"Massage parlours are on fire, male guests still insist on doing and then go!" "Interview with" sexy Gunman "author Tao, a former journalist, because she stumbled upon a massage parlour girl, let her decide to embark on a journey to search for sex worker stories, written" Sexy Shooter "novel. Talk to Tao about the job situation of sex workers, she said, sex work is really not a job lying easy to earn, every day in the escape!

See Tao for the first time, in women's paradise. Tall, she, wearing a dark blue top and plaid skirt, took the glass of water I handed and said softly, "Thank you, thank you." "The temperament of her, seems to be with the" sexy Gunman "book described in the" Massage Shop Miss ", from the different world.

"Sexy Gunman" is Taiwan's first "Pistol skincare shop" as the theme of the work, but also Tao first novel, this writing massage shop Miss Love struggle, talking about the eight major industries of life, but also the darkness and fragility of human nature.

When it comes to writing the source of "Sexy shooter," Tao said with a smile, in fact, because of an "accident." Tao, who originally worked as a journalist for the new news, met a "massage shop" girl at one point because of the girl's sentence: "No matter what, I want someone to remember me, record our story" This sentence, like a switch, opened her way to writing.

In order to write "Sexy shooter", Tao then went deep into the eight major industries, launched a series of "fieldwork", visited major massage parlours and hotels, interviewed more than 20 sex workers.

Isn't the lady a human being, too? Smiling and laughing, but tears.

Tao launched a field investigation, listening to the young men working on the front line of the sex industry, male PR said the story, I asked her curiously, which let her most impressive story is what, she said, is a with a little "sugar fried chestnut" taste story.

The whole story takes place in the box of a wellness hall. At the time of the incident, the young lady she was interviewing was helping the guests to hit a pistol, but suddenly smelled a "sugar fried chestnut" flavor, originally miss and guests disdain, did not expect to have a sudden, heard the health Hall of the administrative force knock, straight shouted: "Fire!" There's a fire! Get out Of Here! 」

"What would normal people do then?" "Tao sold a Guanzi to the story.

I subconsciously replied, of course, to run for my life! I did not expect, but Tao shook his head and said: "The male guest actually grabbed the young lady and said, no, OK!" Play, Finish, and go. "I was incredibly exclaimed when I heard this, and Tao smiled and said, this is not the climax of the story!

After a toss, the male guests shot the young lady full of semen, dressed like a gust of fire, ran away, leaving the young lady full of filth in the box. However, good risk that health hall is not big, Miss touch black barely escape from the fire, but did not expect, and at the counter of the Wellness Hall met just that O guest! This time, he is at the counter of the bargain said: "You have a fire yes, should not be free AH?" 」

After listening to the story, I couldn't help but Marvel, gosh, what the hell was that male guests thinking? Tao said, after listening to this story, she is also full of doubts, reporter born she quipped: "Really want to return to the scene" hand mak "asked that male guests, in the end why do this kind of thing? "In fact, she would like to know," in the end, what kind of people, will leave the girl who has just helped you, the first thing out of the fire is actually a bargain? " 」

The story sounds ironic and funny, but, "laughing and laughing tears are coming out," after laughing, a bitter backlash came up, so that she was always thinking repeatedly in her head, "Aren't these young ladies human?" she asked. Why do these guests treat them like this? 」

When you get out of the store, justice won't come back.

Perhaps some people will think that sex workers are sell laughing and selling, is a "lying easy to earn" job, but Tao said that the eight industries are a "work hard" job.

Because the ladies always live with "violence" all the times, many guests come to spend, think that they have spent money, they have power, high, can arbitrarily humiliate these sex workers, the ladies encounter many kinds of violence at work, Tao said, violence comes from "words", but also "physical."

"Some guests do not respect the ladies as human beings, scolding the ladies are" bus incense Furnace ", Tao," clearly oneself is to go to the consumer demand, many guests think they are qualified to verbally humiliate the ladies, can be "slut humiliation" to them "but the ladies are most afraid of meeting the guests directly, or even the white sex Rape.

"Because of this kind of thing, for the interviewees is usually very painful, dishonorable things, so when the interview, the ladies often speak with reservations, or talk about a paragraph can not go on." Tao at this time, she recalled that there had been a young lady who had told her of the experience of being raped while the box had been choked by guests ' necks and nearly suffocated; there were also young ladies, who had been upset by the guests, who had been thrown at her by the lamp next to the bed, so that she could not work on the spot for several days. (Extended reading: white sex, sibling, unable to float on the surface of the sexual worker situation )

' However, there are not many violent incidents floating on the stage, much more than you think. Tao lamented that because Taiwan currently has no place to set up a sex trade zone, sex workers are "black", so unless things are too serious, it is not good for them to go to the police station.

In the face of the guest's physical violence, and even by the guests raped, many young ladies can only choose to ask the administration to get the money back. However, if money is recovered, it is already lucky, "but most of the situation, because do not understand the background of the guests, if the current is not handled in the store, guests out of the shop door, a lot of justice will not be allowed back." After speaking, Tao took a sip of water and sipped her lips, looking thoughtfully out of the window.

I asked, if the establishment of a sex zone, can improve the plight of these young ladies? "Perhaps it will improve personal safety, but can the public power effectively manage the gold flow and manpower allocation that the eight industries have now formed?" Tao said. "She still holds a skeptical attitude."

Virgin down the sea? It's the bottom line, it's self-esteem.

For the established impression of sex workers, I often subconsciously feel that they are bound to be very "sexually open", "sexually experienced" group of people, so when I read the book "Sexy Shooter", the protagonist that conflicting role settings immediately attracted me. The protagonist Songliang Rhyme, as a pistol shop red card, she read the dick Countless, help many men hit the pistol, take off the top ren male guests "catch milk", but to 28 years old to maintain the "virgin body."

As a sex worker but also has a "virgin complex", the character set seems contradictory, but Tao smiled and explained to me: "In fact, there are many young ladies interviewed, there is not a lot of virgins down the sea." 」

This society often uses the virginity complex to kidnap women's sexual autonomy, but the most serious virginity complex is often women themselves. Tao, who focuses on the gender movement, is herself opposed to the virginity complex, but at the same time is full of empathy for the virginity complex, "for many young ladies, keeping a virgin is a defensive line of self-esteem and discipline that proves that she still deserves to be loved and affirmed. 」

As a result, many young ladies insist on keeping virgins, which for them is the bottom line for themselves, and even more of their self-esteem, to convince them that they can still get a happy float. In the event of such a young lady, Tao would choose to remove the consciousness of wanting to break the Virgin plot, "because it is her self-esteem, if it is not right to insist on telling her that this is wrong, then I will not break her self-esteem?" How are we going to rebuild their self-esteem? 」

Unwilling to use the ideal gender awareness to understand the eight industries of the ladies, Tao finally chose the "Songliang Rhyme" as the protagonist, the role seems to conflict, but the real display of sex workers in the heart of the most struggling, contradictory side, is "sexy Gunman" This book is very brilliant place.

To survive between heaven and hell.

The sex industry is like an unfathomable sea, with the ladies struggling to survive in the perilous rapids and floating in the pull of money and self-esteem talking about the reasons why these sex workers chose to go down to the sea. Tao replied: "Mostly because of money, want to make money to earn a little faster" although Tao, also met mother Sang said he is because " Very like boys "just go to the sea, but a deep question, the reason behind is still due to the accumulation of card debt." (Recommended reading: One hours can earn 3000 yuan? Full-time massage with the trumpet lady didn't tell me anything )

Ladies for money into the sea, really can make money, from then on to live a happy life? Tao shook his head and said, "Look at how well the ladies feel about the power structure of the industry." "The sex industry on the surface of the drunkenness, always feel like a" paradise ", but if the perspective is pulled back to the personal lives of sex workers, but often with the" hell ", many young people make money but do not know what the future can do, so in this sea of desire to drift a lifetime, no longer on the shore.

"Want to live in the sea, welcome to the narrow room of heaven and Hell." 」

Inviting readers into the world between heaven and hell, into the real life of sex workers, is Tao for his "Sexy Shooter" book, the annotation.

Remember when she finished, for the sake of prudence, and put this sentence, a neat stroke on a piece of paper. After writing, she slowly raised her head and looked at me and said: "In fact, the size of the sex industry, far more than everyone thought, and more frequent." "The sex industry is clearly present in this society, but most people in the community have never tried to get to know those who entertain us.

In the face of the sex industry, this society often needs it, but is unwilling to admit its existence.

"Many people simply turn on the topic of sex, they still have negative emotions, feel embarrassed, ashamed, and even directly avoid talking about it." Tao said that this society in the face of erotic attitude, "often choose to misrepresent, suppress, always anxious to use moral norms to the most dark corner of the fight, but unless humans are detached from libido, otherwise we will not be able to avoid the existence of this industry." 」

Speaking of which, Tao's tone turned, "the purpose of writing this novel, but also hope to take into account the entertainment and knowledge, to bring you to know the light and shadow of this industry bar." "Remember her at the time, with a sparkling, firm look."

Looking forward to a more open attitude, to face the lust

For sex workers, Tao said, we generally have to do the word "respect" at least first, one is to respect their freedom to choose a job, and the other is to have a basic respect for them "as human beings."

As for the face of lust, she expects a society to have a more open attitude, Tao said, "First of all, to acknowledge its existence, and then introduce knowledge and discussion, so that this society can be more open to face lust." "It's not easy, but it's a no-one thing to do." (Recommended reading:"The Dim country" Chen Zhaochang as an interview: Desire is not dirty, desire is actually very painful )

For example, although the current law has been permitted, the sex trade zone is not half the administrative area dare to set up, "the method of installation even stipulated that it should not be opened within 500 meters of temples, churches and so on!" "Tao," said the unbelievable, "please! You see Wanhua over there the sex industry, since how long ago has been in the temple next to Ah! 」

This example also allows us to see that whether it is the people of Taiwan or the government, there is some stigma and repression about lust, she expects, in the face of the establishment of the sex zone, this society should be more open to talk about, "Do you want to draw?" And how can the government manage it effectively? "Because only in this way can the rights and interests of sex workers be truly protected, and the society can make real progress."

At the end of the interview, I sent Tao downstairs, Taipei is under a rain, I asked her, with an umbrella? ' There are, there are, ' she said with a smile. Holding the umbrella, she went out of the woman's fan, into the rain, the rain on her umbrella face patted ah.

Watching her back, I suddenly surged into the heart of the mood is "thank you."

Thanks to the Tao of this land in Taiwan, thank her for writing such a "sexy gunman", with her acumen and realism as a journalist, so that I have not been exposed to the sex industry, can wipe away the preconceptions that block my eyes, into the work and life of sex workers, to the ladies as a novel perspective, Let us have the opportunity to understand the same feelings of their hearts.

For lust, many social ideas are hard to change right away, but as long as we are willing to take the first step and understand it from a more open perspective, it can make a difference. On this road, Tao is already in front of us to prop up an umbrella first, and back to tell us: "Remember to follow." 」