How can the fragrance be represented?How can the odors of life be kept alive, so that people who love it can turn it back at any time?

smell should be an experience and the smell of our lives and emotions, as well as the scents the DEMETER , such as those in New York, are astonished and loved, and each bottle of perfumery is so unique that it is so unique that can be used to make itself feel the most attractive to people around .

And now, the smell library is once again impressed by everyone who loves perfume and works with a French-based fragrance house in Paris to promote a friendly é organic, warm é brand, led by Olivia Giacobetti, one of the world's top regulator, and a truly naturfied fragrance in the fragrance world.Can you imagine that the ingredients like no flowers and coconuts could be a single perfume, even "carrot"?


French cuisine is a gourmet dish known as Verrine, which is used as a glass bowl to make the food look elegant and exquisite, more often than before and after food and dessert.The organic fragrances of the "Vitality" series are like organic and exquisite cuisine, and show deep French cultural significance and highlight the unique culture of young people.

inspiration comes from the early spring of the spring. A young girl in the hug in the hug of nature threw away all the superficial facades, and showed real joy and laughter, just like the soft-soft cover of the spring water, forgetting the city's floating-bloom.This is a purging fragrances designed to wake up the true heart: New Green Nu Green

The secret of the interword communication between girls is designed to ignite the weapon of fire that is so hot that it can ignite the boy's weapons.From the beginning to the end, the light sweet and the secret weapon of the sweet, sexy sweetness of Provence, which is just released, is: Cute Woman Sexy Angelic

I love New York

In the fashion and crowded city of New York, people tend to have a common interest and identity, even if their destination is different and different, and that is "Coffee".I love the New York series, which is a common sight in New York City, and I think, putting each bottle of perfume in a paper cup with coffee.

Unlike the traditional coconut milk, the fragrant teacher innovated the fragrance of the coconut skin and re-deducing coconut aroma.It has a strong sense of exotic exotic temperate, but it is fresh and fresh in a fresh spring.In Manhattan, you need a strange exotic flavor: Love Coconut

I love carrots as a rich and artistic scent, even in a rainy day that makes people feel happy.In the winter morning in New York, a carrot juice can be used to clean up the night.And the carrot smells of instant resupply to happiness and health, and how good it is to be human. I love carrot I love Les Carttes

We know that everyone is unique and eager to have their own style, the HDP perfume has unique and precious ingredients, and hope that in this series of odour exploration, you can also find the unique fragrance that is unique to you!

In the Smell Library, find the smell that belongs to you: /shop/brand/scent_library/1

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