2019 Paris Spring and summer advanced custom uniform week ended, Viktor's muse Rolf's anorexic quotation dress series, dot the voice of many people, such as "I am not shy, I just do not like you", "I am sorry I am late, but I do not want to come", "I am my own", every look is good to wear!

2019 Paris Spring/Summer Premium custom Uniform week ends, this time the most caused by the community commotion, there is a series of strong online fashion language, such as "I am not shy, I just do not like you", "do not take pictures", " I am my own muse "and other costumes, and the theme of this series is" Fashion Manifesto "(Fashion Statement).

Designer Viktor of the year Rolf in the dress to give emotion, this direct manifesto in the emotional repressed era to gain a lot of people resonance, the common IG network language also makes people smile, I wish to wear one now!

Take a look at these dresses together now!

When you're hungry, a friend has to take a gourmet picture first:

"Don't take pictures, please." 」

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

Yes, that's right. I'm a liar:

"You mustn't believe a word I say." 」

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

The people next to you tell you not to be shy and to talk more:

"I'm not shy, I just hate you." 」

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

When you want to be quiet:

"Leave me alone." 」

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

Less is more:

Friend: "It's just a relaxing dinner and it's nice to wear clothes simply." 」

Me: "OK, no problem." 」

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

What do you want to eat at noon?

"Whatever you can ~"

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

The weekend was called by the company to entertain:

"I'm sorry I'm late, but I don't really want to come." 」

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

There's a lot of irritability, but Keep smile:)

"I just want a Better World:)"

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

Stop suffering from unreasonable treatment.

Always accept those unreasonable requirements, this time must be hard up!

Photo |Viktor of the # Rolf

Boss: "You catch a holiday in this case, give it to me in Monday."

Me: No.

Friend: You really are very much like that one hey!

"sorry, I am me. 」

Fashion industry to the younger generation material, really someone like the point of view of their clothes! Does this attitude dress really want a piece? The pressure in life, rather than choose patience, it is better to say to these magnified words, brave to speak out!