Women are obsessed with herstory, taking you to see different women's stories. Hong Kong actor Shing, who became a female actor with a unique gender temperament in Hong Kong's film history after being elected Miss Hong Kong into showbiz in 1990, spoke bluntly, and the personality traits of gender mobility also allowed Shing to perform many multi-level roles.

Wen | Hong Kong Mission Kayla

The 1990 Miss Hong Kong champion, the election campaign is still long hair fluttering Shing, has said during the visit that he did not intend to win the championship, but want to be runner-up and then hurriedly began to act Shing, the real enthusiasm is certainly acting.

In fact, she was a natural actress, after the election, she performed on the TVB "I Love Rose Garden" (1991) as an independent strong woman Fang Er, soon because of direct character, by the television snow hiding, but also launched her film Road. Shing is one of Miss Hong Kong's winners, the few who have won the best actress in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and the other is Maggie Cheung.

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"Hong Kong's TV environment, interpersonal relationships are very complex, new people seem to have to go to flatter their predecessors, my personality is very straight, what to say, of course, I was ostracized, and they also feel that I am not polite, do not understand the rules, I do not want to change themselves, so that time is very painful, a organic performance movie, I Will 」

The short hair of the movie is tuned

Her first film was "Ya Fei and Subunit" (1992) and won the Gold Medal Award for Best New actor. The film began to tone up her hearty short hair image, with the ear of the shorter black hair and with a little childlike and tough, the film allows her to deduce a lot more elasticity of gender temperament. She plays Jane in the film, a lesbian (or bisexual) character, while the AirAsia and subunits played by Liang Chaowei and Zhang Xueyou incarnate her admirers.

Not your Rose: her three film and television works

Once, Zhang ailing's short story "Red Rose and White Rose" described the actor vibrating life two kinds of women, one is red rose, one is white Rose, the former is desire, is wild, in the actor's eyes can not marry home, should not have, presumably because too difficult to control, others see also bad explanation; the latter is empty, no desire, Is the thrill of being able to marry home but without red roses.

Some people say that women are divided into red and white, and then red and white is like a choice of two branches, any person to choose. However, these are the male protagonists of wishful thinking classification. Who says a woman must be non-red or white, or a rose? As it happens, roses run through several Shing films, however, she is never the rose of any choice in the Rose Garden, or the Rose of all red/Kangbai, and even later, she is not even a rose.

"I love the Rose Garden": The Rose with thorns

The 1991 TV series "I Love The Rose Garden" explores the shift in women's perceptions of marriage, family and career, such as when Ding Ding (Guan Shuyi) was told by her boyfriend that she didn't have to learn anything, but to learn to be a wife, she threw roses to men, firmly expressed reluctance. And in one episode, Ann (Shing) discusses women and careers in the bedroom, ding ding: "I have not liked fairy tales since I was a child." Women are not quite a man's appendage, should be a good focus on their own career. 」

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The Rose Garden in the 90 's "I Love the Rose Garden", which is full of women's power, originally referred to the construction of the new airport in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong International Airport, which is now used by travellers, was implemented in 1991 with friction over the transfer of sovereignty between China and Britain, and the new airport was officially opened in 1998, one year after the reunification of Hong Kong, symbolizing the past of the colonial Hong Kong era.

In the 90 's, Hong Kong was in a period of alternating sovereignty, and a large number of film and television works were a metaphor for the imminent recognition of this small seaport, and "I love the Rose Garden" should be regarded as a work to explore the alternation of traditional and new generations of gender thought at that time.

The big Rose Garden of the TV series is the new airport, the little Rose Garden is probably a small group of four heroines in the play. Their all-female class, regardless of day and night and venue, support and discuss emotional matters with each other, but also reminiscent of the "erotic city" of the four women. All four roses are different, and they all carry thorns.

"Homemade Ling Ling": A rose between red and white

One of the 1994 Zhou Xingchi Classics, "Homemade Ling Ling", there is no shortage of male gaze and Hong Kong-style yellow jokes (and most of them are materialized), but Shing plays Li Shangchen but immune to the camera's gaze at the female body (especially the chest), instead, she has more close-up Shing, her expression, her short hair, her stubbornness are clearly displayed Flesh. Women are divided into two categories (or three categories) in the film, Sexually red roses and pure white roses, but Shing's role is neither.

Picture | screenshot from "Homemade Ling Ling" 1994

Red roses and white roses also play a key role in this comedy. Ling Ling (played by Zhou Xingchi) was the same spy as Li Shangchen, and they met for the first time, with the red rose in hand as unrecognizable. The film refers to the "007" series in the United States, and the female Horn of "007" usually has two identities to choose from, one is the vase around the man, the other is to poison the man's snake and Scorpion or double spy.

Ling Ling Lacquer thought Li Shangchen is his face assistant, and Red rose shows the actor was deceived by the situation. However, Li Shangchen does not look like a long, showy, tame vase, but extends to her later status as a double agent. (Recommended reading: Every Woman's heartache, Zhang ailing "Red Rose and White Rose")

After a mission to assassinate Ling Ling Paint, Li Shangchen received a bouquet of white roses he had sent. In the close-up, the rose dyed a lot of blood, and then became not red and white, both red and white roses, reflecting the Li Shangchen began to accept the man's love, but did not remove his identity as a double spy.

Red White Rose, tell us she is not and do not want to be married home, talk about what two affair love. When the No. 224 bullet, which was exclusive to Li Shangchen, was removed from Ling Ling's thigh, Li Shangchen's identity was also seen, and she was the so-called traitor, the Lackey and the traitor, and more importantly, she was the double-sided man who stepped between the two sides, living a two-sided life woman.

Picture | screenshot from "Homemade Ling Ling" 1994

The "domestic Ling Ling" is mainly funny and sarcastic in mainland China, and also refers to historical events. However, in addition to watching from a political point of view, we can also try to understand the film from a female perspective. In the movie setup, Shing plays Li Shangchen for Li Xianglan's daughter (fiction, of course), and who is Li Xianglan?

Li Xianglan, formerly known as Shoko, was born in Liaoning Province in 1920 and was adopted by the Chinese, while Li Xianglan was her art name and was a film actor of the Manchurian Painting Association in the 1930. In the 1940 's also known as one of the seven major songs of the Shanghai Beach, singing has "Night incense" and other well-known song.

However, in 1945, at the end of the two World War, she was arrested by the Government of the Republic of China on the crime of traitors because the films she had made in the 1930 were regarded as Melanie's day. Later, she had the Japanese pedigree to get her off the sin, and the 1950 's began in politics in Japan. Her double-sided traits, between two nationalities/lineages, good and bad, loyalty and betrayal, also made her a red and white rose without a legal tune.

"Golden": It's not a rose anymore

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In this classic gay and gender issue film "Golden" (1994), Liu Jialing plays the Rose is unabashed ideal woman-coquettish, understand the way of the people is the popular singer, reminiscent of a red, is the focus of the crowd.

The name of the film "golden" refers to the foliage of flowers and trees, although not grass or trees, but also not flowers, although with roses as delicate meat, but always different from roses/flowers. And Shing plays Aying happens to be golden, picking the stamens (women dressed as men) does not look like flowers (girls), but in essence it is still flowers and trees (daughter body).

And the vibration of the film is Zhang Guorong plays the home Ming. In the delivery of roses to the rose scene, he has a constant sensitivity attack. Meet the Childish Aying, originally thought to be a boy, who knows the other side exudes a familiar feminine fragrance, but very different from roses.

At one point struggling to be gay home Ming, Know Aying is a girl to put down the heart of the Big stone. The last word of dialogue "whether you are a man or a woman, I like you, too." "It resonates with a number of gay, bisexual audiences, but at the same time, the sequel has led to some criticism, such as that the director is still conservative about gay issues, trying to deal with the love and image of gay men in the film in an overly comic manner."

Zhang Guorong himself once said: "Gu Jiaming just likes one person, not gay people", but also coincides with the conservative remarks of film critics. (Recommended reading:Beautiful man| Zhang Guorong taught me things: you are only you, it is good enough )

To learn some male tweaks, such as lewd movements, walking posture, and the way to speak also have to learn. This point I often ask friends around, ask them how this sentence should be said in this situation, but it is strange that different people, even if the same male, the tone and attitude are different, so I will only refer to each other, will not be specific to follow someone's version, and finally add their own understanding to play.

Shing was reminded by Chen Kexin to play the backstring character because of the anger she exudes. This contrasts with the maturity and charm of the Liu Jialing. However, not stuffed with a fake penis can be transformed into a qualified boy, in the play outside the play, Shing to learn the so-called manhood. But if not her own character bold, voice is not high, has the "gamine" temperament, also can not create a Aying corner. The backstring of the Lin Qingxia, such as the Cao Yun of the DAO Ma dan, is Yingqi 澟, while the Shing of the backstring is childish, between the young and the adult of the beauty of the man.

Her beauty and Ling Kok

Growing up in the police dormitory, she used to fight with her brother, and after many years, 2018 of visits, she still maintained this kind of grandeur, will not modify themselves, try to make up their own makeup into a Miss Hong Kong lady form, "My mother did not read a lot of books, but she is very contented, but also very measured."

My dad used to love gambling, and then I told him I wouldn't pay back a penny. The most objectionable thing in my life is the person who likes to gamble. "She once thought of being a policeman, but heard her mother say," You are such a black and white person, meet a good thief, you listen to him two words will release people. " The bad thief, he didn't do anything, you're going to kill him. "Indeed, Shing in addition to speaking do not love embellishment, but also black and white can, but she still out of their own way."