Spring Festival even after half of the holiday, in addition to running other tourist attractions, the pursuit of the play also take advantage of the rest of the time to make up Ah!

Even fake still have a few days left, in addition to running tourist attractions, there are a variety of albums, movies can Chase, hurriedly grasp the opportunity will not have time to chase Sanqi one by one to fill it! Fist

If you want to start chasing the play, but in the vast sea do not know, we for your constellation to choose a film, albums dedicated to you, the rest of these days of vacation, you can savor carefully, take slowly!

Taurus: Give you no matter if you are in trouble, you are not willing to give up

Taurus you are full of beauty, with innate, excellent aesthetics. You have a strong personality that does not give up in your bones, but because of that, once you decide on a good thing, you will stick to it. With such a strong personal style, persistent you, recommend this picture of the fantasy but touching film "Big Fish."

Picture | "Big wisdom Fish" stills

Picture | "Big wisdom Fish" stills

Big Wisdom, the protagonist of Will's father, Edward, likes to tell the story of his youth adventures, but what will can't bear is that Dad's story sounds as exaggerated as a fairy tale, like a giant, a conjoined singer, a witch, and will grow up increasingly unbearable to like a boastful father, So after marriage broke off contact with Edward. It was not until he learned that his father would soon be in the world and returned the line, and will found the secret behind his father's story.

Life has a time to cheer up and struggle, and there are times when you have to accept reality. Now it's done, Only fools will go to the cusp. But in fact, I've always been a fool.

"Big Wisdom Fish"

Virgo: What is Power? Try to rethink.

Critical spirit and keen thinking of you, very attention to detail, for the occurrence of everything, always do everything possible to carefully disassemble, cocoon, you do not want to let everything only stay on the surface, but more care about the meaning behind the event. Want to recommend to have a keen thinking of your "Li Corpse North Korea."

Photo | "Li Corpse North Korea" Stills

16th century the Korean dynasty, is circulating the king infected with the rumors of strange disease, Wang Shizi hope to see the father side, but repeatedly blocked by other courtiers, so he found his father's attending physician want to understand the father's condition, but accidentally found outside the palace there is a bizarre plague is spreading, it is said that the people who get the disease, will be resurrected after death, Become a bloodthirsty zombie ... Although the theme of zombies is not novel, but it points out that under the power struggle, the people's right to exist is sacrificed, it is worth a look.

No matter how many bodies there are in this, no one has any objection to me, and that is power.

"Li Corpse North Korea"

Photo | "Li Corpse North Korea" Stills

Capricorn: The way to find yourself is to climb up again and again in a fall

Capricorn, in the face of sudden surprises, often get caught up in negative thinking, worried that they can not bear. Want to recommend Dear You "Dragon Taming Master 3", to see how hiccup and Toothless in each battle bravely to undertake failure, re-climb up, back to their own strength (1, 2 set is also recommended to relive together yo!) )。

Picture | "Dragon Taming master 3" stills

Following the end of the second episode, Hiccup picked up the position of Chief Kyung and began to build the Dragon Utopia. A day hiccup and his night dragon Toothless, found an untamed mother, at the same time Bock and threatened, forcing Hiccup and toothless in order to save their homes, to find the mysterious Dragon State secret environment ...

We must fight for their freedom.

"Dragon Taming Master 3"

Picture | "Dragon Taming master 3" stills

For you to recommend the constellation selection, I hope you in the film lists to find their own strength!