At the 61st Grammy Award, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper won two awards with shallow, and Lady Gaga called on the public to pay attention to mental health issues when she took the stage to win the prize.

The 61st session of the Grammy Awards ceremony was held today 9:00 (Taiwan time), with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper winning the best pop combination/group performance and the best Film and television original song award 〈shallow〉 the film theme song "The Birth of a superstar".

When Lady Gaga was on stage for the prize, she made a solemn reference to mental health issues, in addition to thanking the good partner Bradley Cooper, who had been around to support her, and called on the public to take the matter seriously:

' I just want to say that I'm really honored to be a part of this film and to pass on mental health issues together because this matter is so important. There are many entertainers who are facing mental health problems, so we have to take care of each other. 」

"If you see someone injured, don't turn a blind eye; If you are hurting, even if it will be hard, try to go deep into your heart, find the hidden courage, and try to ask for help." 」

"If I t get another chance to say this, I just want to say I ' m so proud to be a part of a movie addresses Issues. They are ' re so important. A lot of artists deal. And I gotta take care of the other. So if I see somebody s hurting, don ' t look away. And if you ' re hurting, even though it might is hard, try to find s bravery within yourself to dive deep and go Tell som Ebody and take them up at your head with you. "

Lady Gaga, who once confessed that she suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) after a sexual assault at the age of 19, had a long period of psychological torture that severely affected her work, which forced Lady Gaga to seek assistance from outside, and she had mentioned in Sag-aftra's speech: " I'll see clips of events that have been torturing me, and those experiences that keep hovering in my head ... but I have no way of getting any assistance related to mental health. (Recommended reading: Confession from survivors of sexual assault: after suffering from PTSD, I learn to be good with myself )

"And such symptoms become chronic pain, fibromyalgia, panic attacks ... will also fall into the psychological spiral of suicide, self-abuse intent." 」

Being a superstar is not just about bringing prestige to Gaga, it's about giving her a vast platform to speak out for those who are just as deep in mental illness as she is. In the past, we shied away from mental illness, and even thought that people with these mental illnesses were "thinking too much" and "asking for trouble" to encourage those who were tortured to think forward, but for them, it was simply hiding the root of the problem under the table, allowing their anxiety, fear to spread and growing, and eventually turning into suicide, The case of self-abuse. (Recommended reading: Psychologists talk about "suicide": they crave to be understood for pain, not to deny the existence of pain )

Lady Gaga said: "We need to bring more light to mental health issues and we need to share our own stories so that mental health issues no longer exist in the dark. 」

Her appeal, punctuality, is our attitude to dealing with mental health issues, and it's time to let these things float on the table and spread out in the sun. We must build an environment in which patients have the courage to turn to, listen to, understand, and thus give more empathy and assistance.

If you are surrounded by a person suffering from mental illness, please do not ignore him, try to listen, or encourage him to seek professional assistance; If you are the one who is suffering from mental illness, please do not be afraid, you can find a family, friends worthy of their own trust, to ask them for help.

Mental illness should not be neglected, taboo, we can start from a small place, began to build a friendly help environment.