For "abortion", society is always with a dark imagination, accompanied by irresponsible, imprudent stereotypes, so that abortion users often have to cover up the message, private implementation, so that the fragile mother of pregnancy is again overshadowed by a layer of dark fear.

has been to the United States in the Luo v. Wade case, women's struggle for abortion rights, has a great interest in and support, and in Hong Kong's own, has not personally experienced as a future mother's choice, also can not feel the unexpected pregnancy of women, the heart of the contradictions and real pain.

The initial impression of abortion is that when you go to high school, you occasionally hear precocious female students talk about the cost of going to mainland China for an abortion, how to bypass the door and ears of parents and social workers. There are also ads broadcast on the TV, calling on teenagers not to have premarital sex, otherwise regret life.

Taking the mother's choice as an example, one of the television advertisements stressed that the responsibility for unmarried pregnancies, especially among young people, lay in the inadequate education of the correctness instilled by parents. Correct sex education, presumably refers to the avoidance of premarital sex. In advertising, it is rare to see the option of terminating pregnancy, but instead of young parents to take early parenting lessons, including even the image of students wearing school uniforms, advertising atmosphere is bizarre.

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Another New Year's Day baby advertisement, which is quite deep in the hearts and minds of the popular, highlights the immaturity of unmarried young parents and the tragic consequences of their irresponsible premarital sex. In fact, the style of these two advertisements reflects the intimidating style of sex education in Hong Kong.

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Advertisements for the Hong Kong Family Planning Association are aimed at married couples, such as calling for a family to have two children in 1975, and in 2015 calling on a family to have a team of basketball teams . At different times, different appeals were made according to the proportion of the population ageing and the fertility rate at that time. And the topic of abortion, almost disappeared without a trace.

It's not me, it's my mother.

And for the first time I had personal feelings and contacts about abortion, it was many years ago that my mother had an accidental miscarriage.

From a young age, I was the only daughter in the family, father, mother and me. Sometimes, I wonder: don't they even have sex now? As far as I know and what I've broken, it seems to be there. But I've never heard the news that I'm about to have a brother and sister.

Around the age of 11, I received a phone call from a strange number, and when I picked it up, I heard a kind voice, that is, my mother: You help me pack some clothes at home, come to the hospital. I was in a daze, trying to ask what was going on, I was young, I didn't understand it at all, and I thought she was very worried about the accident. She told me not to worry, just take the railway over to the hospital.

Later, she called me again: "I can come back myself, she doesn't have to come over, I don't have to be hospitalized. 」

In the next scene, she was standing in the kitchen, talking to me. I asked her bottom what was going on, and she said, "I'm pregnant." About a few weeks, but I small birth. 」

What does that mean?

The hospital has two methods to solve, the first is to carry out surgery, remove the fetus, and the second is to take the medicine.

Later I knew that the first was commonly known as "shaving surgery," and the second was the discharge of embryos through drugs, commonly known as "drug flows." However, my mother needs to take medication and then endure a few hours of extreme pain, which has a causal relationship. She confessed to me that she had done more than one termination of her pregnancy in the past because neither she nor her father wanted the financial burden to be too heavy, and it was a real accident. As a result, her body was unable to endure another shaving operation during an unwanted pregnancy, and as a result, her body was unable to breed another baby. Is the damage that cannot be reversed. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch") women who have abortions in Taiwan (we )

I find it terrible that at least half of the responsibility is not on my mother, but on the side that does not insist on safe sex, that is, another person I kiss the most. How much oppression and traditional husband and wife obedience concept will lead to her plight? I can't understand it, and I can't confirm it. At that time, what came to my mind was that my mother had carried out such an important operation across the border without my knowledge. By this moment, I still think she is brave. That generation of women, have access to the abortion information, may not be more than us, and the whole generation of ethos does not agree with this choice. Why would she hide it? Probably because I'm not old enough to understand and digest the pain and choice associated with fertility and birth control, maybe she'll be afraid I hate her or criticize her, but I won't.

If this is her choice, I would say heartily, "You are brave, I just want to share the physical and psychological pain for you." 」

Is it difficult to terminate the pregnancy in Hong Kong?

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Under the laws of Hong Kong, a lawful termination of pregnancy must be assessed and jointly confirmed by two doctors to meet the conditions required by the law, as well as in a hospital or clinic listed in the Gazette, including the Hong Kong Family Planning Association, some public and private hospitals.

Under the Offences Against the Person Ordinance Amendment Act, a woman who is not pregnant for more than 24 weeks may lawfully terminate her pregnancy in the following cases:

(i) two registered medical practitioners to prove that the physical or psychological damage to the life of a pregnant woman as a continuation of the pregnancy is greater than the termination of the pregnancy;

(b) Two registered medical practitioners to prove that the foetus is highly likely to have serious physical or mental infirmity after birth;

(iii) The age of pregnant women is not more than 16 years;

(iv) Pregnant women have reported to the police within three months that they claim to be victims of incest, rape, forced rape, seduction or sodomy.

If a woman is more than 24 weeks pregnant, she must have two registered medical practitioners to prove that terminating her pregnancy is the only way to save her life.

Women who pass the qualification test can have an abortion through the Hong Kong Family Planning Association. However, women in poor health have the opportunity to be denied surgery.

The same services are provided in public hospitals, but the waiting time is long, and according to Qingyue's independent media in Hong Kong, there are cases that need to be waited for 2 months.

The cost of services for private hospitals is HK $20,000 to HK $30,000 and about 80,000 yuan to 120,000 yuan, which is simply unaffordable for women and young women in the working class.

To shorten waiting times, reduce psychological stress and save money, hospitals in mainland China, or buy their own drugs without a doctor's prescription, are the only option. The former is extremely risky and has the opportunity to suffer from serious conditions such as the lack of rigorous health specifications, or the irregular hospital, which makes women's bodies infected.

Basically, in the case of women who are forced to terminate their pregnancies if they want to have children but are in poor health, there are actually women in Hong Kong who need to terminate their pregnancy surgery services, although there are providers of services in Hong Kong, regardless of the lack of information and quotas.

Sex education, society and women

2005 years of the year, "precocious", see how the male and female protagonist after the woman's pregnancy hard to retreat. These people feel afraid, when it comes to abortion, will think of the dim operating room, pain, a talk of pregnancy, will think of that should not eat the forbidden fruit, and a talk about sexual behavior, will think of unwanted pregnancy. In fact, is there anyone in Hong Kong who has had a smooth abortion in a legal and safe environment, in their own will and with the support of the people? Why in Hong Kong, to talk about abortion, will become so dark? (It is recommended that you see:"Gender Watch" 12-year-old victims of sexual assault, Filipino women who cannot have an abortion )

In sex education in Hong Kong, there are courses to teach the male and female bodies and sexual organs of pupils, to teach young students to use condoms, and to conduct tutorials on how men and women perform sex. However, in the areas of unmarried pregnancy, termination of pregnancy surgery, female sexual organs and sexual pleasure, the EDB is less enlightened, not to mention the education of sexual orientation and gender identity (in fact, the guidelines on sex education have not been amended since 1997).

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And my mother has never talked to me about the drug flow incident in that year so far. Why didn't she turn to Hong Kong's family planning for help? Why didn't she wait for the public hospital? Is it because it's been too long? Or is it because two doctors can't prove she needs to terminate her pregnancy? If, one day, women in Hong Kong do not need a doctor to prove anything, but to terminate the pregnancy according to their own wishes, just say: I think. So they, can they no longer have to hide, do not have to go to the hospitals in mainland China to be afraid?