The Lunar New Year just ended, after a few plays, through a few nights after the start of the week, you also feel a little tired? In order to let the rest back to the regular state, the control of their own body back, for you to prepare five simple action recommendations, followed by scientists, sleep scholars from morning till night to do, and gradually develop a work of vitality!

Lunar New Year Fu ends, back to work, you beat the keyboard in your hand but in fact, the heart is still in a few decades, care's article in fact, you also read a lot, know that they should quickly focus on the work items in front of you, but the body is very honest, in the keyboard sound at the same time, the eye and brain into the separation Began his own space voyage.

Your body tells you that it will take some more time to adjust, but the work can not wait, life can not wait. In order to do this for you, here are five simple methods recommended, so that you can gradually take control of the body back, a good adjustment of the physiological clock. (Recommended reading: "Physiological clock Schedule" for you to be lightweight)

In the face of colleagues care, you say "I can", feel not only psychological can, the body can also keep up with the footsteps!

How to return to regular rest? To gain energy from nature.

Gongqi, director of the Japan Sleep Society, Ichiro in his book, "Eating, sleeping and moving the body back of the night", said, "If you want the physiological clock to return to daytime rest, you should go out more outside during the day", after the human exposure to the sun, the body function will naturally become more sober and energetic. Japanese labor law even has the rule that "where you want to do precision work, the illumination (note i) must be above 1000 lux." 」

Now that you want to rejuvenate, you might as well take advantage of the weather to bask in the sun outdoors, let the sun stimulate the brain's serotonin nerves, and at night the body will secrete the "melatonin" to help sleep, for you who want to adjust the physiological clock, is a simple but effective method.

How to sleep safely? Start with letting go of tech products

Get the sun energy during the day, you can sleep well at night, but in fact, sleep also needs to be brewed, according to Health magazine report, Taipei Rong General psychiatric physician Lin Wei once said: "We often teach insomnia patients, in bed can only do three things: Sleep, Sex, Sick, that is, sleep, sex, As well as when sick to rest. 」

Sliding your phone before bed, lying in bed watching TV will interfere with sleep, if you are used to having to do something to sleep, it is recommended that you can read books, meditation, do simple sports, and so on, will be more than contact with 3C technology products to help sleep!

How do I maintain all-weather energy? A little pause in the afternoon

Japanese functional therapist Naoto Prian has proposed in the book "The Law of life-changing sleep", the use of a few minutes of small and late every day to adjust the rhythm of daily life, can be associated with the impact of night sleep quality, including the morning sun, short rest in the afternoon, evening sports live three hours.

Among them, a short break in the midday is like a turn for their own winding, for the afternoon to re-reserve vitality, and Kan Prian also special point out, the key to the lunch break is "do not wait to sleep to rush to a lunch break, to" sleepy before "let the body Rest"!

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How to keep the brain functioning efficiently? Use your diet to activate your brain.

Dr. Martha Clare Morris, a nutrition epidemiologist, proposed a new diet Mediterranean-dash Intervention for neurodegenerative Delay, the combination of " Mediterranean diet "and" get a comfortable diet "diet concept.

According to the mind diet, a person should eat at least 3 servings of whole grains, 1 servings of Lassa plus 1 other vegetables, and a glass of wine a day. If greedy wants to eat refreshments, choose nuts and eat beans every day or two; Eat poultry and berries at least two times a week, once fish. New nutrition in China's health media also points out that scientists have found that such diets, in addition to being effective in activating the brain, also have the effect of reducing cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

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How bad is the bed? Prepare a reason to look forward to getting up!

Many times, may not be able to get up smoothly the reason is not that there is no good quality of sleep, but there is nothing in life worthy of their own expectations, the brain subconsciously unable to persuade themselves to get up happy, so simply delay the time to get up, so that the day after day cycle down.

When you are directly engaged in work or schoolwork after waking up, you can prepare yourself for a more anticipated reason to get up, such as eating a very fond breakfast, putting on a pair of cherished shoes to go out, etc., can let the right nest in the bed you get up and start a good day.

Having spent 1.5 months in 2019, what is the progress of your New Year's wishes at the beginning of the day? Lunar New Year is just a check point, can let sprint one months you take a break, once again straighten out the mood and state, with family and friends care and blessing continue in the direction of their own hope. (Recommended reading:17 recommended productivity tools to improve your productivity!) )

And the regular, occasional surprise life can get a steady reserve on the Sprint Road, you will find that your changes are not a day to achieve, is these days of efforts and attempts to let you achieve the goal as desired. I hope that you at the end of this year, you will be happy and rich because you have achieved many goals, and have been going on like this.