar-winning actress Spen Reese Witherspoon posted pictures of herself around 10 years, and lamented the years, although the appearance did not really change much, but in this decade, Spen also through the film "At that time, I was left brave" to let everyone know her again, Also won the Oscar and Golden Globe heroine nomination.

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Hollywood actress Ann Hathaway also posted photos she took 10 years ago and this year at the Golden Globes, and wrote: "Look at me who tried to cater to everyone's expectations 10 years ago, and look at me after 10 years of doing what I feel at ease." 」

We may all have lived under the eyes of others, but as time has passed, we are eager to be who we really are, gradually jumping out of the eyes of others, focusing on growing into our own unique appearance. The same is true of Ann Hathaway, of course. (Recommended reading: Beyonce's true confession: I was convinced of the public eye, and now I accept the true curve of the body )

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Then many east and West celebrities followed up to join the #10yearchallenge, and have shared with you the changes of the past decade, completely will #10yearchallenge from the discussion of aging issues, into the Community response movement, leading to the masses have also followed up.

The popularity of #10yearchallenge proves that people have a desire to look back on the past

Such a "Look Back" of the action, in addition to the celebrity response, there must be other factors, and then let us try to use psychological concepts to explain the reasons for #10yearchallenge popular.

Freud, a well-known psychologist, once proposed " Determinism, "he argues that people's past experiences can affect their present situation, such as when a person grows up in a violent family environment and is most likely to become a perpetrator when he grows up, or if a person chooses to run away from problems in the past, and in the future he may be in a position to avoid the mentality of all things, as Freud put it." Determinism. "

But psychologist Frank has a completely different idea of the past, proposing "meaning therapy," arguing that we are free to decide what impact past experiences will have on us today. While we cannot change what happened in the past, we can change the way we interpret history now, find in the past experience what we want to keep and hope for improvement, and then build the future we aspire to.

The popularity of #10yearchallenge is a validation of the meaning of Frank's treatment, and people decide what they are doing now by looking back, and believe in the process that is now being worked on. It is the so-called "power of Memory" that can lead us to the ideal future in our hearts.

Professor Zhou Xinyue and Gaoding of the Department of psychology at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, in collaboration with Constantine Sedikides and Tim Wildschut Four, a scholar of the Southampton universities in the United States, worked together to study the "power of Memories" and released the results in the Psychological Journal of Science.

Scientists have conducted research on "factory workers", some of whom are addicted to alcohol and do things casually, and some of whom feel that they have never been happy and have given up on themselves. But some workers, it is full of fighting spirit, feel that they must succeed. (Recommended reading:"Human map Weather Report" The past has passed, every moment you can re-choose )

Scientists have found that this kind of person who is full of blood and will not be brought down by the big environment is particularly fond of "remembering the past." That is to say, "Remembering the past" is one of the reasons why these employees are more dynamic, productive and targeted than others in the workplace. Through memories, they give themselves motivation, but also for their own refueling.

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You might as well try #10yearchallenge get your strength back.

If you are blurring the direction of the future and don't know where to go, it is recommended that you look for clues from your memories

Facing graduation, employment, transfer or enter the other stages of life, inevitably let people feel flustered and confused, may wish to try to take out their old photos, old diary, look back on the past they have done things, may be able to find a clear direction from the past experience, you will find "Ah, the original I like/yearn for this!" 」

If you feel overwhelmed by everyday chores and feel powerless about life, it is recommended that you get your motivation back from yourself

You know you have a dream, and perhaps you are on the road to the dream, but every day daily trivia so that you temporarily lost enthusiasm for life, you began to feel better than to do it, full of a great sense of powerlessness to life. Perhaps you can try to take out the photos taken from the front, write down the goals, and relive the mood to set goals at that time!

If you feel that life is not what you expect now, want to switch runways and be afraid of two empty, it is recommended that you ask your former self

Why would you want to enter the present department/position in the first place? Maybe you should flip through the data of the past, chat with old friends, and regain consciousness as to whether your present life is really off track. If you really deviate, you might as well let go of a bo! Isn't life all about trying to come out?

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All the doubts may be solved by "getting back to the purpose of thinking" and wishing you to get back to your passion for life and be who you really are when you post a #10yearchallenge.