Even fake start ~ and family spend a lot of time, communication problems also float on the surface, then may wish to refer to these spring Festival relatives communication skills, and we bring closer feelings!

Every year home reunion, the most annoying things in addition to cleaning, is the relatives persevering (ㄓㄨㄟ) Heart (ㄨㄣˋ), found a job? How much is the salary? Is there anything as good as your cousin? Your cousin has children. When are you going to get married? When did your boyfriend bring Shanwa to help you see it?

A succession of questions thrown over, people feel difficult to parry, but do not want to destroy the happy atmosphere of the new year, this time may as well think about, perhaps they just want to find a topic with you to talk about it? At this time you can take the initiative to separate the topic, ask him recently how good, what to do, New Year's Day in this way, not only will not be stiff, but also to promote the relationship between friends and relatives ah ~

Give you a new Year's communication kit.