On Valentine's Day, take you back to the three atypical lovers in the movie: lovers who accompany each other through the low tide, but miss the time; lovers who torture each other to death; lovers who do not want to be responsible for their feelings, every type of love is beautiful, and each couple has their own romance.

The advent of Valentine's Day, easy to divide the human race into two factions, the first is busy for the other half to prepare surprises and spend a lot of money on the "Embrace festival" faction, the key elements are bouquets, two-person dinner package and social media. The second faction is single, or hates the commercialization and tacky way of celebrating the "anger Pie", once a card company launched the "anti-Valentine's Day" card, which reads "The air is filled with the smell of love, I want to vomit", sales are good. Between the two, there is neither to give Valentine's Day face, nor to be cynical about Valentine's Day, but to ignore the "must" of the festival, or silently give a new definition of "Valentine's Day" and "lover".

On Valentine's Day, it's better for us to look back at Valentine's Day anti-heroes of movies and novels to celebrate the love we once had, unspeakable and unattainable, and to see the fierce, silent, underground, missed lovers.

A lover who meets but can't be together in the trough.

You can tell a lot about a/s on their playlist.
A lot of secrets about her can be known from a person's playlist.

--dan, "Begin Again" (2013)

Picture | film "Manhattan Love Music" stills

When our love for others does not receive the rewards we deserve, or even be driven away, betrayed, our unexamined heartbreak, loss of willpower, may want to sink in the alcohol for a long time, or even end their own lives. Dave and Greta of "Manhattan" (2013) meet each other at the bottom of each other, and the age gap between the two is big, but the music connects them. No one appreciated the Greta singing, but in Dave's ear is a wonderful choreography, he even without her knowledge, has long been in the mind for a single guitar accompaniment with drums, piano sound, others can not hear, he heard.

A bifurcated headphone plug that lets Dave and Greta explore each other's playlists. In our music library, we collect private past and feelings. In the icy, densely populated and merciless New York, Dave and Greta the background music for it, only they see and hear it. Keep walking all the way, the streets, the subway, the park, the two people's headphones seem to be the most intimate physical contact, when the New York is belong to both of them in the world. Sit down and see a couple kissing on the opposite side, smile two people listening to the song. They are undoubtedly lovers, without a penny, writing short and private romance in the city.

Dave finally got back together with his ex-wife and patched up a relationship with his daughter because of Greta's help. He is snuggling to Greta, and the feelings of Greta are silent, they accompany each other, through the lowest period, they have a loved one, but also love each other, but time is not on their side, the past has happened too many things. (Recommended reading: Four love movies, take stock of the different appearance of Love )

Greta Miss betrayed his ex-boyfriend, he not only consumed the love of two people, but also consumed the talent of Greta. For Greta, music is an unmodified, pure expression, and Dave has made music the tool of his name Chengli, making Greta's "Lost Star" popular, rather than the original guitar version, singing in front of thousands of people. The end they were doomed to no longer irrelevant, Greta on the bike, understand this truth, at the same time with Dave accompanied by the residual temperature, got the strength.

A lover who tortures each other to death.

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She held her hand around his neck, and he hugged her with a greedy and jealous look, and she put her face on his face; he returned to her countless crazy caresses, and said wildly, "it is only now that you have made me understand how cruel you were--cruel and hypocritical." Why did you despise me in the past? Why are you deceiving your own heart, Catherine? I don't have a word of comfort, you deserve it. You've killed yourself, yes, you can kiss me, you can get my kisses and tears, but my kisses and tears are going to destroy you--they're going to curse you. You loved me--so what right do you have to leave me? I cannot be separated by misery, shame, and death, and by all the blows and pains that God or Satan can give, and you, from your heart, have done so ⋯⋯"

-"Roar Howling Hills" p.108-p.109

"Roar Hills" is a novel written by Emily Bronte in 1845, the actor Herscriff is an adopted child, dark-skinned he, in the wealthy white family, and the heroine Catherine Young, and love each other deeply. However, Herscriff is oppressed at home, and Catherine is the apple of the Roar hills, the difference between class and race, making their love an impermissible taboo.

Catherine is a wild child, tricky and capricious, this is difficult to tame, and Herscriff play together, always let family members feel not quite in line with a lady's etiquette, once Catherine because of playful injury, was sent to Thrushcross Villa "boarding", after this, she changed to another person. Because of her vanity, she married the young master of Thrushcross Hills, who, like her, had fair skin and was in the door. In one fell swoop, she betrayed her feelings for Herscriff, but also again in Herscriff as a "deep complexion", "inferior adoption of children" on the inferiority, stepped on a foot.

Herscriff was angry and desperate, and when he returned, he married Catherine's husband's sister to avenge Catherine's betrayal and Roar hills on his years of oppression.

At the time of the disappearance of Herscriff, Catherine also felt abandoned and betrayed by him: Why did the people I love be able to put me down like this? Why didn't you accept me and love me unconditionally? Her tricky and arbitrary, expectations, let love become the ugliest thing.

and Herscriff not willing to be destroyed by his own dignity, and since he had no way of owning Catherine, he decided to destroy her and to get the Roar hills and its wealth. He made it, and he got the "fairness" he wanted. His rage turned him into a monster of terror.

This does not mean that they no longer love each other deeply, their love is fierce. At the moment Catherine died of meningitis, we saw Catherine's craziest confession:

"What else can we do now?" I won't have mercy on you, I won't. You've hurt me-and, I think you've sided a lot about it. You're so strong! How many years are you going to live after I die? 」

-Catherine Earnshaw "Roar Hills" P. 105

Herscriff had knelt down on one leg and hugged her, and he wanted to stand up, but she grabbed his hair and pressed him down again. "I wish I could hold you, until we both die, I should not care what you have suffered, I do not care about your pain." Why shouldn't you suffer? Can't you see I'm suffering? Are you going to forget about me? Will you be happy when I bury it in the Earth? 20 years from then, will you say to those around you, "that's Catherine Earnshaw's grave", I loved her a long time ago, and lost the meaning of survival because of the loss of her, but it's all over? "I saw Catherine Leap Forward, and he caught her." They hugged tightly, and I thought my hostess would never live apart from him.

-"Roar Hills" p. 105-p.106

If we are willing to let go of the expectations of the world, our own self-esteem, and true to our feelings, we will not torture each other until the moment before we die, only to confess: I love you, I also want to have you.

Lovers who don't want to be responsible for each other

I love Re, Dexter. I just don t-anymore.
I love you, Dexter. I just don't have a crush on you anymore.

--emma, "One Day" (2011)

Spent the day together, but enough to wrap up a lifetime. "True love Picks the day" Emma and Dexter spent a night as lovers when they met on a July 15 in the 80. Since then, the two have been separated into different paths of life. Real life is like a circle, when Emma is at a low ebb, Dexter but happy, when Emma has stabilized to become someone else's wife, Dexter still trendy. Both were married, but did not marry each other, and later found themselves to love each other more than they thought.

The Circle of Life was later retrograde, and Dexter's wife betrayed him, but Emma began her career as a writer, swinging in Europe and becoming a trendy woman. In short, in any case, time and opportunity is not to stand beside the lovers. Their love does not have the blessing of sleeping pillow every day, never confirm the relationship, will only see once a year, sometimes even every few years to see once, but never have a moment to forget each other. This unique way of interacting with lovers has lasted for 20 years. (Recommended reading: movies Teach your philosophy of religion: love and career, who says only two to choose one )

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Emma is actually a steady and serious woman who can stay independent when she loves someone. She knew that Dexter would not settle for herself, so from the beginning she made a fake bastard with an iron heart so that the other person thought she would not cry for him. If Emma had not said these things, they might have spent more time together before they unfolded their lives. Perhaps what Emma said, it was all the opposite.

I t want you thinking I ' m bothered or anything on last night. t want your phone, or letters or postcards. t want to get married to I. Definitely don ' t want to have your babies.

I don't want you to think that I'm going to be bothered by last night. I don't want your phone number, letter or postcard. I don't want to marry you, I definitely don't want to have a baby for you.

--emma, "One Day" (2011)

Dexter has always been a teenager do not know the taste of worry, there is no diesel trouble, when a playboy also do not have to cost. He was simple, and when he heard something, he would accept it directly and not think about it, so Emma said she was strong and independent and did not need his love, and he really thought she didn't need it. He never wanted to be responsible, not just to others, but to his feelings, until life taught him what pain was, and he knew he was going to calm down, make changes, and stop being an jerk.

Just as the two men decided to take a good look at a film, fate dramatically robbed Emma of his life. The metaphor of time waits for no one. In fact, there is no pompous, many times, our self-esteem, cowardice and fear, so that we can not in time to love and have a person. By the time we turned to save, there was no time.

The relationship in modern society, when it comes to the responsibility of two words, seems to appear not enough type, not smart enough, the best all things are "no Strings attached", clearly very nervous, very like, we like to pretend that a face does not care, "play It cool", I believe you and I have tried.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

What the hell is a lover? If there is no confirmation relationship, far apart, not seen for many years, or there has never been a close encounter but there is always a glimpse of each other's souls, or love to torture each other to the old, do not want to confess to express their "want to possess", or even not allowed to be together underground lovers, can be called lover, Can you be the love to celebrate on Valentine's Day?

If Valentine's Day and Cupid's arrows represent love and desire, then in the daily discourse system can describe the relationship, as long as there is desire and love, we are lovers, but some have no time, no opportunity or courage to be together.