For Pisces, cancer, Scorpio you pick a movie, enjoy the rest of the holiday, belong to their own me time bar!

Give your spring festival even fake selection, the remaining days of vacation, in addition to old friends, relatives to catch up, but also suitable to give themselves a little Me time, enjoy a movie!

Pisces: Unload your disguise and pursue what you've always longed for

Pisces you are affectionate and eager to find an object to rely on, but when you find it, you will be afraid to get too close and be hated, so pretend that you are strong and independent. Want to tell the moment feel contradictory you, do not be afraid to reveal their own mood, when you find the right person, he will also want you to unload the camouflage, with your most real side with him. And we recommend that you watch "girlfriend's girlfriend."

Claire and Laura were good girlfriends from an early age, but Laura died after giving birth to her daughter, leaving only her husband, David. One day Claire and went to take care of David, and found that David was wearing women's clothes and drawing exquisite makeup to look after the children, and Claire found out that David had always had a habit of dressing up ... She was unacceptable from the beginning, to gradually conceal the facts for David, and even began to have an affair beyond friendship with David, who had returned to her own.

Photo | "Girlfriend's girlfriend" stills

Photo | "Girlfriend's girlfriend" stills

Cancer: Nostalgia, why don't you meet the old movie again

Cancer, which is always particularly nostalgic, is emotionally rich and has a strong intuition about everything, a character that makes it easy for you to empathize when you watch a movie. It is recommended that you see the most classic Love sketch Trilogy "Love At Dawn," "Love at Sunset Paris," and "Love at midnight Greece."

This trilogy story describes Jesse, Celine, who met on the train, the two of them at first sight, chatted chat, so decided to get off in Vienna, continue this hard-won fate, and they get along with the time, it is only 24 hours, after the end of the day, they each say goodbye, The agreement to meet at Vienna station after the second half of the book ...

Picture | "Love at dawn dawns" stills

Picture | "Love at dawn dawns" stills

You can never let anyone replace anyone, because people are made up of every beautiful, special detail.

"Love at dawn Dawns"

Scorpio: Suspense film, the most suitable for the mysterious you

Dare to Hate Scorpio, black and white, will not let everything in the gray area, the whole person with a hint of mystery. And for such a mysterious you, recommend this "lock crisis."


The film "Lock Crisis," starring Kong, tells of a woman who lives alone, goes home to find her things moved, more people try to break into her room, and then even feels that a stranger is living in her home ... This suspense film reflects the current Korean residential crime problem, very suitable for the dark system Scorpio a look!

Whether it is an old film or a new film, this spring festival, all find a chance to have a good look!