On the day of the Women's Day, did you think of how to celebrate?Women's fans teach you ten ways to make a unique woman's Day!

Today is a holiday for women once a year, whether or not today's time is busy, don't forget to celebrate this rare day!As a man, you can also remember to remind the women around you that today is the International Women's Day on March 8.When women all over the world express their ideas in a wide variety of ways, defending their right to survive, and to celebrate the day with pleasure, we cannot be absent from this day.

The following is the 10 women's knowh-day approach recommended by womany, and we welcome you to share your thoughts with us, in addition to sharing our ideas with us.

Method One: New construction!

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Kriten Stewart in the city of Twilight has always been a long and gentle feeling, but after she has lost her long hair to her short hair, she has become more playful and intelligent, and has not lost her original beauty.On this day, you can help yourself to change the same shape yourself, try out other styles, and maybe find a more suitable Style for us!(Recommended reading: Perfect for this year's hair style, to be on the forefront of fashion )

Method Two: Doing a day different from the usual

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Remember the story of the two female characters in the movie "Hot Spice Girls" interchanging their identity due to the ancient spells?Of course not, it's going to be an exchange of identity with a mother or a child of this kind. (But if you're all willing to try it, of course it's great!Instead, it is suggested that a small role-playing game can be played on this day, pretending that if you are another person's personality, you may wonder what the reaction is when you encounter all kinds of situations, and maybe it's something that might be unintended.

Method Three: Good for your stomach and skin

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's not that they want to eat or drink, but to make their own taste buds longing for a long time, but never dare to take a step forward. "Moderate" releases the desire for food and a healthy and balanced diet, which is a good way to treat your own body!And it is recommended that you can release the skin on the skin for one day. can always go out and use cosmetics. You may want to put on a big vacation the day, don't smear her with all kinds of colors. Let her get some air!(Extended Read: Mangers tell you, a cosmetic make-up without makeup

Method Four: View your body

Take your clothes off and stand in front of the mirror and observe your body's status. Is there any difference between what the impression is and what the impression is?Does it always have a partial order of discomfort?These are all signs that the body has issued to us. Don't ignore it. Love your first step is to treasure your own health!In addition, the "four cancer" screening tests for women must be screened: colorectal cancer, breast cancer, breast examination, oral cancer screening, cervical smear screening, and blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol screening.

Method 5: Realize the crazy idea in your head

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Have you ever imagined a scene in your head that is a crazy idea?Don't hesitate. This day will be achieved!(but only if a safe and legal idea is required will not cause trouble for yourself)

Method 6: Remind your people around you that March 8 is the International Women's Day for your own women.

After we share it with us, I think that we have recognized that the festival is a great and rare holiday, and that we hope to share this day with friends and relatives around them, and to remind them of the importance of this day, so that every woman knows that it is more important to regard this year's big day.

Method 7: Buy a Toy and reward yourself

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Now it's not the time to wait quietly for love, to listen to the needs of your body, to the desire for pleasure, and to choose a little toy that can bring joy and joy to us, and you can complete the enjoyment of all of this.(

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Method Eight: One thing to overcome fear

At times, what are the things that often scare the people? Is this always troubling for you, and is it really trying to overcome it? If you follow the steps below, maybe you will not be afraid anymore!

Step1: Find out what you're always afraid of
Step2: Why are you afraid of this?
Step3: Are there any people around you who are not afraid of this?Who is it?
Step4: What do you think is the first step to overcome it?
Step5: Share the four-stage answers with your friends and friends and people who are not afraid of this matter, so that they can talk to you about how to overcome them!

Method 9: Step out of your own dream

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What is the dream of this?Has this dream existed and has never been realized in the brain for a long time?If you don't take the first step in realizing your dreams, dreams will always be "dreams."

Don't be stressful, you don't have to worry about other people's eyes, find a space quiet and let you think independently, and think about what dreams are like.And do you have something to do with this dream?If not, don't worry about it. Think about what the first step you need to do before you realize your dream, and then go and do it!

Method 10: Recommend Womany.net to relatives and friends

Everyone in womany wants every woman to love, love, and love the world, so all of our efforts are made to achieve this goal, and if you identify with our ideas, we recommend that we recommend womany.net to all those who value it.