Valentine's Day, in addition to a couple's festival, but also the season of expression of love. Give a quote to the 12 constellation singles, respond to your inner needs and express your truest love to yourself. What if you don't have company around you? You are your own lover!

Valentine's Day, for you is an ordinary day for celibacy, but you know that businessmen will not miss a good time to make a fortune, so you are prepared early, in the face of today's various Valentine's Day messages of bombing. Contains pairs of mugs, toothbrush sets, ear units, mobile phone shell groups and so on, are not surprising. The whole city is full of a strong companion atmosphere-even if you don't think it's your business.

For the celibacy of your choice, the 12 constellation of the warm golden sentence quotes, accompany you through the last period of Valentine's Day. There is no partner around, but in fact you have always had their own, you are their own lover, after today, but also please continue to love yourself more.


In the face of relationships are always warm and eager, in your world, things are not 1 or 0, you just want to do your best, do not let yourself regret that the best. You who always struggle so hard may also be injured in a relationship, or you may be afraid to take the next step because you are too hurt. Dear Aries, you can be afraid, but please do not let fear stand in the spirit of your courage to go forward. You know as long as you start yourself, even you're afraid to fall in love with yourself, right? (Recommended reading:"single Diary" Before You Die, Love is right!) Aries style of Love )

We have nothing to be afraid of, in short, we are all dead. Before You die, Love is right.

-Women's Fan Ka


Careful, pay attention to commitment, more like your interpretation of their own, it is not like the outside world that "Taurus is stubborn." You know the reason for your stubbornness, from the attention, from the care. Also few people know, you in addition to the people around you stubborn, but also stubborn to themselves, because that is their most care about the people ah, how can casually hugging it. Dear Taurus, hard work, it is remarkable that you strive to maintain the high standards that you and others have always had. The next time someone says you're stubborn, you might as well express your mind more directly-I'm stubborn because I value it.

Before Loving you, he spent a lot of time thinking, a lot of time to observe, his most faith overdo, a lifetime love only one person is not a myth to him.

-Audrey, editor-in-chief of women fans


It is you who are fickle and uncertain; it is also you who aspire to be understood and yearn for a partner's life. Many people say that Gemini is unique, nonsensical, and even bizarre, but you know in your heart that it is the charm of you that is different from others, hidden under the same appearance that you do not like to be replaced, do not like others, and that you also aspire to be understood. Dear Gemini, please try to open the atrium slowly let trust him step in, together in your vision of the world to swim!

The softest room only lets a small number of close people in, I hope you come in, do not go easily.

-Audrey, editor-in-chief of women fans


Compared with the vigorous love epic, you yearn for the relationship state of long stream, love is to feel in the daily life, not hanging in the mouth all day yelling. Love Others is like this, love oneself is also, your liking is very not obvious, but very lasting. Looking at the couple in the street, you have a trace of silk in your heart, only a hint of envy to climb up to the heart, and disappear at a fast and invisible speed. You know such envy is only because of the impact of the season, find a right person is not easy, you will endure serious waiting.

Everything about you makes me a family of motherhood, and when I love you, you are the home I am attached to.

-Audrey, editor-in-chief of women fans

Picture | Korean drama "Touch the Heart" stills


The lion is a big cat, which is not a point at all. Always give people brave, love the impression of the leader of you, in fact, hidden in the bones of a soft heart, soft as a cat ball in general, only you want, that soft will appear in people. In this festival full of Valentine's Day, for the lone you, perhaps the surface looks haughty, but the heart is still faintly looking forward to, perhaps next year, you can not use their own.

Leo's heart is small, can only put on a person, not easy to promise. When she speaks of love, it is a vow of deep weight.

-Woman fan Editor Abby


Virgo does not love is already, a love amazing. There is nothing in the world that can shake your heart, and you think you will calmly spend all stages of your life until you meet someone who really cares. You are surprised that you will have such a rich emotional turn because of a person, although you are surprised by the power of love, but you know that the heart of the mind still exists, so you will not love when the head of the head to go. You don't just be a person who lives for love, you live for yourself, you live for the value of your faith.

Virgo is not everyone can love, to love, even if the horizon will also run, do not love, you cry broken intestine, she is indifferent.

-Woman fan Editor Abby


Libra and cancer also like the love of life, especially those only for each other to do intimate behavior, compared to the expensive salute, Libra is more likely because of a total of a umbrella to feel happy. But Libra, after all, has a Libra, when you find that each other's love is less, you will also weigh less to pay a little, with a bit of childish attitude, just hope to be able to strike a balance. In love with each other at the same time, but also retain the original happy self. (Recommended reading:
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Love a person, not happy not sad, not angry, not sunny and not rain, for him in life, keep a living jump heart.

-Audrey, editor-in-chief of women fans


Proud apathy and ruthlessness, because the other side is not in the scope of Scorpio friendship line. Control the oppression of dedication, because the other side deep into the deepest part of Scorpio. Scorpio may not have loved a few people in his life, because he knew that once he fell in love is laid out secrets, in order to avoid the already fragile heart fell on the broken, Scorpio built a high wall, waiting for someone willing to use patience to push down. In the street full of lovers, single Scorpio thought: "To love, I will love to be brave, otherwise I would rather live at ease." 」

For Scorpio, Love is, red light stop, green light line.

-Women's fan writer amazing

Picture | Korean drama "Boyfriend" stills


You, born for Freedom, have spent your whole life exploring how to be freer. You yearn for freedom of movement, economic freedom, and freedom to love. But freedom is not necessarily a completely unfettered release of emotion, but after entering love, more than a person alone can become the ideal appearance. You long to be yourself in love, to love to death, desperate, then you would rather be free alone.

Love makes him who he is, holds hands, has a pair of wings, kisses, and flies into the distance.

-Audrey, editor-in-chief of women fans


Because you have a high degree of execution and ability to work, you are often considered a good colleague, a good partner, as a professional worker, in fact, you are also a good companion. You prefer bland happiness, but that kind of happiness will not wait until the other side into their own high-cold world to be able to peek. You are used to being independent because you do not want to be a burden to others, but you are also eager for someone to be willing to bear the burden with you and enjoy the joys and sorrows joy of life.

Only those who understand you can get involved in your high cold and peep at the mundane under your mask.

-Woman fan Editor Abby


Aquarius is different from ordinary people, is you have been proud of the place. You also believe in truth, when you treat people with sincerity, but also hope that the other side can sincerely respond. Only, perhaps to find a sincere to the right person is not so easy, has been hurt by the lie of you, now can be ambiguous, can joke, can laugh at the feelings, but to go into a serious feelings, you will spend a lot of time to confirm, confirm their sincere heart will not be hurt again. Dear water bottle, your truthfulness is not pretentious, please let more people have the opportunity to feel hidden under your ghost monster, that seriously with the beautiful appearance of the right.

Aquarius to Love is pessimistic, promise forever, it is better to remember the moment, Love will be extinct, memory constant.

-Woman fan Editor Abby

Twin Fish seat

To the side of things to maintain a high sensitivity to you, love romantic you, too clear that they are easy to get into a relationship, so always with a happy appearance packaging easy to be moved by the heart, Hee smile refused around the possible peach blossom, you go back to tell yourself: "As long as do not really love the end, it is not easy to hurt." "Know your frailty, and always know how to keep space for yourself, you will not really love can not turn back, and then difficult trial you can survive, and then continue to hold a careful heart, waiting for a willing to build a romantic with you people."

Pisces will never be crushed, even the end of the world of love, you can survive purgatory, alone to clean up the embers of the heart, and then set foot in the search for love survivors of the road.

-Woman fan Editor Abby

Valentine's Day is almost over, congratulations on the safe and healthy way to spend this day, would like to love you next year have a companion, would like to yearn for single You do not Walk alone.