Five love stories, from Woolf to Chanel, from Jia Baoyu to Nicole Kidman, in the intimate relationship, love has a lot of appearance, and in this will never change, is their own.

Featured five love story, from Woolf to Chanel, from Jia Baoyu to Nicole Kidman, in the intimate relationship, love has a lot of appearance, and in this will never change, is their own.


In the 1990, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met and fell in love. Nicole Kidman, who was only 23 years old, entered the auditorium with Atenco, who was the immortal companion in the eyes of everyone at the time.

Do you think Nicole Kidman's life, like a fairy tale, has lived a happy life in the future? The enviable marriage, which lasted 10 years, was decided by the two men in 2001 to part ways. But she never blamed and resented, saying only blandly: "I was too young and too hasty." "She thanked the past, whether it was happiness or pain.

After the divorce, she began to learn to grow and become herself. In the Hours of the 2002, she wore a fake nose, played British writer Woolf, and won the Oscar for Best actress and Golden Globe for best theatrical film heroine.

Some people say that after Nicole Kidman divorced, her career began to soar. She has said a word, but in response: "It is not just luck alone, you must be willing to let these things happen, but also willing to compromise, willing to change." 」

At the age of 38, she met her current husband, Keith Urban, who Zieseben her feelings: "We are two lonely souls, destined to meet each other when we are willing to open our hearts, and we are a complex that is easy to be frightened and brave." "In two marriages, she went from being a protected princess to being the Queen who hugged others with her hands open.

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Wilde and Percy met backstage in the theater, that glance is probably breathtaking, Posey is undoubtedly handsome, Wilde for him to throw thousands of gold, so to speak, beauty is a gift, and higher than talent, because the United States do not need to explain; Percy is also no talent, despite reading the portrait of Dorian Gray 14 times, Wilde pity him, Why don't you be my God of art, he gazes at him, Vince emerges, Love is a great inspiration, you live in my text, more beautiful than you write your own text.

He is poison, he does not take medicine, love is poppies, Percy admires Wilde's talent, Wilde is attached to the young spirit of Percy, the same temperament love at that time guilty, Percy father tucked Wilde note, "To Wilde, a sodomy." "Wilde lost his fortune for Percy, gambled on talent, and prison spent two years. In court, Wilde said, "My love, can't name, like the love you found in Michelangelo and Shakespeare's 14 lines of poetry." Even though they were attracted to each other, and love each other so naturally, the world could not understand this love, just mocking it ⋯⋯"Wilde's naked Confession, and Percy disappeared, perhaps as Wilde had said earlier,

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what you want, the other is getting what you want.

There were only small windows in the prison, and when he looked up, the moonlight fell like the gentle kiss of his lover's past. In prison, Wang Ledeiran wrote love letters to Posey, Abyss book Jane, the letter is certainly resentment, there are more humble requests, where are you? Can you get back to me? He thought of him as if he remembered heaven in the most hellish moment.

Wilde is lying in the gutter, still do not forget to look up to the starry sky of the kind of people, love is the starry sky, although close their eyes, still shine their own bright. When he said that Wilde's pen was good, he tried desperately to write about him, tossing the talent and idealized the lover with nothing.

Wilde was released from prison, Posey reappeared, Love Haunted, Wilde fell wife and children, hugged him again, let him wring his last days. Before Wilde died, they broke up, he was alone in Paris, penniless, not even a cup of coffee money can not be paid out.

Wilde's tomb fell in the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris, where posterity left their own red lip prints in front of the tomb to kiss seal kiss Mingzhi, what a terrible lover you are, but I still love you until the last minute.

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Many people ask, you are still young, how not to walk more to see. This is an object of marriage you want to break up with him age, this is an ambiguous is not a love of the age. Some people say you have loved someone for so many years. Unfortunately, laymen speculate that the long run also "fruitless" love is tasteless pity.

You do not have to respond to the mercy of the world, so big, friends have given birth to two children, the study of colleagues changed a few times to punch partners, you have always loved only one person.

But you're not sorry.

You love not even the future, without the future or to love.

You love, just like Jia Baoyu recognized Lin Daiyu. The decadent fate of her eyebrow blossom, and the man had his joy in the sorrow of the two dimple.

You love, just like Lin Daiyu met Jia Baoyu. She had the talent to harness the perverse temperament of Baoyu, and the weak chest could have accommodated her weakness.

Your love is like this, full of shortcomings. Lin Daiyu cried, tears are to give to Jia Baoyu; you have a lot of small temper, like to practice his life. Baoyu loose, encounter Daiyu on the paranoid very much, he is full of ambition for life, but love you love very restrained, like for fear of squandering something, in such a long time, sleep with the same pillow, but also send a message to make an appointment for your breakfast.

Love is not possession, nor is it forever and ever, but at this moment even if there is a big sea can let you see, I am afraid you like Baoyu in response to the Daiyu of the temptation: "Let the weak water 3,000, I only take a scoop drink." "God, your love is really good old-fashioned." Remember "dream of Red Mansions" Baoyu Daiyu met, Baoyu said: "This sister I have seen." "That, as it is, is the message of the past, the first moment we look like, the heart is the old knowledge, so live no longer feel lonely."

The first time you met the original is to argue "dream of Red Mansions", you think he put the classic reading of the skew unreasonable, he said you read the city's Xiao Min into a family of plutocrats. Can speak of Baoyu and Daiyu love, you all nod, said the story is well written, there is no good ending, it is not a hospice.

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12 years old, Coco Chanel early to know the world cruel, human warmth, she knew that life is only their own. Mother walked early, and her father left her alone. Seven years of puberty, she was in an orphanage, learning to beg for survival, including a bow, including sewing, and she knew what she could be.

She tossed to the bar to sing, people shouted Coco to her, color Mimi Mimi look at her, she is a beautiful flower in the bar. She did not mind, hot and spicy look back, in the crowd, she saw her first lover Bassan. Not so much a lover as a mistress, life is sleepy, she has to survive before she is qualified to talk about ideals. "My life did not please me, so I created my own life." "Bassan when she is exquisite doll, beautiful and heresy, cocoa performance is also competent, did not expect Bassan is from the sky Prince Charming, she followed him into the French upper circle, takes what, open eyes, she is out of place, and fresh."

On such an occasion, Cocoa met Boykaber, her second lover, only to understand that love is not only the body kiss, but also the spirit of cherish. Bowie made her safe, drinking for her talent, and Coco told caper the desire to pursue life, knowing that he would understand.

Because she "I want to make a hat", caper sponsored her to open a shop, Campbell Street 21st, hard straw hat across the birth, the city of the rover smell, Cocoa fashion road, to put it bluntly, behind is always trading and love, full of urban women's breath, sophisticated and pure, also true and false.
Caper loved her and loved the upper class more, and he had to marry an aristocratic wife, a decent marriage in exchange for a solid socio-economic status. Cocoa very early understand, know each other is not enough, her love again thick, can not be discounted, love is more realistic than fashion.

Caper died in a sudden car accident, leaving part of her legacy to her and another push for her fashion dream. Coco's Fashion kingdom, full of clues she loved.

Coco Chanel didn't stop falling in love all her life, and the men became the lovers of Coco Chanel. If people ask her why she's not married, she's playful: "Probably because I didn't find a nice name that was comparable to Coco Chanel." "She loved herself as a legend, and if she wanted to love, this group of men would have to be lined with me." Love is style, classic eternity, passing lovers, is their pity, the integration of archives, I want to remember Coco Chanel sophisticated and innocent expression, farewell, I Want to love again, none of you can stop me.

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Woolf and Wei Tavester acquaintance in 1922, when Woolf 40 years old, Willow small She 10 years old, they are poets, then poetry lyrical bar, that year love is what no one is anxious to define, romantic love did not go viral, the world has no " Gay "name, marriage has not yet prevailed, Wei Pagoda has followed the gay husband has a son, walk cool family practice, she also and Woolf Love is strong, some people met, ask not the end, is to know not to love pity."

Miss, Woolf wrote to Wei-ta, "I did not receive your letter, why not?" Nor is there a picture-goodbye, my dearest little furry thing. "Love Is a clue, Woolf know the ambiguous nature of gender, stumbling, put love into letters, written into the text," Orlando "completed in 1928, that is Woolf to the most loud love letter to Wei Pagoda.

Woolf wrote the classic "Orlando" to Mingzhi, male and female identity fission, you see, when the dimensions of time, space, gender are elusive, love is always there.

Love, we are androgynous, as close as we get along with ourselves; love, we live forever, living longer than stiff history; Orlando, is the Utopia of feminism, but also the utopia of Love.

If you miss you, life is a pity. They are all believers of love, love a person should not have boundaries, to love is to open up territory, indiscriminately, found that you have long stood there.

Life is the pursuit, intimate relationship is also, when the gender began to cross the border, when the boundaries began to blur, Love grew unrestrained shape, I saw you in the crowd, infatuated with you, see their shallow reflection, you completed me, I finished you.

Every time I fear love, I will think of Woolf and Wei Pagoda.

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