Hey! Dear you, today is our holiday, how are you going to live? Still thinking about what to do, may wish to first look at women obsessed with the "Women's Day topic" Bar!

What does "March 8" mean to you?

This is the annual "International Women's Day" (also known as women's Days) International Women's Day, because of the past many love themselves, love others more love the world of women's sacrifice and efforts, so have this special belong to women's holiday.

Today, womany the most authentic impressions of women in their own festivals, from around the world, past and present.

In the 1908, women were on the streets in defence of their equal rights to work. | Source

Nearly 15,000 women took to the streets of New York, demanding shorter working hours, higher wages and the right to vote, the second women's movement, and one of the most important factors contributing to the International Women's Day. (Recommended reading: tough and gentle challenges sex Label: Babe Didrikson to write the history of women's sports with the body )

Pictures | source

At the first International Women's Conference, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1910, the German women's movement leader, Clara Zetkin initiative, set one day for the international woman. In turn, the following year March 19, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, a total of more than 1 million people held various activities to celebrate International Women's Day.

On the streets of Melbourne, Australia, 1975, 1000 women Melbourne to the streets, emphasizing their own positions and shouting the most authentic needs. | Source

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In the streets of Tehran in 1979, when Iranian women were dissatisfied with the religious revolution, the government imposed restrictions on women and Tehran to the streets in the hope of equal treatment. (Recommended reading:)

In Nepal (Nepal) in the 2008, local women poured into the streets to fight for a safer and more comfortable living environment. | Source

Of course, the day of the women's Day may not only use the way of assembly to express their aspirations and ideas, can be soft, symbolic, but also to be happy and happy way to celebrate this important festival!

What are you going to do about this women's day? No matter how, I hope that after women's Day, you will feel full of strength again. Dedicated to women's day, but also to the beautiful you. (Recommended reading:"Sex watch" woman, can you say good-bye to "women's Day"? )