Spring Festival Even the first day of vacation, congratulations on grabbing the ticket home, but the real battle has not yet begun. Opener: Return on the road, please be careful not to push!

"00:00! Just press it, ah! "Every new year has to worry about not being able to buy a ticket, and robbing a ticket is as tight as robbing a concert ticket." Hard to buy tickets, home on the road also crowded people, originally expected to holiday mood, are squeezed into the fire. (Recommended reading: To the Spring Festival fear and melancholy you: why would you rather have a holiday, do not want to return home? )

Ouch, Spring Festival, it is better to think about it, every passenger is arrow, before the home, this crowding is also an alternative warmth?

Four tips for making warmth

You can also track women's fans IG, let's give you warmth (shame)