There is a sentence proverb said "you is S eat. You'll be what you eat. "The New Year holiday is always a big meal, but your health and profligate surplus?" Let women fans join the Wei Yanghua dietitian to teach you how to eat healthily and intelligently.

Spring Festival has a mouth, always eat a lot of good materials. These days big fish you, should not pay good attention to diet? But how do you eat it? How to eat to eat well and healthy?

Women fans and Wei Yanghua Nutrition division to attack, tell you six tips Spring Festival food cheats, let you rest assured to eat, generous to eat, can also eat delicious full and healthy!

Cheats one: New Year diet three highlights

  • Vegetables eat better, sugar-fried eat less
  • Meal eight full, health is not bothered
  • Walk after dinner, family chat feeling good

Cheats Two: These foods, eat more very can

Like mushrooms, broccoli, white broccoli, beans, turnips, winter melons, melons, cucumbers, bamboo shoots, green peppers, yellow pepper, fungus, kelp, onions, big tomatoes, these can eat more, each meal suggested can eat half a bowl to a bowl of vegetables!

Intimate reminder: Dishes cuisine is mostly heavy taste, some may even use fried or thicken way to cook, intake vegetables should still pay attention to cooking methods, to avoid eating too much hidden calories and sodium content. (Extended reading: eat less asparagus, bitter gourd, kelp!) A physiological diet atlas for you )

Cheats three: These foods, eat more soup OH

The two most important killers to get fat during the New Year: "Add sugar"&"fried Matter"

Add sugar

Contains sucrose, sugar, ice sugar, honey, maple sugar, high fructose syrup and so on. Added sugar often appears in sugary drinks and commercially available biscuits, pastries, and bread. It is recommended that you can choose more sugar-free tea, black coffee and boiled water as drinks during the new year, and reduce the intake of biscuits, pastries and bread. If you really want to eat biscuits, pastries, bread, it is recommended to find family or friends to split the food, taste a few bites can be.

Fried objects

It is recommended that we reduce the frequency and number of fried objects during the new year, if you really must eat fried objects, remember to peel off the skin, with vegetables to eat together, and other meals on the same day as far as possible to choose a lighter diet, to avoid grease, calorie intake are exceeding the standard.

Secretly said, if you really good greedy, it is recommended to replace the snack plate with fresh fruit plate, fruit plate can be put apples, oranges and so on, really greedy can eat a fruit plus a cup of fresh milk or sugar-free yogurt to meet the desire to mouth.

Cheats four: Three ethnic groups to pay attention to in the new Year


You should pay attention to the diet of each meal, eat more vegetables in three meals and match the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, grease. Simply put, it is a combination of eating and eating meat and rice!

Try not to eat biscuits, pastries and sugary drinks outside of dinner, so as not to cause blood sugar fluctuations too much yo. (Extended reading: correction and healing of Qi: Low insulin diet method away from obesity three principles )

Kidney disease

During the new year, if there are friends and relatives to send supplements, such as chicken essence, ginseng drink, clam essence, chicken essence, medicinal soup, energy soup, concentrated fruit juice and so on are not suitable for you yo. In addition, kidney disease in different states have different things to pay attention to, to understand the more detailed dietary principles, it is recommended to go to the Medical Institute to consult a dietitian.

High Blood Lipids

You should pay attention to the intake of alcohol and grease, to avoid excessive drinking (Tang tone).

Men are advised to not exceed 80cc whisky (alcohol concentration 40%) and 750cc of beer (alcohol concentration 4%) per day, women do not exceed 40cc whisky (alcohol concentration 40%) and 375cc beer (alcohol concentration 4%). Reduce ingestion of too much grease, such as eating less fried objects and secretly hiding grease pastries.

Cheats five: Diet order small skimming step

(Eat vegetables to the end of the protein → eat carbohydrates (rice, noodles, radish cakes, etc.) x chew slowly = eat full and eat well

  • Vegetables are half a bowl per meal to a bowl
  • Protein (bean fish egg meat) adds up to no more than palm size per meal
  • Carbohydrates (all grain cereals) are recommended in a bowl per meal
  • If you have chronic diseases and other diseases, you need to consult a dietitian for your own weight.

Cheats six: Immediate speed action

After reading you can do this:

  • Speed to the Elders group
  • I've decided to eat like this this year.
  • Stick it to the friends around you.

Together with a healthy diet of the New Year holiday bar, can not eat too fat Oh, will be eaten!