To transfer #MeToo perspective to Hong Kong, a glimpse of the story of the rarely reported vegetarian girl. Because do not know "others look at their skirt, equal to the body is violated, is a sexual harassment" so can only fear and move, because in the male majority of the industry, so no one can be the same situation.

The wave of #MeToo in Asia is like unfinished business, and in Japan, Itochu was openly keiyuki sexually assaulted by the Power mountain pass in the media in 2017. After the sexual assault in 2015, she immediately informed that, in addition to the need to face the police "tone deaf" investigation method to let her two more injuries, the law also did not keiyuki the mountain pass sanctions.

The public also referred to her lying, hype and personal attacks. In Hong Kong, hurdler Lu Liyao on social media in 2017 that he had been sexually assaulted by coaches during his 13 and 14 years of age, and that the sports department had issued a statement saying he would "not condone the incident" and that the school involved had stopped hiring outside coaches. 2018年11月, Fanling Magistracy ruled that there was insufficient evidence and contradictions and that the male coach was not guilty, but the judge said "the verdict or did not reflect the facts" and hoped that it would not affect the future #MeToo campaign.

There are questions on the internet about Lu Liyao, such as "Why not presented in real time" and referring to her public incident as "pre-trial judgment", which makes people surprised in Hong Kong, where women "speak space" is extremely narrow, while often making obnoxious remarks, The discussion area of the female judging, such as the Liandeng discussion area, has been in operation for a long time and has been long and long.

How many women have faced #MeToo situation? In addition to the female stars under the spotlight lights, Japanese journalists and athletes from Hong Kong, ordinary women of any age and profession in reality seem to have tried to "feel violated".

The ignorant girl did not understand that it turned out to be a voyeur

Now 23-year-old Vava (pseudonym) recalls his experience of taking a bus at the age of more than 10: "That's The Hot Dog bus (Hong Kong's air-conditioned bus call) has not been fully eliminated in the millennium, I am greedy and convenient, sitting next to the exit, facing the corridor, the seat is a higher level." Then, a middle school student ready to get off, leaning forward and looking at my thighs, I thought he was looking for something, and years later I didn't know he was looking at my underwear. "Since being peeped, she has not been seated next to the exit, at a higher level of seats.

The same experience, it happened to me. In the second year of primary school (nine years old), both male and female students in the school auditorium sit on, the class has two particularly lustful little boys, has been staring at my skirt. They said: "Chen XX's underwear is pink!" ' But actually my underwear isn't pink. At that time, in addition to fear and immobile, in fact, also realized that it is sexual harassment, I asked the male teacher for help, who knows I received the response is: "More things than less." 」

In retrospect, this is undoubtedly sexual harassment, because I was so upset that even the school was afraid to go back. Because the complaint has no door, also dare not tell the parents, I used a rebellious way to fight back-unite several equally harassed female classmates, with chalk in ladies ' room to write the name of two boys, with the primary school students in the range of the most vulgar images and words. It was the nine-year-old girls we were punished for the result.

Vava said that at that time, he was not educated to "see the bottom of the skirt is tantamount to being violated by the body", do not understand to protect themselves, but she angrily accused the voyeur, "Why can these people so unbridled, broad daylight, blatant look at the girl's skirt?" Don't you have a sense of shame? "If I get on this bus again, she said," I'll kick the voyeur in the face. " (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" #METOO campaign went overboard? Women start to introspect, but where do men go )

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Hospitality in the restaurant industry, not including being kissed by your face

Engaged in the boutique coffee industry Monsha (pseudonym) like nightlife, like wine tasting, smooth and outgoing personality, very popular with guests and partners in the store. There was no shortage of foreign men working in Hong Kong at the store's regulars and work partners, and Monsha's mind was a French man who was too enthusiastic about her, "he often asked me out on business grounds, and asked me to drink, to say what touched the bottom of the glass to relax a little, I often refuse to invite the above classes and busy work." 」

Although it is possible to prevent the opportunity to meet alone, but can not stop the other side to the store to buy coffee beans, "he often came to the shop to pick up coffee beans, every time, he looked at my eyes, let me feel considered rape, very uncomfortable." "Although uncomfortable, she was unable to open her mouth to drink, a kind of uncomfortable gaze that made women released every day in different public areas. "Once he finished taking the coffee beans and I politely sent him to the door of the shop because he was French and used to say goodbye to his face (cheek kiss), but he suddenly kissed me on the cheek with his mouth, and I was startled, and he left." I didn't make it clear that I didn't like it, but in fact I was disgusted and would have been more careful talking to him afterwards and would have avoided physical contact. 」

"What makes me angry is not just the behavior of this guest, but the reaction of my boss when he learns." My boss said, maybe I accidentally put the electricity, talk to make people think I am a casual person, and because I often go to the nightclub to drink, others naturally feel that they can do this to me. 」

Not only is not protected, but is re-educated what is a good woman, a bad woman, Monsha do not agree at all, the behavior of the guests is absolutely problematic, "my boss said that the world's men are like this, refers to my indiscreet, put the wrong signal, but in fact I always see that French male as a guest, not even friends, I spoke respectfully, politely and with a distance, and I did not agree that I had done anything wrong to give him the right to forcibly kiss my face. 」

Photography industry male, verbal harassment equals the norm?

Kristy (pseudonym), who works in photography, found that there was a permanent norm of harassment in the industry, and that most of the men in charge of photography and lighting, "they like to talk about the appearance and shape of women, especially women, and take pleasure in flirting with female field staff." "A shot before college graduation, she heard a word:"kristy is a chest, unfortunately not beautiful. " 」

At that time, she did not respond, in fact, do not know how to react, want to convince themselves that they are just joking, but question the lower limit of joking where, by WHO to order, "I came home, only to realize that they are such a really good servant Street, but in the strong men's occasions, that kind "Now that Kristy has come out to work as a female photographer, rolling in the media industry," I used to be too fresh to realize the problem of this kind of film culture, it is easy to mute. " 」

She realized that the gender imbalance in the studio was one of the reasons, "once saw the man in charge of the lights suddenly picked up the female assistant circle, she did not resist, I was confused, thought they are not very familiar and so on, of course, I do not know, but now I still see to stay." (Recommended reading:#MeToo: After being sexually assaulted, I have a root fear of intimacy )

She is eager for the photography industry and any men and women in the relevant fields of work to compete and get along equally, "once, a fledgling booing student director Power, enjoyed that sense of dictatorship, was mean to any staff member, and told me that I was fit to do the next bit." I am very angry, what is the next place? 」

She was disgusted by the gender stereotypes in the industry, "female staff are often protected by male staff, but I don't think it's really protective, male staff friendliness, may be based on male gaze, while in friendly next second, Any female staff member can be turned into being the object of being talked about body appearance or even being harassed. 」

Women in the industry do not need male protection, they need to be treated equally, "the former company has appeared a kind of female photographer responsible for shooting women and makeup, male photographers responsible for making fashion and lattice settings, in fact, every photographer, regardless of gender, has their own style, we need to open communication at work, Lay down the stereotype of self and other giving. 」

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PostScript, what we can learn from them.

The example of Vava reminds us of the importance of caring for and educating little girls, and education and protection does not mean that they are trapped at home, but rather that we should teach vulnerable, ignorant, young girls to protect their bodies and bring them to trusted adults as soon as they meet the aggressor.

Many times, young girls have had a lesser degree of sexual harassment at school, public transport or the Church, and it took years to realize that they had been offended or even violated at the time. After the hindsight does not mean that the aggressor has no mistakes, and then the conscious public incident, does not mean that women want to "trial each other", "get a lot of attention", "bad intentions", we need to clarify the above.

Monsha's example is the typical "blame of the victim", which blames women for their lack of respect for female bodies, and accuses women of wearing too little, not converging, giving casual impressions, and so on, which is actually common in our lives. Remember a short film visiting Indian men? We must remember that "consensus" must be a clear word of yes.

Kristy's example points out that the "normality" in everyday life is actually the "pervert" to be questioned, including verbal sexual harassment and materialization of women, as well as the "occupational gender stereotypes" and the gap between men's and women's workplace status that she extends to again. The specific improvement may be that "in the team making the film, more women become directors and participate in the decision-making process", or "in the photography industry, more female photographers can be adopted", from the upper ground to create a more average and equal working environment.

In the dictation of three Hong Kong women, we will find the commonality of events, first, the incident has been going on for some time, and the victim has not taken any legal counterattack in real time, and even the victim did not realize that the matter after many years, the original for their own body and spirit have constituted aggression and injury. Secondly, these #MeToo incidents are not limited to sexual assault/rape, and three women experience verbal sexual harassment, voyeurism and indecent assault, and even if there is no "physical aggression" in action, mental and verbal aggression should also be considered as #MeToo行动当中重要的平反目标, evil in mediocrity and daily details, We should no longer give excuses for anorexic perpetrators and bystanders, and should not let the gender subterfuge continue in society.