At the end of the puncturing, do you sacrifice your rest time in order to practice your tail tooth performance? Tail teeth to entertain drinking, in the face of wine from the boss, you are always "affectionate and difficult to refuse"? Tail teeth, is one of the important workplace culture in Taiwan society, but it is also easy to enlarge some of the "workplace hidden rules." If you have also been bothered by the tail tooth culture, today we would like to talk to you about the gender issues in these "tail tooth culture" and how you can improve if you encounter similar problems.

A few days ago, received a friend M call, just picked up the phone, heard a "alas ⋯⋯" sigh. "
"It's almost New Year's day, shouldn't it be fun?" Sigh What Qi? "I asked her.
"New Year where happy up Ah, just the company tail teeth will soon kill me!" "Remember the first time last year when she joined the Japanese company's tail teeth, but also cheerfully to share with me, this year how troubled into this?"
"Last year by the boss poured wine to nearly can not go home, this year the company called our staff out of a pile of performances, every day practice until very late to go home, the day of the performance also wear a short to not a skirt ... Come on! Which of these tail teeth is in reward for employees? I think it's all about making employees suffer! 」

Friend M is not the only friend around me who hates tail teeth, many friends have complained to me that they don't like the culture of some of the company's tail teeth, some people are "filled with wine", some people are "performing talent", even in the wine Bureau " Harassment by speech "is not a minority, because the new year atmosphere and alcohol catalysis, the usual up-and-down relationship and gender issues are also more likely to float on the surface, but also let us complain:" Good tail teeth, how to make a good heart tired? " "(Extended reading: How can gender discrimination be improved? 8+6 an exercise to help accelerate workplace equality )

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The staff are so busy! Tail teeth also have to take the stage to perform "Dance"?

Many companies like to ask their employees to come out "talent show" when they are in their tail teeth, dance, sing and act at the Chief's table, martial arts, and the officers are happy to see, but the staff can only swallow the bitterness in their bellies. In the face of foreign affairs outside of work, because dare not say "no", many employees can only sacrifice the hours of work intensive practice. As a result, the original purpose should be to thank the staff for their hard-work tail teeth, as if instead become entertainment boss of the afterlife program.

Around the female friends more often complain, every year tail teeth are often "expected" by the boss or male employees, in the cold snap hit when wearing a short skirt, big jump Korean women's Group Hot Dance, to the entertainment table under the boss or male colleagues. And such performances, often wine over three rounds, performing music of the electro-tone, under the stage of the noise will become more and more frantic, "can not see her chest so big yes!" "Ah," a hissing! XXX legs I can be ", in the face of jokes from male colleagues or superiors, women often can only take into account the atmosphere and laugh off, because women are always considered to be able to bear more" emotional labor ", so even if encountered unhappy things, will be expected to be" understand ", otherwise it will be crowned with the atmosphere of the label. (Extended reading: housekeeping, fake orgasm, smiling service: Emotional Labor is not a woman's gift )

Pour me the wine! Culture of gender inequality in wine Bureau

Tail teeth, often inevitably have to work with colleagues hard wine, cheers, but this one cup of dry, Wine Wine Bureau culture, but also let many women feel "excluded." I have a friend. J, in the insurance industry as a manager, annual salary, performance, ability are not left behind others, but in the wine bureau, is not often hung aside, is often asked by other units of male managers to help pour wine, as a " The role of pouring wine "also makes her feel disrespected, because in the culture of entertainment, women are still to a certain extent considered to be the role of the chaperone, supporting actor.

In addition, there are many male colleagues in the Wine bureau like to think that they are funny, make some low-level jokes, so that women feel very uncomfortable, and even use the power of their superiors to pour wine, so that female employees drunk, to take advantage of sexual harassment, and even sexual assault, women's sexual autonomy caused great harm. (Extended reading: If you encounter sexual harassment in the workplace, how should you define and search for evidence?) )

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Don't drink, just don't give me face? The male dilemma in the culture of entertainment

The victims of the hidden rules of the workplace, not only women, but also men have their own misery. A male friend, once told me, when facing the boss said to him: "Do not drink is not to give me face!" "Female colleagues may also be able to barely muddle through with" no drinking "and" bad wine ", but if he says he won't drink, he will only be laughed at as" not a man "and may even be poured more fiercely to make you" more of a man. "

Living in a patriarchal society, we often have many "stereotypes" of different genders, in the case of boys, we always expect men to conform to the "masculine temperament" template, such as men should be strong, bold, strong, and think that such boys are "like a boy", if there are boys do not meet such a template, often face " Are you a man? "The question is that many men, for fear of being pushed out of the male community, would rather drink vomiting, go to an emergency, or continue to struggle with their colleagues, even if they do not drink. (Extended reading: feminism wants male liberation!) Farewell to the patriarchal violence of the anorexic, the homophobic, the feminine and the female

More traditional enterprises, will even like after the tail teeth, and then go to the hotel to continue to stand "called Miss", facing from the boss of the "sell fake!" It's the cha po people, just go loosen up! "Because" lustful "is also considered to be part of the masculine temperament, male employees often struggle to refuse the boss, because if refused, as if on behalf of their own not" man ", so many men even want to go home, but also can only hard to accompany the boss to the sound place.

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As long as we are no longer silent, this culture may change.

See here, perhaps in your heart at this time also have a scream: "Gosh, good tail tooth culture why make so tired?" "Because this kind of tail tooth culture, whether male or female, will not be happy, enjoy." (Recommended reading: How to achieve gender equality in the workplace?) Five d&i policies that an enterprise can execute immediately )

Perhaps because of the fear of damaging the atmosphere, obviously everyone does not like, but still formed a kind of " The effect of collective silence, perhaps, that such a culture has long laid the foundation in Taiwan's society and requires a change in time and social concepts in order to be completely overturned, but personally, we can try to from preview improve our situation, and thus promote the change of the whole cultural environment.

The following three methods are recommended for you who have similar troubles:

  1. Try to put forward your idea euphemistically: "I'm not very good at acting, can I not perform?" "I really can't drink, but please give me a good drink!" 」
  2. In the face of unreasonable demands, firm rejection, let the other side know that you have the bottom line: "Drinking can, but I can't go to the hotel." 」
  3. Think about looking at such a workplace culture, is not the working atmosphere you want? If the same situation does not improve, and if it happens again and again, perhaps bravely embark on another path, you will meet a more suitable for you, respect for your "real work."