In the face of the end of the relationship, you will also feel frustrated? We tend to see the frustration of love as a person's failure, for which hard work hurts, but Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's reunion last weekend brought us another view of the end of the relationship.

Last weekend, Jennifer Aniston hosted her 50 birthday party, inviting people who were significant to her to come together to share her joy, and Brad Pitt came to the scene, according to a report from the men. The report said that Jennifer Anistion after several thoughts to invite Brad Pitt to participate in the party, the same day, she was also sincerely happy for his arrival, the two simply hugged, chatted a few words, then each with friends scattered.

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston shocked the public in 2005 when they declared their divorce because they could not resolve their differences. Known as the Hollywood golden girl of the two people, although the love is roaring, but also write down the heart of the end, more than 10 years later, the two after the stumble in the emotional road, the ups and downs of life, and finally be able to frankly share the good time again.

The focus of the relationship is not on time, but on whether it can bring happiness

Divorce, or the collapse of an emotional relationship, often makes us feel the pain and strong frustration lost, not only because of the end of the relationship, representing the loss of our loved one, we need to readjust to the new way of life, but also because we subconsciously easy to think that "ending a relationship" is often equal to " My own failure "── how can I not even run a relationship well? Am I not good enough? Am I not going to love? Even, we need to face the colored eyes around us, because the failure of love is often seen as a personal failure.

Jennifer Aniston, who returned to single again last year and went through the end of two marriages, had a very different view of the end of her relationship in an exclusive interview with the 2019 month of the Elle:

"The end of a relationship is because we all want to pursue happiness, and sometimes this relationship no longer gives us the joy we need." Life can only live once, so I will never continue to grudgingly maintain a relationship full of fear--fear of loneliness, fear of a person's life--to maintain a relationship because of fear, no doubt just to help themselves to do a favor! 」

" and S (marriage) came to an end, it is a choice, was made because I chose to is happy, and sometimes happine SS T exist within that arrangement anymore. This IS's and I-I would not stay at a situation out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of not being able to survive. To stay at a marriage based on fear feels, I ' re doing your one life a disservice. "

Choosing to end a relationship is really a struggle and heartbreaking, but Jennifer Aniston loud's speech reminds us to be honest with life: the continuation of the relationship is not necessarily a continuity of happiness. If feelings can no longer give us enough happiness, struggling to support this relationship, can not help us to run a happy and meaningful life, because the focus of the relationship is not the length of time, but it brings us growth and happiness. (You will like: Love is just as important as not loving, Japanese divorce ceremony: Sasha Na, My Love )

When we choose to end our feelings, we may as well turn off our inner condemnation of our failures, rip off the labels of the losers, and ignore the colored eyes that the outside world has given us. Because the end of the relationship, is to achieve a richer life, the end of a relationship of people, not losers, but the real face of the heart, dare to let life forward the brave. Happiness is the purpose of life, and any relationship, is just an option to happiness.

Relationships may die, but Love will stay

However, after the breakup, how should we look at the loved past, loved people? "Failed Romance", "The One I love the most hurts me the most"? In the same interview, Jennifer Aniston made another point that might give us a different idea: "In my own opinion, my marriage has been quite successful." 」

Who says a successful intimacy is the equivalent of two people walking to the end together? The end of the feelings of us, is the choice of complete inner happiness of the brave, and the end of the relationship is not a personal failure, nor the failure of the feelings themselves, we choose to break up, is to let two of people are each happy in their own lives, and those who share the good, will not disappear because of the end of love.

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Although there is a saying: "One of the best predecessors, the most seems to be dead." "But a qualified predecessor may not necessarily have to be" like dead "and consensual each other. In the face of people who have loved each other, the story of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt offers us another possibility: we can choose to admit that those who have loved are still an important part of our lives after the relationship is over. (You'll like it: Can't put your ex? Nostalgia mechanism, in fact, is not all bad )

Looking forward to our together, try to look at the end of the feelings from a broader perspective, so that each paragraph that has been loved, has become a thick substrate of life. In the face of people who have loved, we can try to find an unrelated love, only about blessing, and each other can be comfortable to get along with each other. Like the little cloth and Jane, through the roar of love, the pain of separation, as well as years of repeated precipitation, in the end, life has not lived up to their loved once, those have been brewing into a good blessing and care--although I no longer love you, but still bless your life is colorful, but also bless our respective lives are Kailuo happy.