A few days ago, the Minister of Culture, Zheng Lijun, was subjected to the slap of senior entertainer Zhenghuizheng, and the incident attracted concern and discussion from all walks of life, discussing the wind direction from "she was not violent" gradually turned to "she used to be a photo actress, she is cheap", netizens shifted the focus to women's age and body mockery, in fact, is not

January 22, 2019, another day of violence.

The current Minister of Culture, Zheng Lijun, attended the "Caring Entertainer Spring Festival Dinner" organised by Hua Vision, during which he got up and was slapped hard, and suddenly his attack caught Zheng Lijun off guard and startled: " How can this "hit the woman after the slap turned to go, the reporter came forward to visit only to know this woman who used violence, is now 67 years old senior entertainer Zhenghuizheng."

Zhenghuizheng current interview said that he because Zheng Lijun push "demolition of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall", "to Chiang" has long been dissatisfied with a lot, and said, "This kind of person, I hit her is just right." The violent side, the present is not ashamed, this news footage immediately caused the two supporters on the internet to pen each other, the topic of discussion also from the violent behavior itself, to the ridicule and teasing of older women.

Today, let's look at the whole event in two directions, and when the position is not the same, how can we communicate the discussion? Can violence really solve the immediate problem? And another form of violence in this event: does the mockery of the age and body of the perpetrator exceed the scope of rational discussion?

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I don't agree with you, so I hit you.

Senior entertainer Zhenghuizheng, because he did not agree with the culture Minister Zheng Lijun to promote "transformation justice", at the dinner Zheng Lijun a slap. Two days after the incident, both sides have publicly expressed their respective positions, and there have been different discussions about the incident, and according to the timeline, the two-party actions on the violence are as follows:

In the midday of 2018/1/22, Zheng Lijun attended the meal and was slapped by Zhenghuizheng; then Zheng was interviewed to say, "Punching is just right."

2018/1/22 three o'clock in the afternoon, Zheng Lijun on Facebook that he "should face the conflict calmly and not use violence."

2018/1/22 five o'clock in the afternoon, Zhenghuizheng attended a press conference to say he was out of control and apologized for the violence, but apologized for not "protesting to Chiang"

In the morning of 2018/1/23, Zhenghuizheng went to the Ministry of Culture to apologize in person, did not see Zheng Lijun, and again reiterated that he did not apologize for protesting to Chiang

In the afternoon of 2018/1/23, Zheng Lijun's visit indicated that violence should not be rationalized or encouraged, and that Zhenghuizheng went to the Taipei D.A. 's office to inquire

The cause of the violence is the difference in position between the two sides. Zheng Lijun promoted "transformational justice", believing that transformation justice is not a process of de-Chiang, but of re-democratization. Zheng opposed the demolition of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, believing that it was an injury to the Republic of China and, more so, an action taken by officials to seek a promotion. (Recommended reading: when government violence is happening, can you still look on the sidelines? )

The two sides ' positions are so different, but they love the land of Taiwan at the same time, thinking about what they can keep/create for Taiwan. Should have the opportunity to let both sides rational communication, but Zhenghuizheng a step early, before the beginning of communication, the use of violence caused attention, but also a solution to their own heart fast.

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The difference in position, is it true that only one path of violence can be resolved? As soon as the incident came out, causing public opinion to condemn the violence, it was possible to know that the consensus of the majority of Taiwanese was that "violence is not right". As a result, the Zhenghuizheng of violence has been criticized by public opinion criticism and a large number of netizens.

It's just that, in these criticisms, the winds of discussion seem to turn gradually.

What does it matter if I hit someone and I used to be a photo album actress?

Recent discussions about slapping have been spreading on the internet, and with more and more attention, it has also allowed the discussion of the wind to spread from the violence itself to the dialogue of two different ideologies, and then to the Zhenghuizheng past of the abuser.

It is a rational and based analysis to begin to explore the causes of violence from the context of the characters ' past life. But if it is only to turn the past experience out, all kinds of ridicule and attack, it is not a kind of violence? Domestic media revealed Zhenghuizheng original name Zeng Cenyi, active in the 60, 70 's, was once a signed singer in China, but also voluntarily invested in the ranks of the police. During the day is the female police force administration, in the evening in the song Hall in the Singing.

Only in 1981 filmed the photo album, now by netizens again turned out, attracted a large number of people message to express dissatisfaction, bluntly said "rotten people", "guilty", "over the air artist fight Layout" and other strong attack words.

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Two days after the incident, the discussion of wind direction has been from the violence itself, extended to personal attacks, netizens will focus on mocking Zhenghuizheng past, but also mocking the aging and figure of women. Such a message attack is in fact the same as the violence imposed on others by Zhenghuizheng, but one is physical violence visible in the flesh, and the other is the online verbal violence hidden behind the screen.

We hope that, while discussing current affairs issues, we should focus on events and behaviour, rather than attacking women's stature and aging instead.

What the figure is, it has nothing to do with the fact of punching.

The way to solve the problem is definitely not violence.

Everyone, every day, with different care and care to get along with others, social, from all sides of the values of blending, stirring up a richer discussion and relationship, is the reason why life can feel rich. While blending, there will also be conflicting values, and most of the conflict is due to the fact that both sides of the communication are thinking from their own point of view, the Zhenghuizheng violence, also validates this reason.

"Harming the Kuomintang and harming the Republic of China is an opportunity for you to Zheng Lijun," she said after Zheng Lijun slapped. That's what I think, that's what I think. 」

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Zhenghuizheng said two times, "This is what I think," looking at others from his own point of view, assuming that others are as they think in their own minds, and no wonder violence arises. If you really want two different positions, different concerned individuals to produce effective communication, psychologist Lin has published articles in women's fans, that there are five steps can be gradually implemented (recommended reading: Awareness and effective communication: Don't let stand, Block communication )

1. Perceived emotions

In the process of communication, in addition to the core issues to throw out ideas, but also at any time to pay attention to each other's emotions and their own emotions. If the mood is rising and it is impossible to maintain reason and calm and continue the discussion, it may be time for communication to pause. Only by maintaining reason can communication be carried out effectively.

2. Leaving the situation

If you can't leave the situation where your emotions are getting out of hand right now, you might as well take out any two items and let yourself pull out of the perspective of a third party and observe the communication positions of the two items represented by each other.

3. Changing time and space

The causes of the conflict, from both sides, set out in their respective positions, leading to the words. Imagine how each of the surrounding items represents two different angles, and how do they think and communicate?

4. Rational judgment

Then jump off the identity of the parties, take a third party perspective on the two items in front of the representative, and deeply think about how to deal with, both sides can obtain an effective "problem solving"?

5. Brave Choice

When they have used the identity of the parties and the third party respectively to feel different positions, clarify the core of the problem, on the brave decision! In view of the core issues, choose how to do, in order to effectively solve the problem?

Having different degrees and different orientation emotions is a precious part of human beings, but how to accept and control their own emotions, do not let emotions affect their real desire to convey the idea is also the human life in the end of the subject to be explored.

This article, to all of you who have disagreed in the discussion of different positions, whether the result is the same as at first thought, we should, or even begin to learn, maintain reason in communication, effectively and truthfully convey the value we believe in.