For Gemini, Libra, water bottle film selection, with a movie time to a good deposition of your recent tumultuous thoughts.

For the wind sign of your selection of pieces, the rest of the holiday to see this one, so that your mind and body in the film a good deposition, to welcome a new beginning!

Gemini: For you who can get through it with optimism every time

Gemini you are always full of vitality, personality ghost Strange, lively extroverted, and your nimble breath is your lovely place, continue to maintain such vitality, spread more happiness to everyone! Such a lovely Gemini, the best place to watch this Disney-made film "Love Full World."

Picture | "Love and Full World" stills

Picture | "Love and Full World" stills

"Love Full World" is a sequel to Disney's "Joy Full World", which was built 54 years apart. At that time, London was in the Great Depression, the Banksy family has just experienced the pain of mothers, at this time, Father Michael Banks Young babysitter fell from the sky, she used intelligent language, ideas, for this depressed family to inject vitality and color.

If trouble keeps coming up, you have to be more imaginative.

"Love & A Full World"

Libra: Always carrying unnecessary responsibilities? To be yourself, you don't have to be perfect.

Libra is easy-going, in the group always take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of coordination, can be said to be messengers of peace, but often shoulder unnecessary responsibilities, it is likely to wear themselves out. How to remove these unconscious carry responsibility? It is recommended that you watch "meso".

Photo | "Meso Wife" stills

Mickey in "Meso" is a "perfect" housewife in the eyes of a society who, after marrying her husband Joel, has done her best to maintain her stature and to support his interest in the talk show, but after another failed talk show, he said he and his secretary had an affair and decided to divorce Mickey. Angry Mickey in the drunk, unexpectedly set foot on the talk show stage, showing himself has been buried eloquence, she also decided to try to embark on the talk show this road. (Recommended reading:"It's Mrs. Meso") when a woman is most beautiful, she starts to be herself )

Photo | "Meso Wife" stills

Aquarius: Unruly Soul, suitable for release in rock music

Like innovative, changeable and unfettered Aquarius, with a strong personal style, you are tired of repeating the monotonous life, so do your best to pursue the thrill. Such a you, very suitable to see this "Xia Leto."

Picture | "Xia Leto" stills

"Xia Leto" changed from the Soviet Union 80 's legendary rock singer-Viktor's fame story, in that era, underground rock restless, young Viktor met his idol Mike and his wife Natasha, Fate began to rewrite, but also heralded the future of Viktor, will have a place in the rock music altar, The film conveys the rebellious spirit of young people using music to convey their ideals at the time.

Picture | "Xia Leto" stills

Put down the baggage properly and let your soul take a deep breath, hoping you can find the pace of life again in these pieces.