Women are obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with a handwritten temperature. The twists and turns of life reflect the beauty, so is the little things that love is so, the work is so, the ordinary is not strange.

Women are obsessed with writing and write down words that you believe and touch deep inside. No one's life can be smooth sailing forever. How can it be wonderful to have fewer reefs that stir up waves? (Recommended reading:"A Story Like Mine" Sanmao: I don't want to look at my head at the end of my life )


The road goes winding, and there must be a deep meaning.


I find it difficult to bless people forever happy, always happy people, must be wrong something. Without the contrast of pain, happiness is not valid. ⠀


Until you learn to accept yourself soft, the body can take you further to the other side. ⠀


We all need a turn of courage, a little dare to different spirit, a kind of discard applause of the propensity. ⠀


The so-called growth, not divided into two halves of the people to recover the lost other half, but a pile of pieces glued up, and then constantly broken and spelled back. ⠀⠀
No one can be intact, and do not expect others to complete themselves. ⠀

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