What do you think of when you think of a rising temperature?If you only think of the Rifan of the China, then you may only touch only 0.1 % of the person!Because of a promise, Wen has spent four years waiting for him to perform a simple film, the "Seasonal" of the migratory birds.He says, " I'm going to play the role of a person who is really moving.I want to find the lines of the characters, the stories of the characters!" So even if you find that this role is very different from your own personality, the role is too much to suppress, in terms of the real temperature rise, and he still finds the most touching interpretation of this conflict.

In an interview with the "Seasonal" of the Movie Migratory, we realized that the temperature rise was not just a lead actor, but we saw his direct, his warmth, and his persistence.Unlike many people, he doesn't emphasize how much he loves acting, and what he cares about is how he's going to tell stories through performance, through acting and by loving the land of the bay.

further away, where you would like to go home, called

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Everyone has a relationship, because we are all part of a family

Seasonal of Migratory Seasons, which describes brotherhood, family crisis, and foreign spouses, points out that "Everyone has a small secret that belongs to the family," and also brings out the voices of many people and tribes.But "Everyone is a member of the family."If you go home, you may want to go back to the place where you would like to go back to the interview, "says Wen," and suddenly let us fall into a scene of trouble and not know how to apologize."He speaks very simple and straightforward, so " I am not afraid that people don't like this movie, but I'm afraid people don't look at it.Even if he had already been killed so long, he even said, "I'm going to get goose bumps when I think about those scenes again.""

In real life, he was lucky, and there was a brother who was full of his support.Referring to his family, he smiled like a little boy with candy: "Both parents and brothers will definitely go to the movie theater to see my work!"This kind of pride, apart from warming up on his own efforts, has partly been his brother who resigned from his work in the north, and he went back to the south to take care of his parents, so that he could develop his own career at the heart of the future, and let Wen Liuhao don't have the worry of being a carefree.And Wen Liuhao did his best to do a good job, " I want to do a good job of doing my things well, and that is a kind of filial piety."When you talk about your family, you don't have any hesitation," says Wen. " It's my back home." Because of the backup, it can be a reflection of nothing.

intellectual of the gorgeous actor

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<1895 > is a movie that many presidents have seen, and can be said to be a representative of the Taiwanese history film!

We found that Wen Liuhao was not only a bit of a shelf, but also a super direct.Isn't it the most pastime that we ask?And he said, " I'm not the kind of person who would say that the show was my life, the day of the end of the world, and I had to play that."The expression of a certain kind of resolute and self-confidence, he says," acting, for me, is not to be enthusiastic, but to speak, to deliver a message."Unlike ordinary actors, the performers are more like intellectuals, revealing their concerns about politics and society.What he wanted was not the gorgeous lights of the spotlight, what he wanted was what he said, and whether anyone heard it.

He is really real, passing through the show through his own power.It not only allows viewers to see different Taiwanese films, but also allows more people to understand the social issues that are not often discussed in the film. Wen Liuhao's eyes lit up a telling us about the film he had performed, <1895 >. He smiled and said, " Let him be a very proud piece of work. He doesn't care about the red, but is involved in a real and meaningful play. Through the form of performance, knowledge and feelings are delivered to the audience!He also hopes to get more people to find some of the love and care of the family or to the society through the "seasonal season of migratory birds." He says, "I want to show more people because the people of Taiwan really need this warmth."During the interview, he did not forget to ask what we had learned. " Do you have any feelings?"

is an intellectual who is a lot of actors, and he admits that he does have a contradiction.It is rational, emotive, and irrational, and it is not sensitive.He is a person who often looks at his status, so he really wants to ask him what he is. It is even harder for him to answer, because it is likely that he will change at any time.But this kind of change is also an incentive for him to continue his efforts. He shares his recent experience with us, and his motto: "Life can never be perfect, just like the moon, it's always incomplete."But it is still possible to do everything in its"At any time, it may be better to change, so we can only seize the moment and do our best."

He did his best to perform as he spoke by acting.
There is no distance, very real, special forthright!
says many things about this piece of land.We heard you.

The Seasonal of the Migratory Season > Coming Soon On 28 September!

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If you want to bring your feelings into your mind, you have to take action!Wen Liuhao said: " The magic of the film is a collective behavior that can feel the breath of everyone."I don't want to miss this Mid-Autumn Festival, and we'll join us in the movie theater to enjoy the birds' season."

simple steps to watch a movie together:
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You get a chance to get 2 September 25 at 8:00 pm, 2 tickets for the Mother Lihua Side of the United States.(We will take ten lucky people altogether)

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