The Oscar shortlist was announced late on 22nd, and 2/24 Awards ceremony was held, and women were fascinated by a selection of four shortlisted films with female experience as the main axis, allowing you to see your story in the movie and regain the power of belonging to women.

The 91st Oscar shortlist was announced late on 22nd, and the shortlist, in addition to the Golden Globe's outstanding performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody", "for the sub-unkind" and other films are also shortlisted, the public is also expected to "Rome", "Love Fraud", "true pet" and other female experience as the main axis of the film.

These women's experience as the main axis of the film, Are you and my story, as a wife for the family forbearance, is about to become a mother's loss and anxiety ..., for you to organize the 2019 worth looking forward to four movies, I hope you in the film, see yourself, can also regain the power of belonging to women.

Suitable to watch with girlfriends: "True Favorites"

Yug Lancimo, director of films such as "Single Zoo" and "death of the Holy Deer," has been shortlisted for best picture, director, heroine and many other awards with "True favorites." (Recommended reading:"single Zoo": The true love clause of the dystopian society )

The high-profile film "True Favorites" is starring three of people Emasdon Emma Stone, Rachel Wyz (Rachel Weisz) and Olivia Colman the same. The plot was set in the Britannia kingdom in the early 18th century, when the political turmoil, seemingly in power, was the frail Queen Anne, yet it was her best friend, Mrs. Sarah, who was really in control. Later, a waitress arrived in an attempt to secure her place next to the Queen.

These three people seem to be full of calculations, but sometimes show the feelings of the ambiguous between the girlfriends. They were willing to fight for the Queen's favor, but they still did not get the position of power they longed for, while the Queen was in high place, with endless elegance, but never really loved by others. Everyone in the movie is after the things they love, but they get nothing, only in exchange for emptiness and loneliness.

Is there a condition for love in the end? If love has the conditions, do you let the relationship become empty? Bless you all can find the answer after watching the movie and find your "true favorite."

Fit to watch with your partner: "If Bill Street can talk"

The story of "if Bill Street can talk" is set in the 70 's Harlem Black neighborhood of New York to point out racial discrimination in American society. Finney and Tish love each other for life, but read the emergence of an immigrant woman, accused Finney rape, and white police officers not only did not find out the truth, but also falsely accused fentanyl, resulting in his tish pregnancy when he was jailed. A series of problems began: unmarried pregnancies, soon-to-be-born children, in-laws who were biased against themselves, and Tish in dire straits, and had to clean up the charges for Finney.

The anxiety that is about to become a mother, the public's prejudice against unmarried mothers ... although the main axis is about racial discrimination, but it is also mixed with many unmarried pregnancy issues, and the play Tish in a society full of discrimination, showing perseverance. Faced with her fiance being falsely accused, she was reluctant to sit back and instead chose to bump into the status quo and find out the truth.

As a woman, we are always considered to be "weak" and "in dire need of protection", but in fact we have the courage to break through the predicament, just as the Tish in the film works hard to protect the beloved fiance. Now you, although life is full of difficulties and thorns, but must believe that they have the ability to turn the crisis into a turnaround, show their own the sex power.

Suitable for one person to see: "Rome"

"Rome" is a semi-autobiographical film, shortlisted for the Oscars 10 awards, the whole film from the perspective of domestic helper Cleo to tell the story, to see a family in the great changes, how to break the gap between the servant. Cleo worked for a middle-class family in Mexico, where the owner ran away from home, the hostess could not bear the partner's departure and the mood collapsed, and these family changes also allowed her to string up the feelings with the employer's children, the relationship between them is domestic helpers and employers, but also exudes motherly love ...

The film depicts delicate and profound emotions in ordinary life, and in turbulent days, Cleo wraps up all the uneasiness with love, and holds up the daily, four employers and children, although not related to Cleo, but because of love, strung together a link. To every one with a soft posture, you do not need to pretend to be strong, because the soft posture also has its power.

Suitable to watch with mom: "Love and Deception"

The film Love, starring Grenk Rose, the Golden Globe's actress. (The Wife), was shortlisted for the Oscar for best actress, and this is the seventh time since Grenk Rose's filmography.

In this film, Grenk plays a woman who conceals her writing talent in order to fulfill her husband. Her husband was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize for Literature, she had always loved her husband, and all the grievances of sacrifice had erupted on the eve of the awards, while Grenk Rose's full and delicate acting, introverted feelings, was appreciated by the American Hollywood report.

How much can a woman dedicate to love? In the relationship of grievance perfection, others look ridiculous in the eyes, but only their own know, her sacrifice dedication, not only for their husbands, but also to achieve their own. Grenk rose at the Golden Globe Awards, Sensual appeal: "We must not forget to pursue personal achievements, we have to pursue their dreams, we should say loudly:" I can do it, and I am qualified to do it! " "(Recommended reading:" Woman, you shouldn't be underrated "2019 Golden Globes end, review three moving messages! )

In relationships, women are often seen as foil and must sacrifice their dedication to their families, and this film, most of all, wants to let all women know that, in any case, do not forget their dreams, and do not forget to achieve their own.

Select more than four Oscars shortlisted movies to get your female power back. Also hope that the film can re-open your dialogue with family, girlfriends, partners, those who have been ashamed shy said, we can get to know each other from the film.

91st Oscar Finalist sheet

"Best Picture Award"

  • Black Panther (Panther)
  • Black party members (Blackkklansman)
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody)
  • True favorite (the favourite)
  • Green Book of Happiness
  • Rome (Roma)
  • The birth of a superstar (a star is Born)
  • For deputy Unkind (vice)

"Best Director Award"

  • Sparkley (Spike Lee)/Black Party members (Blackkklansman)
  • Pawepalikoski (Pawel Pawlikowski)/Love without smoked nitrate (cold War)
  • Yug Lancimo (Yorgos Lanthimos)/True Pet (the favourite)
  • Aifonso Collan (Alfonso Cuaron)/Rome (Roma)
  • Adamacke (Adam McKay)/Deputy unkind (vice)

"Best Actor Award"

  • Christine Bell (Christian Bale)/Deputy unkind (vice)
  • Blaidlicoupe (Bradley Cooper)/The birth of a superstar (a Star is Born)
  • William Daver (Willem Dafoe)/Van Gogh: At The Gate of Eternity (at Eternity's Gate)
  • Remimalic (Rami Malek)/Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody)
  • Vigo Mortenson (Viggo Mortensen)/green Book of Happiness

"Best Actress Award"

  • Ally Aparichio (Yalitza Aparicio)/Rome (Roma)
  • Grenk Rose (Glenn close)/love. Deceiving (the Wife)
  • Olivia Jacollman (Olivia Colman)/True Pet (the favourite)
  • Goddess Kaka (Lady Gaga)/The birth of a superstar (a Star is Born)
  • Mary McCarthy (Melissa McCarthy)/Can You forgive me? (Can you ever forgive me?)

"Best Supporting Actor Award"

  • Mahsharahari (Mahershala Ali)/green Book of Happiness
  • Sam Rockwell (Sam Rockwell)/Deputy unkind (vice)
  • Adamtrive (Adam Driver)/Black Party members (Blackkklansman)
  • Sam Elliott (Sam Elliott)/The birth of a superstar (a Star is Born)
  • Richard E. Grant)/Can You forgive me? (Can you ever forgive me?)

"Best Supporting Actress Award"

  • Ameadams (Amy Adams)/Deputy unkind (vice)
  • Marina de Tavira (Marina de Tavira)/Rome (Roma)
  • Regina King/If Bill Street can speak (if Beale Street could talk)
  • Emasdon (Emma Stone)/True Pet (the favourite)
  • Rachel Wyz (Rachel Weisz)/True Pet (the favourite)

"Best Foreign Language Film Award"

  • I want to have a home (Capernaum)/Lebanon
  • Love Without Smoke (cold War)/Poland
  • unowned (Never look Away)/Germany
  • Rome (Roma)/Mexico
  • Thief family (shoplifters)/Japan

"Best Cartoon Award"

  • Superman Special Attack 2 (Incredibles 2)
  • Canine Island (Isle of Dogs)
  • The future of the Future (Mirai)
  • Invincible Destruction King 2: Cyber Storm Walk (Ralph breaks the internet)
  • Spider-Man: The New Universe (Spider-man:into the Spider-verse)