Male female top into Taiwan big medical, and boyfriend emotional state has become the focus of hot discussion. When everyone's eyes gather on two people and even start a personal attack, where is the client's privacy?

In August last year, the male top of the first to Taiwan major medical sparked a heated debate, only because the female students in the interview, inadvertently mentioned that they and the outstanding results of the male and Chinese boyfriend after intercourse gradually progress, the focus of public opinion instantly transferred from school to the emotional state of the two people. At that time, the female students ' efforts for the big test were reduced by the media and the public to "because the school bully boyfriend only came to power", vaguely revealed the "women must rely on men to be successful" values. In addition, because female students into the top, male students need to re-test, by netizens predict the future must break up. February 14, PTT netizens began to debate whether the two people have been separated, attracted media attention and extensive coverage. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" male female top of the Taiwan Grand Medicine, how does the news belittle women and oppress men? )

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At first, just netizens chatting, as the discussion intensified, the media to keep up with the topic of heat, but also launched a pursuit report, a lot of news supplemented by shrug title. However, whether it is netizens or the media, the speech is full of guesswork, from the two people "breakup or not" to talk about "the cause of the breakup", "the status quo between the two sides", almost did not pass the party's statement or confirmation.

From the point of view of the direction of public opinion, most people use "green hat", "seamless integration" to describe the woman as; others jokingly say that this is the quality of Taiwan women. What exactly does society expect of women? For many villagers, is it the so-called "good Girl" who has not broken up a year later?

As public opinion continues to expand, there are many statements that humiliate the parties, not only to spread rumors, but also not to give the parties due respect.

When everyone's eyes gather on two people and even start a personal attack, where is the client's privacy? At this moment when rumors are flying, the witch hunt is happening.

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Witch hunt: Anything, you can convict me.

Media and villagers slammed the incident go after in an attempt to dig more clues from schoolgirls ' private Facebook and Instagram. Like a witch hunt, all kinds of conjecture or "conjecture" of the parties, it is difficult to confirm whether the truth of the party information, said the words, are taken by netizens as "material", a wide discussion. The incident seemed to have become a disguised act of witch hunting.

Witch hunt appeared in 12th century, in 16th century to reach a peak, through a variety of strange crimes and reasons to define whether you are "witch", after all, jihadists, financier? In the book Hunting, killing and witch, the author, Anne Llewellyn Barstow, points out: "The dramatic events of witch persecution have strengthened the inheritance of the feminist tradition and the control of paternal authority, demeaning the status of women." "Anorexic, roughly refers to the existence of a patriarchal system under a universal belief that women are born evil, in this event, and some netizens feel" said it! The woman is bound to shake off the man "thinking coincides."

People and people's dispersion clutch, will change because of the situation of getting along. Is it a good result as long as the two are "together"? (Recommended reading: Jennifer Aniston reunion Brad Pitt: The meaning of relationship is not in length, but in happiness )

Why should netizens specifically on Valentine's Day, this piece of old news to take out to chat? Valentine's Day gives the established impression seems to be nothing more than sweet or love, in fact, if Valentine's Day wants to Tell is "love", then we seem to ignore the possibility of "love" in different states-secret love, Love, lovelorn, breakup, reunion, condone ...

Constantly criticized by netizens, perhaps just because it did not satisfy the netizens on the ideal intimate relationship projection, but does not indicate the situation or choice of the parties, there is a non-black or white right and wrong.

As can be seen from the incident, the cause of this storm is not only the media, netizens also occupy a huge factor.

We are in the age of rapid network development, compared to a few decades ago only through the streets in the street, now just a few keystrokes, your ideas and statements can spread around the world. Once upon a time, only traditional media held a voice; now everyone can be self-media, and we finally have more room to speak. Whether it is the general media, social media or self-media, are one of the two sides of the media, many information is also easy to roam in the chaos of the situation.

Perhaps you have become a part of the witch hunt but do not know-we do not have to blame the tool, but put the responsibility back on the "person" itself.

In fact, in the beginning, the subject was not a reported interviewee, not a public figure, only because of the topic, has become a target. Netizens on this matter to express a lot of association and speculation, the media and then according to these conjectures, the output of plausible reports, may have had a great impact on the parties.

Whoever it is, two people fall in love, break up, this is a private matter.

Feelings will indeed be for many reasons, decided to socialize or separate, for everyone is normal, but the parties were unjustifiably magnified to examine, not to get away. We may be able to imagine more about "relationships." The beginning or end of a relationship, whether or not it is good to get together, after all, is the result of coordination and interaction between the two.

Above all, we should take good care of the emotions of the parties and give them the respect they deserve.

After all, the people who know the situation best are the two sides in this relationship, not the masses.