Yu Lung Group chairman Kakete's memorial meeting, 13-year-old daughter Michelle, she at the memorial meeting, by recording the way to speak to her father, she said: "The most missed words have been written along with you out of the house." Please don't worry, I didn't cry any more, but I miss you. 」

January 26, Yulong Group chairman Kakete's memorial meeting, Kakete family with music and friends and relatives to review Kakete life, a little bit of a drip.

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The theme of the memorial meeting is "have you along the same page". Kakete in the company tail teeth always love to sing "along the way There you", Venture on the road, plough, he deeply thanks to along with his love friends, laugh tears, along with you. One last ride, let's go together for a while.

The most moving is the Kakete 13-year-old daughter Michelle, who at the memorial meeting, with a recording of the way to talk to her father, the words of her daughter to her father deeply love and miss.

A letter from Kakete daughter to dad

No one told me you were seriously ill because everyone thought you were going to be okay.
No one told me that you might not be good, because you always believed you would be fine.
No one told me what I was going to do while you were away.

Until that weekend, I asked, "What's wrong with Dad's nose, is he going to be okay?"
Only to know why Dad nose this time has not been discharged home.
You adults are like this, around the bush, do not know that my heart has been full of doubt.

That dusk, by the hospital bed, I led you to cry.
Because I was speechless and speechless, I cried all the time and cried all the time.
I hope you can hear me.

It's like the first time you hear me cry.
Our first interaction, 13 years ago for you and 13 years later panicked me.
You must know, and must have heard, and secretly laughed in the heart-that's where we were most often together

I stopped crying and soon went back to school for class and continued to mingle with my younger brother.
You're still here, still with Mommy, your brother and me, and you're going to have dinner together.

Let's go. Get the car ready.
It's just that this time you go out first.

Your love goes through Yangmingshan, around the moon, as far as the boundless edge of stardust.
So long, so quiet, so warm.
And my love for you, is from the infinite edge of Stardust, and then fly back to Yangmingshan.

The living room of the garden and the door of the room,
You probe asked: "Small strict, small strict, small strict, little strict, what are you busy?" 」
We rarely respond to you, because aren't you just by the door?

Just let the time stop at that moment, okay?

Good hope that time will always stop at that moment, my brother and I outside the door, probe you.
Okay? Daddy nose? Okay? Okay?

The words I miss most have been written down with you going out.
Please don't worry, I didn't cry any more, but I miss you.

One day I'll get my driver's license, drive your car and see you.

There are hundreds of dads in the world, the only constant is that they all put children in the heart of a very important position, some people love awkward, some people love silent, some people love gentle. (Scene: On the way Home | Reconciled with my father: I hated you, but I chose to love myself back )

Dial the phone to dad and tell him you miss him.