During a visit, he Chaoyi quoted Chow Yun-Fat's advice to her, "You look like this, all Hong Kong has only one, you are good, do not often play a bad kind, beautiful girl dot it." "The example of a Eurasian mixed face taking a beauty route in Hong Kong, as well as the Hu Yanni of the 60 and the Maggie Q of the 00, he chaoyi unlike them, she does not have to be a heroine to be a big beauty.

Speaking of the Mr Ho, we will think that she has a rich father, she has a beautiful Eurasian face, but she and her sister is like a mirror-with wealth and no diesel troubles, a use of its advantages to build their own business map, become an Asian gambling career betting, the other with their own wealth, and childhood to meet Anita Mui, Chen Bai and other superstar advantages, into the entertainment circle, but the Hejia lady is extremely rebellious, only sing underground rock music, but also only play the edge of Hong Kong women.

Why is he chaoyi special to Hong Kong? Really just because she has not read college, is more disregard for the image of the rich girl? Or is she willing to vilify herself in the movie and demon herself in the music video? These justifications are not unique. Looking back at He chaoyi several film characters, such as "Pride" (2003) Chang, "Butterfly" (2004) Artier and "Victoria One" (2010) Zheng Lichang, one is a sex worker, one is a married deep cabinet lesbian, one is to buy a building and kill the poor woman, Three are inseparable from the daily and grassroots scenery of Hong Kong, never off the ground.

"Butterfly": female teachers in deep cabinets, 64, school movement

In "Butterfly", she plays an introverted girls ' school teacher, married and has a daughter, has a decent home environment, the perfect model of Hong Kong nuclear family, but at the same time, she fell in love with girls again, finally bravely chose to divorce, in the Tang Lou Terrace, open-minded look at the accidentally kicked off a slipper.

Picture | film "Butterfly" stills

Picture | film "Butterfly" stills

Young She and True (Ziuman played) originally had an unforgettable love affair. Everything is Hong Kong landscape-absenteeism of two people, 80 's Hong Kong's school movement, girls ' school that sunny grass, really in Macau's home, covered with posters of the wall, is the girl among the happiest but the most brief youth time, but also Artier the most memorable first love and intimate experience, even if to have a child with a husband, The physical richness of reality is still not to be compared.

The 64 events of 1989, also in the film as the beginning of the end of love for two girls. Artier hope to really try to test a good exam, L University, really but hope to get rid of the routine. At the crossroads, they parted ways, and goodbye was decades after the real home of the Macao monastery. A few decades, two people with the most native memories, evoking the collective memories of the audience. Apart from the sincere but unable to grasp the love, as well as the 80 's Hong Kong's Democratic return dream, as well as our former Hong Kong Hong Kong flavor. The end of the "the best are Yet to come" by At17 singing, Lin and Lukai for Hong Kong significance, like the film, self-evident.

Picture | film "Butterfly" stills

Picture | film "Butterfly" stills

"Victoria One": Tang women, urban renewal, Queen's Wharf

In the Victoria one, the burden of Hong Kong she carries is the "land issue", including the acquisition of the Tang House, the forced relocation of residents by thugs, the inability of the working class in Hong Kong to afford property prices and the inequality between the rich and the poor, which have been released in the northeast of Hong Kong and in the urban areas such as Kwa Wan. In fact, the film was filmed at the expense of her film company, and on one visit she said she wanted to break with tradition with vision. She opened the film, did not choose to make a blockbuster commercial film, but chose to do this bloody violence of the B film, the target of real estate developers, development Bureau and Urban Renewal Authority, it is surprising.

The reason we do this film is to let people see that our (vision) is different.
WhatsApp ' re trying to I to I ' re different.

-he Chaoyi, SCMP interview on Victoria one

She played the Zheng Lichang in the Tang Lou native, poor but happy life, a paper cup microphone is her and the little boy opposite the practice method. However, the opposite Tang Lou is faced with a variety of eviction threats, such as being given water snakes, reflecting the reality of official black collusion. Soon, opposite this to the sea of the Tang Lou was converted into a mansion "Victoria one", is also Zheng Lichang grew up to play three jobs hope to buy the building. The people who live in it seem to be the social rubbish that should be removed in the film, such as the rich son who likes to take drugs and play with women, the man who second milk, the wife who sits at home and makes the baby machine, and Zheng Lichang almost kills them in a cruel way, and the film has been abridged as a result. The film is extremely vendetta, and the release coincides with the Hejia competition, he chaoyi laughs "will ask the whole family to see (this) three class film", extremely ironic.

Zheng Lichang is a vulnerable woman belonging to Hong Kong, eating the rest of the sugar water alone during the day sitting on the star small ferry Sea, also let a person link to a scene, grandpa and she talk at Queen's Wharf, mentioned here is about to be demolished the fact. The film, like Butterfly, has a nostalgic feeling for the old things in Hong Kong, and Queen's Wharf was demolished in 2007 for "to cooperate with central reclamation", and a large number of members of the public and student organizations left behind to protest against the demolition of the historic pier.

Zheng Lichang is also a cruel killer, in order to buy a building, do not hesitate to turn Victoria one into a murder House, property prices fell, naturally can afford to buy. If she is to be described, it is probably quite a few Hong Kong people who have been forced to become crazy.

Underground Rock: Revival 80 's

He chaoyi with the nostalgia of the former Hong Kong, but also can be seen in her group of orchestras Josie and the Uni Boys's song "The Play", re-Anita Mui, Zhang Xueyou and Rowan's famous songs such as "Cranberry Shahua", "refuse to play" and "laser in" the composer again, nostalgia in addition to the presentation through acting, He chaoyi will also do it by rock and roll.

And there is no denying that he chaoyi is angry that she is dissatisfied with some of Hong Kong's values-hypocrisy, flattery and following the rules to achieve so-called success. If she doesn't love Hong Kong, how can she be angry?

Daddy told me not to be weird.

Mommy me to learn how to cook.

Good girls can't mess around.
--josie, the Uni Boys "The Good Girl", Word/fan Xiaoxuan

"There's only one thing in Hong Kong that looks like you."

During a visit , he Chaoyi quoted Chow Yun-Fat's advice to her, "You look like this, all Hong Kong has only one, you are good, do not often play a bad kind, beautiful girl dot it." "The example of a Eurasian mixed face taking a beauty route in Hong Kong is the Hu Yanni of the 60 and the Maggie Q of the 00, he chaoyi unlike them, she does not make vases, but she does not necessarily be a big beauty.

In fact, he chaoyi is special, not because she does not cherish her beauty, can exaggerate her own, but she really live the "Hong Kong flavor" of the Taiwan population, and this kind of Hong Kong flavor is not gorgeous fashion, but cruel pain and independence.

When I asked a friend he chaoyi why was it special? ' Because she's not like her family and those sisters, ' she said. "He chaoyi for the people of Hong Kong, perhaps like the time tunnel, she has the epitome of Hong Kong's capitalist society, and at the same time it combines the complex colonial colours of Hong Kong and the feeling of the Chinese ocean Miscellaneous. As an actor and a storyteller, she can both persuade the grassroots audience (such as Me and my friends) and have no sense of distance. And she, as a woman, is undoubtedly strong and gesture, rock and disguise, is not want to be like the expectations of hair brother to do a beautiful woman, "play bad Kind", are a message full of female power.