Today is New Year's Eve, this time of year the table will always come to a hearty, if you think the dishes are the same year, or take advantage of the vegetable market has not been closed, quickly buy and family to do different new dishes?

Are you tired of eating the same dishes every year? It's better to take the initiative to make some changes this year than to put down your chopsticks with a two-mouthful clip.

For example, invite family members want to eat their own dishes, or everyone to bring out a specialty, not necessarily every year to eat Buddha jump or the same flavor of big fish ah!

What if you don't cook? This is also the time for you to have a good practicing, screwed up does not matter, but also a good memory of the family yo!

If you want to cook, these three roads are not bad.

Are you sure you can't cook? Okay, or it's good to think about eating out.