Choosing a book for a lover means that you have a certain degree of understanding of him, his hobbies, interests, how thick the books he likes to read, what time he is used to reading, and what kind of book is best suited to his current state of life. Erotic, sensible, arts-type, a selection of his suitable books for five types of lovers, starting this year, try sending books!

We usually celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14, but in Spain, the St. George's Festival of April 23 every year is their Valentine's Day, and that day is the anniversary of Shakespeare and Cervantes. So on Valentine's Day, there is a custom: men want to give women roses, women give men books.

No matter which day you fall on Valentine's Day, a book for your loved one is a very meaningful thing. Choosing a book for your lover means that you have to have a certain level of understanding of him, his hobbies, interests, the kind of books he likes to read, the time he is accustomed to reading, and what kind of book he is most suitable for in his current state of life ... there are many things to consider, but it also adds more romance to "Send Books".

Reading is a very private thing, when your mind is passed on with the book, it is not like in the other side of the heart occupied a corner?

Read this, if you want to choose a book for the one you love, occupy a corner of the heart, we help you sort out the different types of lovers, suitable for reading books:

Choosing a book for an erotic lover

Every late at night, you whisper at both ends of the phone, saying it is explicit and sensational, flushed, and breathless in a low voice. You, he, boldly talk about sex, love several ways to play, you are like a newborn calf, eager to try one by one.

Choose this "69 ways to play" for your erotic lover, a taboo romantic multi-ending interactive novel that gives your lover an erotic choice. This book is also suitable for your partner to read together and experience the fiery flirting night!

"69 Ways to play with Love"

Choosing a book for a soul Lover

Your love is like Jesse and Celine, and one Day is eternity. You talk about favorite plays, fascinating books, favorite movies of your life ... many moments you realize that the so-called love of a person's soul, like this, every thought of the collision makes each other's souls tremble. Do not care about the body, the rest of my life, only willing to linger with your soul. (Recommended reading: relationship Diary: The Love Story behind Love at dawn dawns, one day for the rest of your life)

Picture | "Love at dawn dawns" stills

For such a soul-like candidate, "you are the mildest rule--Rilke love poetry", by the poet Xu Yu to choose 44 of the greatest German poet of the 20th century-Rilke a tearful love poem, in a poem, touch the Splendor and scorching of love, I hope you can find each other's figure in this book.

"You're the mildest rule--Rilke love poetry."

Choosing a book for an art-type lover

Others always say that your date trip is really boring, either running the library or running the exhibition, you laugh and not, because only you know how happy it is to read with him. You share the same interests, like the secrets that only two of you know all over the world. You like him to talk about what he thinks, because from his eyes, you find another vast universe.

For such an artistic lover chose this classic "Little Prince", known as the B612 Planet, the Little Prince and that Rose, in love we are like the eyes of the line, every step of the walk is terrified, jump under the beginning to know that they can fly, the power of the lover will grow in their own body, always unchanged.

"The Little Prince"

Choosing a book for a rational Lover

Sometimes you just want to complain a little, expect to get his comfort, but did not expect him to start a serious analysis of the situation, trying to find a solution to things. His seriousness makes you angry and funny, think carefully, maybe this is the way he loves him? Instead of shouting for you to exhale, accompany you to cry bitterly, rationally accompany yourself to find Jiefang, but also let you feel heartwarming.

Choosing "Bullet thinking finishing" for rational lovers: clarifying overloaded thoughts, putting ideas into action, focusing on the most important things, designing the life you want, and clarifying the various aspects of your life with handwritten notes, in one note, integrating to-do lists, project management, future life planning, so that dear he can see his priorities, Let time be spent on things that really make sense!

Bullet thinking finishing: Clarify overloaded thoughts, put ideas into action, focus on the most important things, design the life you want

Choosing a book for an adventurous lover

Occasionally you will feel a headache for what he says, always rushing forward despite the consequences, but also admire his execution. He is anti-bone, full of blood, although his character makes you distressed, but such an adventurous lover, said Love Is Love, and love is unapologetic. Sometimes you think, well, maybe you like him that.

For the adventurous lover chose this "failed it!" The art of making mistakes, applaud yourself for making mistakes and the courage to fail, because after falling and climbing, he will feel his growth, and these growth is definitely worth it, my dear. He took a risk for life!

"Failed IT!" The art of making mistakes

With a book of time, occupy the dear one of the softest corner of his heart, the old saying, may have a lover, eventually married.